Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Children

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Children

Any children who have vision syndromes, like amblyopia need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And this is it done, with the help of a qualified vision therapist.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Vision therapists are optometrists. That have continued their education. To learn how to deal with a wide variety of vision syndromes. And while vision therapists are optometrists.

Not all optometrists will have this skill. Therefore, it may be very difficult. For parents to find a vision therapist will be able to diagnose their child. And help them with getting the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

While it is sometimes obvious. If a child has a vision syndrome, such as amblyopia or strabismus. Because their eyes are not aligned. And it is quite obvious to look at them.

However, it is also very possible. For children to have these common vision syndromes. And not have any external symptoms. That are easy for a parent to see. Simply by looking at their child.

When it comes to amblyopia, more commonly known as lazy eye. It is the most common vision syndrome in childhood. And unlike the name suggests, it is not caused by a lazy eye.

And former lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Used to be designed. To strengthen the eye muscles. And while this is beneficial. It did nothing to curb the problem behind this vision syndrome.


Which is a disconnect in the eye to brain connection. When people use their eyes, the visual information from the retina, is taken to the brainstem. And then from there, the brain is supposed to send this visual information.

To the thirty-two centres, and three hundred connections. That need to utilize it. Everything from moving, communication. Reading and learning. And more, depends on this visual information.

And if patients have amblyopia. Strengthening their weaker I. Does not fix this damaged eye to brain connection. Because, as the brain struggles to process the visual information. Caused by the disconnect in the eye brain connection.

In order to overcome its difficulty. The brain will simply turn off vision to one eye. And then, it only has half of the information to process. The brain is incredible at adapting and overcoming problems.

However, the problem with this solution. Is that it leaves the child without vision in one eye. And decreased visual skills. Such as no depth perception, and an inability to use eye tracking.

That is used in movement, sports and even reading. Therefore, patients will need to find a vision therapist. That can help train their eyes to work together. And train the brain to use that information.

While some aspects will strengthen the weaker I. There needs to be both strengthening the eye and training the brain. In order to overcome the symptoms of this vision syndrome.

If parents have questions about lazy eyes, or amblyopia. Or if they would like a complementary consultation. Or to book a comprehensive vision exam. All they have to do is call vision by design in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Therapy For Affected Children

Children who have vision syndromes, such as amblyopia need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because this is not something that they will outgrow with time. In fact, children who do not get treated for vision syndromes.

Will not only carry this vision syndrome with them into adulthood. But adults have much lower success rates. Getting treated for vision syndromes. Which is why it is very important to treat them as children.

In fact, vision therapists recommend. Parents bring their child in for comprehensive vision exam. Which is much more involved and in-depth. Then a standard eye exam.

A standard eye exam is simply designed. To find out how well each eye can see. And corrective lenses, to help them see better. A comprehensive vision exam on the other hand. Is designed to find out.

Exactly what is going on with the eye, and in the brain. In order to diagnose a wide variety of vision syndromes. Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. And strabismus, also known as cross eyes.

Are some of the most common vision syndromes. That a vision therapist can find. In order to diagnose and treat. Often, a child might appear to be struggling in school. But have no other outward symptoms of a vision syndrome.


Which is why it is recommended. That when a child reaches five or six years of age. That they just get this examination. So that if they do have a vision syndrome. It can be diagnosed and treated early.

Earlier a child is diagnosed. Especially with amblyopia. The earlier they can get a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And the more successful that treatment is going to be due to the neural plasticity of the brain.

Easy eye treatment in Edmonton is likely going to use some corrective lenses. This is designed to make the strong eye just a little weaker. And the week eye as strong as possible. That way, the eyes will be seeing world similarly to each other.

And that can help the child learn. Through a series of guided exercises. How to use their eyes together. And again, with special exercises led by the vision therapist. Can help the child train their brain.

How to use the information from both of the eyes at the same time. While this is an extremely effective treatment. It is also not an overnight fix. It will take approximately six months to a year.

In order to train the eyes. As well as train the brain. However, once this is complete. Not only will the child have improved vision. They will also regain all of the visual skills that they had lost such as depth perception.

Parents who would like more information about this. Can either book a complementary consultation with the vision therapist. Or, they can arrange to get their child a comprehensive vision exam. That will diagnose any vision syndromes that they may have. And help them get a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.