Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndromes Need Therapy

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndromes Need Therapy

Vision syndromes, such as amblyopia will need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because whether the patient is a child. Or an adult, who has caused damage to their vision system.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

They are not going to outgrow these syndromes. Nor will they heal on their own with time. Therefore, if they want to see clearly. And regain all of their visual skills. All they have to do.

Is reach out to a vision therapist. Vision therapists are, trysts, who have taken additional education. To become a vision therapist. And not only can they do a vision exam. In order to diagnose.

If someone has a vision syndrome or not. And if so, which one they have. And the degree of severity their vision syndrome is. As well as put together an effective treatment that will help them.

Amblyopia, is a very common vision syndrome. That was nicknamed lazy eye syndrome. Because people once thought. That this vision syndrome was caused. By eyes that did not work as hard as the stronger eye.

This is characterized, by one eye. That does not follow moving objects the same. That typically sees the world. Extremely blurry. And typically, just is not used by the person. In order to see the world.

However, while it appears that the eye is not working. Because it appears that the eye is not working. A common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Many years ago used to be patching.


Patching involved placing a cover, over the strong eye. In order to force the patient. To start using their weaker I. In the hopes that it would become stronger. And then the patch could be removed.

And while this therapy was effective. In strengthening the weaker eye. It typically would cause a lot of distress for the patient. Because it effectively meant that they were blind during this treatment.

Until there I became stronger. And while it did strengthen the eye. It did nothing to help the amblyopia. Simply because what causes lazy eye syndrome. Is a problem in the eye to brain connection.

Therefore, they would remove the patch. And test the eye, and find that it has twenty twenty vision. But that the patient was no better able. To use their eyes for visual skills. Then they were before.

This is why current vision therapists today. Utilize a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Giving the patient with amblyopia, prescription glasses. That makes their weaker I. Much stronger. And there stronger eye a bit weaker.

This makes it easier. During the vision therapy sessions. For the patient to learn how to use both of their eyes at the same time. And then train their brain. How to use the information. From both eyes together.

Patients would typically need to go to vision therapy, which is a lot like physiotherapy. But for the eyes, for just under a year. And it is quite possible, to completely eliminate the patient’s symptoms.

When parents are looking for this type of help. They should call vision by design in Edmonton. And set up a consultation, or vision exam.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndromes Need Therapy To Heal

Many people do not know that vision syndromes like amblyopia need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Called vision therapy, which is very similar to physical therapy. But for the eyes.

Just like physical therapy however. Vision therapy uses specific exercises. In order to strengthen the eyes. And heal the parts that have caused the vision syndrome. Depending on what vision syndrome someone has.

Vision therapist will have specific visual exercises. That they can go through, designed for the specific level of severity. That patients have. And with time, they will be able to heal the problems.

For example, amblyopia. Also known as lazy eye syndrome. Is one of the most common vision syndromes. Where one eye appears to not be working. And it was once assumed because this was because.

The eye was simply week. They would try to strengthen that weak eye. Through placing a patch on the strong eye. But this vision syndrome is actually caused by a problem in the brain.

Therefore, the vision therapist must use a different procedure. And process, to help patients overcome this particular vision syndrome. By helping them do visual exercises.

That will help retrain and heal their brain. This is possible due to the incredible neural plasticity of the brain. Which refers to the brain’s ability to heal, and make connections.


Something that many people did not realize was possible. Until quite recently. When it comes to a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if parents suspect that their child has amblyopia.

The first step, would simply be contacting a Asian therapist. While all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists have these skills. It may be difficult to find therapist.

However, for parents in Edmonton. This is a much easier scenario. Because all they will have to do, is contact vision by design in Edmonton. And speak to a vision therapist to get booked in for a vision exam.

These vision exams are much more comprehensive. And lengthier than a standard eye exams. They take approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to perform all of the tests.

Exercises, and measurements. To that are needed to find out if in fact the child has a vision syndrome. If so, which one. And how severe it is. By the time of the vision therapist is done with their assessment.

If they do have a vision syndrome. They will also have found the best treatment for that particular syndrome. For example, if they do find out the child has amblyopia.

They will have the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. For that child specifically. The next step after that. Would be coming into the office. On a weekly basis for vision therapy sessions.

Vision therapy is a lot like physiotherapy for the eyes. And weekly sessions, for about a year. It is all that is needed. To help patients eliminate their symptoms. Parents should reach out to vision by design in Edmonton today for help.