Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Who Needs Vision Therapy

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Who Needs Vision Therapy

There are many different vision syndromes, such amblyopia as that requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In fact, any vision syndrome. Needs the right treatment. In order to heal.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Parents of children who suspect. That they have vision syndromes. Need to understand. That not only do vision syndromes. Not heal on their own. If they do not get their child’s the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

While they are still young. Chances increase, that their vision syndrome. Will become permanent. And be very difficult, if not impossible. For them to correct when they become adults. And while one in four children.

Suffer from some vision syndrome. It is very important. For parents to get their child assessed. By a qualified vision therapist. While all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists have this skill.

Which can make it very difficult. And perhaps a frustrating. For parents to find the right professional. To give their child a comprehensive vision exam. This is completely different than a routine eye exam.

That is used to determine. If the child has perfect vision or not. And whether they need glasses. But a vision exam. Is significantly longer. Taking anywhere between an hour, to an hour and a half to complete.

This amount of time allows the vision therapist. The opportunity to make multiple measurements. As well as do many different tests. In order to find out. Whether the child has a vision syndrome.


If so, which one. And what the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They need to, in order to overcome their difficulties. Children can get this assessment, from a young age.

And many parents, who simply want to be proactive. Often get their child in. When they are six or seven years old. In order to rule out vision syndromes. Before they start struggling in school.

If their child does have amblyopia. Which is the medical name for lazy eye. There likely going to have difficulties. Reading, and learning in a classroom setting. And may also appear clumsy.

Refusing to play playground, or play sports. Because of their difficulties in seeing the visual world around them. When they are diagnosed with lazy eye. They are going to be able to overcome these challenges.

And it will open up a whole new world for them. Once the vision therapist makes the diagnosis. They will put together the best treatment. And that will be utilizing a treatment.

Called vision therapy. Very similar to physiotherapy, but for the patients eyes. They will go through guided exercises. In order to help the child train their eyes. To work together.

And ultimately, progressing to train their brain. How to process the visual information it receives. From both eyes at the same time. When parents are looking for a great vision therapist to work with.

They simply need to call vision by design in Edmonton. They have several vision therapists on staff. That will be more than happy to help out.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | When Your Child Needs Vision Therapy

It is quite common, for children ten they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They will have been diagnosed with amblyopia, which is the medical term for lazy eye. And despite the name suggests.

Children who have this, are not suffering from an eye that is lazy. But rather, a problem in the brain. Being unable to process visual information. From both of their eyes at the same time.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the brain’s confusion. And help the process the information that it can. The brain will turn off vision to one eye. Causing it to become weaker.

Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is not helping the weaker eye become a strong. But rather, helping the child train their brain. How to use the information it receives. From both eyes at the same time.

This is through process called vision therapy. And similar to physiotherapy. Which is for the body. Vision therapy is exercises. For the eyes. The child will typically require prescription lenses.

In order to make the lazy eye, or weaker I strong. And then, prescription in the strong eye. To make it slightly weaker. This ensures that both eyes are seeing. Very similarly to each other.

And makes it much easier. For the vision therapist. To help the child. Learn how to use their eyes together. Once they have mastered that skill. They will move on to additional exercises.


That are designed to help train the brain. How to process visual information. That it receives from both eyes at the same time. By understanding that this is a vision syndrome. That begins in the brain. And is not caused by and I that is not working hard enough.

People are able to get the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That can help them truly overcome their difficulties. Often, children start struggling in school. Simply because 80% of their classroom environment.

Requires vision in order to learn. While they might appear, to the teacher or to their parents. As though they are not paying attention. This is typically an avoidance techniques. That the child uses, in order to avoid the activities.

That cause them eyestrain, headaches. Eye fatigue, or discomfort. If the child is willing to pay attention to a story that is being read to them. They are likely, not having a hard time focusing.

And indicates, a strong possibility. That they would have a vision syndrome. Bringing them to a vision therapist at this time. Is very helpful. As they will be able to get a comprehensive vision exam. That can help diagnose their vision syndrome.

When parents are preparing to take their child in for a vision exam. They need to understand that it is going to be significantly longer period than a routine eye exam. Taking about an hour, or an hour and a half.

When parents are ready to find a vision therapist. To help diagnose their child. They should contact vision by design in Edmonton. As they have vision therapists on staff. And will be more than happy to help out.