Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Are Amblyopia Treatments

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Are Amblyopia Treatments

Amblyopia is the medical term for lazy eye, and those with this vision syndrome will need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to overcome their struggles. That they will have with this syndrome.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

What happens in patients who have amblyopia. Is that the part of the brain. That receives and processes of visual information. Is not working correctly. And therefore, there is confusion in the brain.

In order to minimize the confusion. And help the brain process the visual information more efficiently. The brain will simply turn off vision to one eye. In order to cut the visual information it must process in half.

While this helps the brain. It also causes problems for the person affected with amblyopia. Because it eliminates their ability to see out on one. And all of the visual skills that require two eyes to work.

Depth perception will be affected. As will eye tracking. Which is used for a variety of things. From reading, to following moving objects. Therefore, children with amblyopia. Typically struggle in school and sports.

As well as generally appear clumsy. Because they have a hard time judging how close or faraway objects are to them. Parents who suspect that their child may have amblyopia. And are looking for an effective lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Will be able to get help from a vision therapist. The vision therapist can help. Because they will have the ability. To help take the patient through a variety of exercises. Designed to help them train their eyes.


How to work together. With the help of prescription lenses. And once their eyes are working well together. The next step in this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is training the brain.

How to use the information from both eyes at the same time. This process is often referred to as physiotherapy, but for eyes. And this process can take anywhere between six months to a year.

Patients will come in to the vision therapist’s office once a week. And will go through specialized exercises. Specifically designed for their amblyopia. As well as their skill level.

For half an hour, they will go through these exercises. That will train their eyes and their brain. While this is all that is required. If patients want to progress even faster. And see results quickly.

They can also choose to do homework. Where they will do special vision exercises at home. For about fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. In order to get started with this.

Parents will have to contact a vision therapist. Such as the experts at vision by design in Edmonton. More than just an optometrist clinic. They will have vision therapists that parents can arrange consultations with.

As well as book a comprehensive vision exam. This exam is approximately an hour and a half long. And at the end, their child will have a diagnosis. As well as a treatment plan laid out for them.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | What Amblyopia Treatments Are Like

If children are struggling in school, perhaps they have a vision syndrome and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Lazy eye, also known as an amblyopia. Is a common childhood vision syndrome.

The cause of it, is confusion in the brain. As the eyes take in the visual information. The retinas are the part of the eye. That sends that visual information to the brain. The brain receives this information.

And sends it to the various parts of the brain. Responsible for using that information. To fully understand the complexities of this task. People should keep in mind. That there are thirty-two centres of the brain.

That deal with vision in some way. And over three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision in some way. Even the simple act of walking down the street. Requires a vast amount of visual information.

That will be processed in dozens, if not more connections in the brain. Therefore, people who suffer from amblyopia. Have a problem with the processing part of their brain. And in order to eliminate a lot of the confusion.

The brain simply turns off the vision to one eye. In order to have only half the visual information to process. Many years ago, the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Was once patching. Simply because the thought process.

Was that people had this syndrome. Because one eye was just not working as hard as the other. Therefore, a patch would be placed over the child’s good I. To force the weaker eye to work harder and become stronger.


And while this would make the weaker eye stronger. It would do nothing to fix the vision syndrome. Because the problem is not with the eye itself. But in the brain. Therefore, patching is no longer a treatment used for lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

And instead, a series of exercises. Led by a vision therapist. Are designed to train the eyes to work together. And train the brain how to use that information effectively. And without getting confused.

This is possible due to the incredible neural plasticity of the brain. Up until recently. Researchers had no idea. That the brains where very neural plastic. Which means they have the ability to learn and grow even years into their development.

Therefore, vision therapists are able to train the brain. Even if this problem happened during the brains initial development. While the child was still being developed in the womb.

The vision therapist in order to come up with what exercises each person affected with amblyopia needs. They will need to do a comprehensive vision exam. This will take approximately an hour and a half.

To allow the vision therapist to do all of the measurements, exercises. And tests that they need. In order to find out exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. As well as with their eyes.

By using this information. They will come up the best treatment. That can help patients train their brain. In order to overcome their vision syndrome effectively.