Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Vision Therapy Can Do

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Vision Therapy Can Do

Vision therapy is the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because while patching used to be a common treatment. Experts now know that it does not actually treat the cause of this vision syndrome.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

In order to understand why. People should learn how the eyes work together with the brain. In order to see, and process visual information. In order to understand what causes lazy eyes, medically known as amblyopia.

When people see the visual world with their eyes. The information they take in lands on the back of their eye. Very similar to that of a camera. And just like a camera, that information needs to get processed.

The eyes take all the visual information they receive. Through the retina, to the brain stem. The brainstem then, is responsible for sending this visual information. To the many areas of the brain that will use it.

This is an extremely complex job. Since the brain is not only processing the visual information once. But it is processing the visual information from both eyes at the same time. In a constant stream.

There are thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain that use vision. Which means there is an extremely large amount of information. Getting processed constantly.

In children that have lazy eyes, also known as an amblyopia. They have a disconnect in the eye to brain connection. When the retinas deliver visual information. The brain is confused on how to process it and where to send the information.


Therefore, in order to eliminate the brain’s confusion. It simply turns off vision to one eye. And cuts the visual information it receives in half. In order to have a more successful time processing this information.

And while this is effective for the brain. In minimizing its confusion. To allow it to process information more efficiently. It unfortunately turns the vision off in the eye of the patient.

So that they can only use one eye. And along with it, important visual skills. Such as depth perception and eye tracking. Which is needed for sports, play and reading and learning.

Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton is not patching a child. But instead, working with a vision therapist. To use special exercises. Known as vision therapy.

To train the eyes to work together. And train the brain, to use the information it receives. From both of the eyes at the same time. While this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton is not an overnight solution.

It will take weekly sessions. As well as homework, for six months to a year. In order to see results and resolve this vision syndrome. However, unlike patching, it actually works to fix the cause of the problem.

If parents suspect that their child might have a vision syndrome. Or even if they do not. Vision therapists recommend bringing their child in for a comprehensive vision exam. The find out if they have a vision syndrome. And how they can be helped if they do.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Can Vision Therapy Can Do For Children

Vision therapy can help people with amblyopia, find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Lazy eye, was once called that. Due to a misconception, that the eye was not working. Because of muscles.

Therefore, a common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Was once putting a patch on the strong eye. To force the child to use their weaker I. And strengthen it. However, not only was this a very frustrating treatment.

Was also ineffective. Because while it strengthened the eye. It did nothing to resolve the cause of the amblyopia. Which is a disconnect in the brain. Therefore, vision therapists now know a better treatment.

In order to find out exactly what is going on with the child. And if they have a vision syndrome. The best thing for parents to do. Would be to bring their child in to a vision therapist. In order to get a comprehensive exam.

Unlike a routine eye exam, which is designed to simply diagnose whether a child can see clearly or not. And then prescribe corrective lenses. To allow them to see clearer. A comprehensive vision exam.

Is extremely lengthy. Because it allows the vision therapist. To take many measurements, as well as do many exercises and activities. That can help them understand. Exactly what is going on with the patients eyes.


As well as learn what is happening in their brain. This way, they will be able to come up with the right diagnosis. Such as if the child has a vision syndrome such as amblyopia, which is commonly known as lazy eye.

Or if they have strabismus. Which is commonly known as cross eye syndrome. Once they have a diagnosis. They will also have come up with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for the child.

Using either corrective lenses, vision therapy. Or a mixture of the two. Why they use corrective lenses. Is to make the weaker I as strong as possible. While putting a prescription on the strong eye to make it slightly weaker.

This evens the playing field. To allow both eyes to see similarly. That will make it easier. To help the child learn how to use both eyes at the same time. And ultimately, makes it easier. To train the brain to take information from both eyes.

This process called vision therapy. Will take approximately six months to one year. Of half an hour sessions, once a week. At the vision therapist’s office. If patients want to progress even faster through treatment.

It is recommended that they do special exercises at home. Approximately fifteen minutes per day. Five days a week. This will help reinforce what they are learning each week at their vision therapy sessions.

While no parent wants to think of their child having a vision syndrome. Getting a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Can help their child overcome difficulties. And stop struggling in school and sports.