Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is A Vision Therapist

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Is A Vision Therapist

Vision therapists, are optometrists that can help find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. For someone who is suffering from amblyopia. In fact, can treat a wide variety of vision syndromes.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

While vision therapists are first optometrists. That have taken additional education. Not all optometrists have these skills. Which can make finding a vision therapist. A difficult, if people do not know where to look.

When they should be looking for a vision therapist. Is if their child is struggling in school. Having a difficult time reading, avoiding homework. Or their teacher says they are not paying attention in class.

While many children who have vision syndromes. Are first diagnosed with ADHD. The symptoms may be similar. But have two entirely different causes. If the child is able to pay attention to stories.

Or listen to instructions and follow them. Chances are very good. That they may be suffering from a vision syndrome. And do not have ADHD, a common neurodevelopment disorder of childhood.

In order to rule out one or the other. Parents can bring their child to a vision therapist. And get them to perform what is called a vision exam. This is much more comprehensive and in-depth. Then a routine eye exam.

That is designed to find out. Whether someone has perfect vision. And if not, what kind of prescription lenses. That they need to correct their vision. A vision exam, consists of many measurements. And several exercises.


Designed to find out. If someone is suffering from a vision syndrome. If they are, which one they have. And the degree of severity of their vision syndrome. As well, they will be able to come up with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

For the patient, so that they can undergo what is called. Vision therapy, which is similar to physiotherapy. But instead of the body, it treats the eyes, and the eye brain connection.

While many people think vision syndromes. Are caused by a problem in the eyes. This simply is not true. It starts out in the brain, and more specifically. In the eye and brain connection.

In order to understand this, people need to understand. How the eyes and brain work together. In order to process visual information. Light passes through the front, or lens of the eye.

Carrying visual information. That will land on the back of the eye. The back of the eyes where the retina is located to. And the retina carries that visual information to the brainstem.

The brainstem is responsible for sending that information. The different centres, and connections in the brain. That need to use it. People with vision syndromes, have a problem with this part of their eyes and brain.

Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Will help heal this eye brain connection. And help people stop struggling. And see clearly, and use all of their visual skills. When people are looking for the right vision therapist to work with.

They should look no further than vision by design in Edmonton. Because while they are a full-service optometrist clinic. Also have vision therapists on staff. Who will be more than happy to perform a vision exam.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Does A Vision Therapist Do

If people are suffering from various vision syndromes, such as amblyopia for example, they will need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, people may not know how to get this help.

In fact, one for children. Which is 25% will have a vision syndrome in their life. And rather than wait until their child is struggling. It is very good idea. For parents to be as proactive as possible. And get their child in.

Two a vision therapist’s office, to get a comprehensive. And in-depth vision exam. This exam is about an hour, to an hour and a half in length. Allowing the vision therapist the opportunity.

To perform many measurements. And do many tests. In order to come up with the right diagnosis. If they are suffering from a vision syndrome. It is quite common for children to have amblyopia. Which is the medical name for lazy eye.

And while the name suggests. That the problem is in the eyes. This is not true. Most vision syndromes, stem from a problem. With the eye and brain connection. Therefore, the best vision therapy.

Will take place in the vision therapist’s office. Where they will teach the child. Different exercises. That will help them not only use their eyes in conjunction with each other. But once they have mastered that skill.


They will learn different exercises. In order to help train their brain. How to use the visual information. It receives from both eyes at the same time. This lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Is quite effective, and takes place in half hour increments. In the vision therapist’s office. Most patients are able to get full symptom resolution. In under a year. However, if patients would like to progress faster.

They can also do additional exercises. At home, for fifteen minutes a day. Five days a week. When parents are looking for a vision therapist. Either because they suspect their child has a vision syndrome.

Or, if they simply want an examination to be proactive. Need to do more research. And simply call every optometrist, to find a vision therapist. Because while vision therapists are optometrists.

Not all optometrists have this skill. However, for people in Edmonton. This research is very easy. As all they have to do, is call vision by design. They are a full-service optometrist clinic.

But they also have vision therapists on staff. That able to perform a visual exam. Come up with the right diagnosis. And then, put together the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. If they need it.

And especially when parents, or teachers may think. That their child is suffering from ADHD. They should rule out vision syndrome. As it can cause similar symptoms, and they will not want to treat the wrong syndrome.