Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Who Can Have Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Who Can Have Amblyopia

People with amblyopia, need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to overcome this common vision syndrome. Vision syndromes are actually much more common. Then many people assume.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

And while one in four children have a vision syndrome. Many people are not even aware. That adults can have a vision syndrome. This is not typically because they will carry this syndrome with them into adulthood.

Because if people do not get a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their amblyopia. As a child, their brain will simply permanently turn the vision off. To that eye, and they will have that vision syndrome.

But will lack certain visual skills. Such as depth perception, and I tracking. Used in following moving objects and reading. Once people become adults, if they have in untreated lazy eye syndrome.

It is very difficult to treat this. And is considered something different than amblyopia. However, adults can develop amblyopia. Typically, from a head injury such as a concussion.

How that happens, is because the vision system. Is very extensive, with thirty-two centres of the brain. Dealing with concussions. As well as three hundred connections in the brain that use vision in some way.

Those connections and centres. Are literally located throughout the entire brain. And no matter what part of the brain. Was injured during a concussion. Part of the vision system, was also likely damaged.


It is also very important to note. That their brain is not going to heal the vision system. On its own. If they have damaged their vision system. They will need a vision therapist.

To help them get the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. So that they can heal from this vision syndrome. And stop struggling in school, work. Or at home, which can happen easily.

They will first need a vision exam. That only a qualified vision therapist can give. And while vision therapists, are also optometrists. Not all optometrists have the skills.

Therefore, finding a vision therapist. Is more difficult. Then simply calling in optometrists clinic. People can visit the optometrists Canada website. And find a list of all of the Canadian vision therapists.

However, people in Edmonton have it easier. And can simply call vision by design in Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff.

And will take appointments for a vision exam over the phone. They will need to prepare for an hour and a half. Where the vision therapist. Will be able to take many measurements.

And perform many tests, and exercises. In order to make the right diagnosis. As well as put together the treatment. For their vision syndrome such as amblyopia. No matter how severe, or not there vision syndrome is.

They will be able to modify all of the exercises that they utilize. To help people overcome and heal this vision syndrome. When people are ready to finally get the help they need. They can call vision by design in Edmonton today.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Who Can Suffer From Amblyopia

Amblyopia, needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That will heal the eye to brain connection. Because despite the name lazy eye. It is not caused by and I, that is not functioning.

Instead, what causes lazy eye syndrome. Is a disconnect in the brain. And people should understand. How the visual system works. In order to understand this syndrome.

People will take in visual information, from the light that bounces off objects they are looking at. It passes through the front of their eye, which is called lens. And lands on the back of their eye.

Where the retina attaches to their eye. The retina is the part of the eye that carries this visual information. Into the brain for processing. It connects to the brainstem, and its the brainstem’s job.

To organize this visual information. And send it to the various parts of the brain. That need it. It is incredibly complex job. To be constantly sending visual information. From both eyes.

To the thirty-two centres of the brain, and three hundred connections of the brain. That need the different pieces of visual information. For people who have amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome.

There is a problem with the brain performing this important function. It is damaged, or missing connection. And therefore. It is unable to process this information effectively.


And to cope, the brain will simply turn off the vision to one eye. And suddenly, only have half the visual information. To process, making its job easier. And while it solves the problem for the brain.

It causes the patient to lose the vision in that eye. As well as lose certain visual skills such as depth perception. Or, the ability to use eye tracking. Which is needed for reading as well as following moving objects.

Therefore, the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That is going to help people with amblyopia. Is first, going to help their weaker I become stronger. With prescription lenses. And once the eye is seen as clearly as the strong one.

The vision therapist will start teaching the patient. Various exercises during their lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help them train their eyes. To work together. Once they have mastered that skill.

The next step, is for the vision therapist. To leave the patient through a series of exercises. Designed to train the brain. How to use the visual information. It is receiving from both eyes at the same time.

This process does not happen overnight. People can expect approximately 9 to 12 months. Of weekly vision therapy sessions. When they are done, they will eliminate their symptoms.

And be able to see clearly. And use all of their visual skills. That they may never have been able to do before. When people are ready to talk to a vision therapist. They can simply pick up the phone.

And call vision by design in Edmonton. And talk to one of their vision therapists on staff. To arrange a vision examination.