Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems

Often, parents think that if their child has perfect vision, their child will not have any other problems or need things like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, optometrists and vision therapists like caution parents.

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Because the visual system is very complex. And children can have vision problems even with perfect vision. Just because they can see clearly. Does not mean that they will not have other issues.

Such as being unable to focus close up. Or being able to follow motion. Therefore, parents also need to be watching for science in their child. They are having a problem with their visual system.

And may require something like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or a treatment for another problem with the visual system. In fact, one in four children suffer from a visual system problem.

Even though they have perfect vision. Therefore, it is very important for parents to know what symptoms and behaviours to look for. To help their child get the help they need.

When very common visual problem in children. Is called a convergence insufficiency. And is the most commonly diagnosed vision problem in children. People may refer to this as binoculars vision.

And the reason why, is because just like binoculars, they can only see straightforward. And far away, but not close up. To view things far away, takes relaxed I muscles. That are pointed straight ahead.

However, children with a convergence insufficiency are unable to turn their eyes inward. In order to view things close up. And they may only be able to see blurred objects.


Or they can focus on close objects and words for very short moments. So there focus will go from being able to see, to blurred very quickly. Which can have a lot of eye irritation.

And while these children do not need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. There is a treatment for convergence insufficiency that they can utilize to help them overcome this problem.

Another problem that they might have is an accommodative issue. And this refers to the feelings of physical pain the child might have. When they are trying to focus their eyes on things that are close up.

And again, this is not lazy I that requires a lazy eye treatment. But it does require treatment to help them overcome the feeling of fatigue in their eyes when they focus close up.

Or, the child might have an eye tracking issue. Because reading requires many complex visual systems. From the ability to focus very quickly. And then move their eyes to the next word and then focus quickly again.

Therefore, if children have an eye tracking issue. This refers to the inability to move their eyes from one word to the next fluidly. Therefore, children that have this issue may have significantly reduced reading comprehension.

Or read words out of order, or read extremely slowly. To compensate for the fact that they need to think about which word they need to read. And may in fact use their finger to help read in order.

Any of these as well as lazy I may require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another visual treatment. But diagnosis is the first important step.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems & Learning

Parents may not realize that their child can have perfect vision, but also a vision problem such as lazy eye, requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, perfect vision and problems with other aspects of the visual system not mutually exclusive.

What this means, is that a child can have perfect vision. But also have a problem with their visual system. From a lazy eye, where one I is not focusing with the other eye. Requiring in a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Or, they could be a problem that keeps a child from being able to focus their eyes close up. Or they get life fatigue very quickly. Or they have a hard time following motion. And while all of these visual systems are used in reading.

Parents might notice that their children are having a hard time playing sports. Or even seem to be very clumsy. And when this is the case, a problem with their visual system may be to blame.

In fact, parents will probably notice that their child that has a visual system problem. Typically have problematic behaviours. Because they do not know what they are experiencing is not normal.

Therefore, they are not going to say that they cannot focus on things close up and that it is blurry. Because they assume that that is how it is for everybody.

And they are not meant to say that it is painful to focus on things close up. Because again, they think that this is completely normal. Therefore, they might get frustrated with homework.


Or have problems such as refusing to do homework, put off doing projects. Or refusing to sit still in class to concentrate on the air work. But instead of being defiant, or having ADD or ADHD.

These children have a problem with their visual system. And may require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another visual system treatment. They can help them overcome their problems.

Therefore, parents should keep in mind. That if they are seeing behaviours in their child that seemed troubling. Such as not doing homework, hitting frustrated with near work.

Or clumsy in sports. These are all good indications that they should get there visual system checked. Just in case. And when parents bring their child to vision by design in Edmonton. Not only will they look for these problems.

When parents mention that they are concerned about their child. But also because they have a vision therapist on staff. That can be immediately referred to. To help get a diagnosis very quickly.

As soon as they have the right diagnosis. And know what visual problem children have. They can get the correct treatment, whether it is a lazy eye treatment. Or treatment for an eye tracking issue, a convergence insufficiency or an accommodative issue. Can help that child quickly.