Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Where To Find A Vision Therapist

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Where To Find A Vision Therapist

Many vision syndromes are common, such as amblyopia which needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, before the treatment can begin. People will need to find a qualified vision therapist.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Vision therapists are optometrists. That have had additional education. And while all vision therapists. Are optometrists, not all, optometrists have the additional training to become a vision therapist.

But they will do, is perform what is called a vision exam. This is more in-depth than a routine eye exam. During which, the vision therapist. Will do many tests, and measurements. In order to find out.

If someone in fact does have a vision syndrome. If so, which one. Such as amblyopia, or strabismus. Just to name a few of the many. How severe their vision syndrome is. And what they can do to help fix it.

When it comes to vision syndromes. The consensus used to be. That it was because the eyes were not functioning properly. But now, more research has proven. That vision syndromes actually occur in the brain.

And more specifically, the eye to brain connection. There are many things that cause of vision syndromes. From damaged or missing connections. From the brains initial development.

And even concussions, or can because of type damage. Can damage to the vision system. Therefore, it is very important for people to get the vision exam. If they suspect, that there something might be off with their vision.


In fact, many children are being diagnosed with ADHD. When they actually need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because as they try to read, or learn in a classroom environment.

They find themselves with I fatigue. Or, eyestrain and even headaches. Therefore, they will avoid doing the activities. That cause them pain or discomfort. Such as reading in a book.

Trying to read a or at the front of the classroom. And these avoidance techniques. Often make teachers think. That the child is unable to concentrate. And they suspect ADHD. Therefore, many parents can help their child.

If they or their teacher eggs that they might have this neurodevelopment disorder. And get them to a vision therapist first. The reason why, is because it is much easier to diagnose, or rule out vision syndrome.

That it is to diagnose ADHD. Therefore, they can get clarity. On whether the child needs treatment for ADHD. Or if they simply need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

In fact, this is so poor and. That many parents can simply be proactive. And once their child which is six or seven years of age. Get them in to a vision therapist. For a vision exam. Just find out if they may have a vision syndrome. That would cause them difficult the in school.

And then get the right treatment. So they do not end up starting their school career. With a vision syndrome. People are looking for a great vision therapist.

They should contact vision by design in Edmonton. Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. But they also have vision therapists on staff.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Where To Look For A Vision Therapist

Vision therapists are very important for the overall health of people’s eyes, helping administer lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Diagnosing various vision syndromes. As well as going through vision therapy with clients.

Vision therapists are optometrists, that have done additional education. However, not all optometrists have this training. They not only are able to test patients. To find out if they have a vision syndrome.

There are type of examination called a vision exam. This is much more in-depth and comprehensive. Than a standard eye exam. That is only used to find out. If a patient has perfect vision.

Or if they need corrective lenses. The vision exam, is very long. Lasting anywhere between one hour, to an hour and a half. So that they can make many measurements. And use many exercises, and tests.

In order to find out, exactly what is going on with the patient’s eyes, and the eye brain connection. There going to be able to find out if the patient has a vision syndrome at all.

And if so, which one. And how severe or mild it is. During this process as well, they are going to be able to determine, what the best treatment for each patient will be. If for example the patient has amblyopia.

Which is the medical name for lazy eye. They will need the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And while some optometrists or doctors. Are still patching patients. Visual therapists know that this is simply ineffective.


Because while the patch is designed. To cover the patient’s good eye. To help their weaker eye get stronger. The problem for people who have amblyopia. Is that the eye to brain connection is damaged.

Therefore, no matter how strong there able to make the weaker eye. This is not going to help patients see better. Or use their visual skills the way they are designed to. Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Involves using corrective lenses. To help the weaker eye be as strong as possible. And lenses in the strong eye. To make it slightly less strong. That way, they will be able to much more easily help the patient.

Learn how to use both eyes at the same time. And once they have mastered that skill. The vision therapist will help them learn the exercises. That will start training their brain.

How to use visual information from both eyes at the same time. Effectively healing the damaged eye to brain connection. And allowing patients to see clearly out of both eyes.

And all of the visual skills that come with that. Such as depth perception, and I tracking just to name a few. When people are looking for the best vision therapists in Edmonton.

The best option would be at vision by design in Edmonton. They are a full-service optometrist clinic. But has vision therapists on staff. To help patients complete eye needs.