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Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Who Are Vision Therapists

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Who Are Vision Therapists

Vision therapists are incredibly important, helping people find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And diagnosing various vision syndromes. While vision therapists, are optometrists.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

That have taken additional education. Not all optometrists have this skill. Therefore, not every single optometrists clinic. To help people, if they suspect. That they have a vision syndrome.

Vision syndromes are complex. Because not only do they affect the eyes. But it is caused, by problems in the brain. Many vision syndromes. Are diagnosed in childhood.

As many children, have had a problem in the development of the brain. Causing this vision syndrome to start, before they were born. And in fact, one in four children. Which is 25% have a vision syndrome.

However, it is not just children that can suffer from a vision syndrome. If someone has had a head injury. Suffered a concussion. It is quite likely. That they may have damaged some of the vision system.

And may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. As an adult. In fact, many people may not realize. How common it is for concussion. To damage part of the visual system. Simply because how complex.

The visual system is. There are thirty-two different centres of the brain. That utilize vision in some way or another. And three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision to function.


Since the vision system is so extensive. Throughout the entire brain. If somebody has a head injury, or gets a concussion. No matter what part of the brain is injured. There is some aspect of the vision system in that area.

Another important thing to keep in mind. About vision syndromes, is that if they are not treated specifically. Such as getting a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. For someone who has amblyopia.

The brain is simply not going to heal on its own. Children will not outgrow this syndrome. As they age, and their brain matures. Nor will people who have had a brain injury or concussion.

The able to heal the visual system on their own, or with time. This makes the job of the vision therapist. Incredibly important. Not only can they offer the right treatments.

Or patient who has amblyopia. Or, prescribing the right lenses. For someone who has strabismus. In fact, in addition to being able to prescribe glasses, with the right prescription and lenses.

They will also utilize treatment called vision therapy. Which is very similar to physiotherapy, instead of being for the body. Vision therapy is for the eyes, and visual system.

They will take each patient through a series of optical exercises. Designed to them. Heal the brain from their particular vision syndrome. And the vision therapist is able to ensure that the exercises.

Our at the right level of difficulty. For their particular vision syndrome. And how severe it may or may not be. When people would like an assessment, or to start vision therapy. They can reach out to vision by design in Edmonton. And talk to one of their many vision therapists on staff.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Who Do Vision Therapists Treat

Vision therapy is incredibly important, helping people get the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. If they have amblyopia. Or prescribing the right corrective lenses. For the visual problem people have.

The utilize therapy called vision therapy. That is a lot like physiotherapy. However, it helps people work out, and strengthen their eyes. As well as their entire visual system. One of the most important things.

To keep in mind about visual therapy. Is that it not only strengthens the eyes. But it actually helps heal the cause of vision syndromes. Which is not in the eye like many people assume.

But it is actually a disconnect, or damage. Inside the brain. In fact, people either can be born with vision syndrome. And one in four children are born with some type of vision syndrome or another.

And may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Prescriptive lenses, or both. Or, someone who has had a brain injury. Such as a concussion. Can develop a syndrome. If that part of the brain was injured.

These injuries, are not going to heal on their own. And it does require working with a vision therapist. However, the first step to getting this help. Is not calling a vision therapist. And asking for vision therapy.

They must perform an in-depth assessment. Called a vision exam. This is much more lengthy and comprehensive. Then a standard eye exam. That is used to determine. If a patient h perfect vision.


Or if they need corrective lenses. And the vision exam, will take approximately an hour. To an hour and a half. In order to allow the vision therapist. The time needed to make many measurements, perform many tests.

And diagnose whether the patient has a vision syndrome. Or, if they do not have a vision syndrome. And perhaps their problem is elsewhere in the brain.

The next step, would be prescribing the right corrective lenses for each patient. So that they can see clearly out of both eyes. Which will help ensure. That the vision therapy exercises.

Are much more effective. And finally, the third step in this process. Would be to start vision therapy sessions. They will ensure that the exercises are at the right level of difficulty.

That the patient needs to help their particular vision syndrome. Appointments will last approximately half an hour. Once a week. But to the vision therapist is likely going to give them homework.

In the form of special exercises. They can do on their own, for approximately fifteen minutes a day. Five days a week. Whether they are needing a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their amblyopia. Strabismus, or something else.

The more homework that people do on their own at home. The quicker they are likely going to be able to progress through their treatment. And eliminate their symptoms for good.

They can call Vision by Design in Edmonton. And speak to a vision therapist. In order to arrange a vision exam. To get the help they need.