Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is Lazy Eye Syndrome

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is Lazy Eye Syndrome

Vision syndromes are common in children, and a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Can help many overcome their symptoms. And start seeing clearly, for the first time in their life.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Amblyopia, often called lazy eye. Is a problem where the brain is struggling. In order to process visual information. From both eyes at the same time. This is typically caused by a broken or missed connection.

That happened during the brain’s initial development. However, because it is struggling to use the visual information. From both of the eyes, in order to minimize this confusion. The brain simply turns off the vision in one of the eyes.

While this solves the problem for the brain. Of being confused by the visual information. It also causes problems for the child. As they lose visual skills. That two eyes are needed for.

For example, people with vision in one eye. Lose depth perception. As well, they lose the ability to track moving objects. And I tracking, which is used in reading. To follow words in a line.

It will also struggle moving their body throughout the world. Not being able to see how close are far away objects are. And therefore, struggle with playing on the playground. Or enjoying sports with their peers.

Parents might seek out the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, they might remember their childhood. Where they, a sibling or friend. Had to endure being patched to correct their lazy eye.


This lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Required patient having a patch placed over there strong eye. In order to force their lazy eye to work harder, and become stronger. And while this works.

Helping the weaker I become stronger. The problem is not that the eye is actually lazy, like the name suggests. The problem is in the eye brain connection. No matter how well the patching works.

When the patch is removed. The brain still struggles to use the information from both of the eyes simultaneously. Therefore, patching is often hated by children. And fight ensues every time the child must put one on.

However, parents can breathe a sigh of relief. Patching is no longer the method used to treat lazy eye. Now known as amblyopia. The treatment now consists of prescription lenses and vision therapy.

Vision therapy is often referred to as physical therapy for the eyes. And this process is designed to help the child learn skills. That will help them use both eyes at the same time.

As well as train their brain. How to use the information from both eyes at the same time. This process can take anywhere between six months to a year. And is more effective when the child will do their homework.

Of specific exercises at home. Fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. Through this process. Patients can start to see out of both eyes. And eliminate the confusion in their brain.

If parents would like to get started with this process. All they have to do is phone vision by design in Edmonton. To schedule a comprehensive vision exam.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Learning About Lazy Eye Syndrome

Parents who suspect their child has amblyopia, will seek out a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Amblyopia, used to be called lazy eye. However, that name is quite a bit of a misnomer.

Many people once thought that lazy I was caused by one I not working as hard as the other. However, vision therapists now know. That it has nothing to do with the eye not functioning.

And everything to do with a problem in the eye brain connection. This one brain connection. Means that the brain is confused, when it receives visual information from both retinas.

Therefore, to eliminate its confusion. The brain will simply turn the vision off in one of the eyes. While this works to eliminate the brain’s confusion. It also costs the person affected half of their vision.

And with it, several visual skills. That depend on having to functioning eyes. Such as a lack of depth perception. And inability to follow moving objects. People can struggle to read.

Play sports, and have quite an affected life. Which is why parents will look for a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their child. The best place to start, will be finding a vision therapist to help them.

While vision therapists are optometrists. That have gotten additional education. Not all optometrists are vision therapists. Which makes finding one a bit difficult. If people do not know where to turn.


There is an optometrists Canada website. That has a list of all vision therapists across the country. However, people in Edmonton can simply call. Vision by design in Edmonton.

While they are best known for their full-service optometrist clinic. They also have several vision therapists on staff. That can test, diagnose. As well as treat a wide variety of vision syndromes.

The comprehensive eye exam. Will take approximately an hour or an hour and a half. Because there are many different measurements that need to be made. As well as many different exercises they will go through with the patient.

In order to come up with the correct diagnosis. And put together the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. For that patient. Patients will have varying degrees of severity.

Which means every patient will have a different treatment approach. Typically, they will start with corrective lenses. Designed to make the weaker I strong. But also make the strong eye less strong.

This way, it evens the playing field. And will make it easier. To train the brain to start taking information. From both eyes at the same time. How they will train the brain, is through a series of special exercises.

These exercises are designed for each patient individually. And over time, the result is improved vision in the lazy eye. And the ability for the brain to use information from both eyes at the same time.