Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndromes Are Common

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Syndromes Are Common

Many parents may feel all alone, if they find their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, this is more common than many people think. One in four children, have a vision syndrome.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Parents also wonder. How they could have missed their child is struggling with this. However, it is common for parents to not realize. That their child is struggling. Mostly, because the child will not say.

That they are having trouble seeing, or reading. Because the way they see the world. Is their normal, and do not realize. That there is any other way of being. Therefore, they simply avoid doing activities that are irritating to them.

Parents also wonder. If there optometrist did not do a thorough job. Examining their child’s eyes, during their yearly eye exam. However, just because a child has twenty twenty vision. Which means they can see writing.

Clearly, when they are looking at a single letter. But reading and playing sports. Requires different visual skills. Such as eye tracking, and focusing both eyes. In the same place at the same time.

Therefore, they may struggle. And rather than say that they are having trouble. They simply avoid the task at hand. Which makes parents think that their child is being lazy, or dodging responsibility.

When they actually have a vision syndrome. Or, they need something like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The first thing that parents should do, if they suspect their child has a problem seeing or reading.


Or, when their child’s teacher says that they suspect. That they are suffering from a vision syndrome. Is to actually contact a vision therapist. In order to get a comprehensive vision exam.

This is much more comprehensive. Under eye exam. And is much longer as well. Taking approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. It will allow the vision therapist the time. To do all of the tests needed.

To make the right diagnosis. Once they have diagnosed the vision syndrome. Whether it is lazy eye, which is called amblyopia. Or strabismus, which is cross eyed syndrome.

They will be able to come up with the right treatment, called vision therapy. During this therapy. Which is similar to physiotherapy, but for the eyes. The vision therapist will lead the child.

Through a series of exercises. Suited for their specific problem, and the severity of their condition. So that they can start fixing the problem. Which is not in the eyes themselves.

But rather, in the eye to brain connection. It will take, on average half-hour sessions, once a week. For an entire year to resolve the problem. However, they can speed the process along.

By doing specialized exercises, at home. Approximately 10 to 15 minutes a day. Five times a week. Can help patients resolve their vision problems sooner rather than later.

When people are ready for this type of lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. All they have to do, is call vision by design in Edmonton. For a vision exam with one of their vision therapists.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Common Are Vision Syndromes

One of the most important things for parents to do, if they suspect vision syndrome get their child in for lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Lazy eye, also known as an amblyopia.

Is a problem in the eye to brain connection. Rather than in the eye itself. Which is why the treatment for this condition. Many years ago, used to be patching the good I in the patient.

The reason why this would happen. Is because doctors assume. That the lazy eye, is week. Therefore, but covering up the strong eye. Forces the lazy eye to work harder. And fix the problem.

And while patching, does cause the weaker I. To become stronger. It does not actually fix the amblyopia. Because the reason why the eye is not working properly. Is because a problem in the eye to brain connection.

And not because the eye is week. Therefore, the child yells and screams about having their good I patched. And after weeks of struggle. They take the eyepatch off, only to realize.

That while they can see clearly out of that eye now. They still are having a hard time using both eyes at the same time. And that is where the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Is vision therapy, is designed to train both eyes. To be used at the same time. By fixing the eye brain connection. Through process, that is similar to physiotherapy, but for the eyes.


In order to start the process, and even get a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents need to get their child. To a certified vision therapist, to get a vision exam.

This is more involved, than a standard eye exam. They will get from an optometrist. The vision therapist will require about an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to do all of the measurements and tests.

To find out if the child has a vision syndrome. If so, what syndrome. And how severe it is. So that they can come up with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for the child.

Once they have completed the examination. They will be able to start treatment quickly. Which will consist of vision therapy sessions, once a week. At the vision therapist’s office. In order to train the eyes to work together.

When parents want to get started, helping their child. The first thing that they need to do is contact a certified vision therapist. While all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists have this skill.

And in Edmonton, it is as easy as calling vision by design. Through the phone, they can arrange a comprehensive vision exam. To help find out exactly what is going on with their child’s eyes.

Get a diagnosis, and then start the right treatment. That can help them resolve symptoms. And stop struggling to see, and read in school.