Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision System Problems in Children

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision System Problems in Children

Parents should understand how common vision problems are in children, and whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another treatment for another vision problem.

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Getting the right diagnosis first. Can help that child overcome their vision problems. So that they can be more successful navigating the visual world around them.

And considering classroom learning is 80% visual. When children who have a visual problem. Such as requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. A can struggle significantly in a classroom.

Because of that it is very important for parents as well as teachers to know what to look for. That can help them get that child the right diagnosis. To help them overcome their visual problems.

One problem that parents often have. Is that their child will have an eye exam. And they will have perfect vision, some parents think that they cannot have a vision problem.

But this is actually not true. It is very common for children to have perfect vision. As well as a vision problem. Because the visual system is so complex. And requires many different visual skills.

Therefore, if a child has a lazy eye. Which refers to both of their eyes not working together, this can cause problems with understanding their visual world.

But with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Can help children overcome those problems. To be more successful in school, because they are able to use their vision properly.


However, a lazy I is not the only vision problem that children can have. In fact, convergence insufficiency is the single most common vision problem in children. Referring to the inability to focus on things close up.

In order to look at things close up, people need to be able to turn their eyes inward to each other. And the inability to make that I motion. Or having a difficult time making that I motion is what is behind this vision problem.

Children may be able to focus for a few moments. Where things are very clear. But it can become very fatiguing to hold their eyes that way. Therefore, they can have blurred vision, and then clear vision for a moment.

Before it becomes double vision, and that can be extremely irritating to the eye to look at. And when children try, they will have eyestrain. Therefore, they tend to avoid doing near work.

Two avoid the irritation and the eyestrain that a convergence insufficiency causes them. Another visual problem is an accommodative issue. Which refers to the muscle fatigue and pain that children feel.

When they are looking at things close up. Because the closer something is, the more their eye muscles have to work to see it clearly. And when they have an accommodative issue, they can feel pain in their eye muscles.

And these children will avoid doing near work, in order to avoid feeling pain. Therefore, parents and teachers need to know exactly what to look for. And if there child is avoiding reading or homework.

They should get into a vision therapist in order to get the right diagnosis. They will be able to get the right treatment once they are diagnosed.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Visual Problems in Children

It is very important for parents to understand, that there are many different vision problems, so their child may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or they may need a different treatment to help with a different problem.

The most important thing that parents and school teachers need to keep in mind. Is that children are not going to articulate that they have a problem with their vision.

Because they do not realize that the way they are seeing the world is not normal. This is how they have always viewed the world. And are unaware that there is any other way that there can be.

Even if that is blurred vision, double vision or pain. They are not likely going to complain about that. Because they think that whenever they experience is normal.

However, because they might have eye irritation, eyestrain. Get irritated when they try to see things that are blurred or double. And when they are in pain. They will avoid doing those things.

Avoidance is the largest red flag for parents and teachers to pay attention to. And while many parents and teachers assume that. When children are avoiding doing a task.

It is because they cannot concentrate, sit still, or focus. Which gets them diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. When that is not the case. Children may simply be avoiding the activities that are difficult.


Teachers and parents should consider if the child can follow verbal directions. Or pay attention very easily, when the tasks are not utilizing near work. Such as love being read to, but do not like reading themselves.

When they exhibit these particular symptoms. They should get an examination, such as going to an optometrist like vision by design in Edmonton. Because they have a vision therapist on staff.

They will be able to look for vision problems. And if they find that a child is likely to have these issues. They can make the referral to the vision therapist on staff very quickly.

It might be that the child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Which they can do very easily, and without patching the child. Or, they need to overcome the child’s accommodative issue, convergence insufficiency or eye tracking issue.

But these things are all very easy to overcome, especially since technology has improved. And they now can overcome these challenges with a treatment that can happen right in the office.

When parents and teachers know how common vision problems are in children. And that they can have perfect vision, and also have a vision problem. The next thing they need to do, is look for hazy or that indicate.

That the children are avoiding doing things that require near work. And once they notice this, get them to an eye exam quickly. So that they can overcome the problems with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.