Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Utilizing Therapy To Heal Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Utilizing Therapy To Heal Amblyopia

It is very important that parents find a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. If they suspect their child has lazy eye, or amblyopia. Because treatment is most successful, when children are younger.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

And while it is often very easy to spot. Because the eyes are not aligned each other. It can be difficult to tell. If a child is struggling because they have this vision syndrome. Which is why many optometrists recommend.

Getting a comprehensive vision exam for the child. Once they are around five years old. Simply to rule out this vision syndrome. What happens, when someone has amblyopia.

Is that a child is struggling to see out of both eyes at the same time. Called stereo vision. And the problem, is not in the eyes themselves. Which it was once thought to be the cause of amblyopia.

People used to believe. That the eye is not working as well as the stronger I. Due to weakened muscles. And a common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Used to be putting a patch on the strong eye.

In order to force the weaker I to become stronger. However, this vision syndrome is not a problem with the eye muscles. But rather, a problem in the brain. In order to understand why.

People need to understand how the eyes and brain work together. The eyes are responsible for taking in all of the visual information that a person will need. From lightness and darkness. To colours, shapes and sizes.


Even if objects are moving. And how they are moving. Fast, slow towards, or away from the person. This is a very large amount of visual information. It is constantly being sent to the brain any time the eyes are open.

This information is sent to the brain, through the retinas, which are located at the back of a person’s eyes. And the retinas, send the information to the brainstem. The brainstem is then responsible for sending this information.

The various centres and connections in the brain. That require them, for the different tasks that they need. There are thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with vision. As well as three hundred connections that use vision in some way.

However, for people who have lazy eye, that is medically known as amblyopia. The brainstem is having difficulty. Processing this visual information. And sending it to where it needs to go.

Therefore, in order to minimize the brain’s difficulty and confusion. It simply turns off the vision to one eye. This is what causes the problem where the child is no longer able to use both eyes at the same time.

Therefore, trying to strengthen the weaker I. Is not going to fix the problem in the brain. To help the brain process the visual information more effectively. The best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton, is using vision therapy.

However, before they can start vision therapy. A vision therapist and needs to know exactly what is going on. In the patient’s eyes, and brain. To diagnose, and ultimately treat this vision syndrome properly.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Using Therapy And Healing Amblyopia

While amblyopia is a common vision syndrome, requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. It is important that people get tested at an early age. Since treating adults with this vision syndrome is less successful.

This involves finding a vision therapist in order to conduct. A comprehensive vision exam. This is much more in-depth than a standard eye exam. Where an optometrist is finding out if both eyes can see clearly.

Finding a vision therapist may be more difficult. Because while vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists have taken the additional education. To become a vision therapist.

People can look up a list of all vision therapist’s in Canada. By going to the optometrists Canada website. However, patients in Edmonton are in luck. Because all they will need to do is call vision by design in Edmonton.

While they are best known for their optometrists clinic. That can conduct routine eye exams. As well as prescribe corrective lenses, such as contact lenses and glasses for their patients.

They also have vision therapists on staff. That not only can diagnose various vision syndromes such as amblyopia. But they also can come up with effective treatments, depending on what is going on in the patient’s eyes and brain.


When they diagnose the child with amblyopia. The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton can vary. Being anything from corrective lenses. That is enough to get the child to use both of the eyes of the same time.

And with time, the brain will learn to use that visual information. Now that the eyes are seeing similarly as each other. However, in many patients. Vision therapy is actually required to fix the problem.

Vision therapy will take the child through special exercises. That are considered like physiotherapy for the eyes. That will help them train their eyes how to work together to see the visual world.

And then go through different exercises. That will train the brain. How to use the visual information. From both eyes at the same time. This is possible, because of how neural plastic the brain is.

The brain is able to grow, and heal itself. Which results in not only improved vision in the lazy eye. But also, being able to gain back the visual skills that they lost. Such as depth perception, and I tracking.

If parents are looking for a vision therapist. All they have to do is contact vision by design in Edmonton by telephone. Due to the specialized nature, they will not accept vision therapy appointments by email or on the website.

However, call to the office. Can arrange that important comprehensive vision exam. That will help diagnose their child. And find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that will help them. The sooner they can get in for an appointment, the more success they will have at treating this vision syndrome.