Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vision Syndromes Effectively

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vision Syndromes Effectively

While vision syndromes requiring a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Are extremely common in Canada. Parents should take some reassurance. In the fact that their child does not need to suffer.

Most vision syndromes are very easily fixed, with vision therapy. Which is very similar to physical therapy. However, instead of exercises. Designed to heal muscles and tendons.

Vision therapy uses guided exercises. To strengthen the eye muscles. And train the brain. How to use that visual information. More effectively than it was doing so.

The most important thing that parents need to know. Is that if they suspect. Or if there child’s teacher suspects. That they have a vision syndrome. They should get an assessment right away.

Perhaps the child does not have a vision syndrome. But getting a definitive answer. Is the first step. To getting help for the child. In fact, many parents discover. That their teachers are the ones.

That are suspecting that their child. Has a vision syndrome. This is not because parents are not paying attention to their child. But rather, so much more of the classroom. Is visually based then home.

Children also have an amazing tendency. To develop coping mechanisms. Things like memorizing where things are. As well as doing things. Like tilting their head, squinting their eyes.


Can often help them overcome their vision syndrome problems. In ways that parents are not even aware. That their children are doing. Many therapists here that the parents assume. The child will tell them.

If they are having trouble seeing. But the problem with this says experts. Is that the child will have seen the world this way. Since their earliest memories. And literally have no idea. That the way they are seeing the world is abnormal.

Therefore, parents are not usually the ones. Who are noticing that their child has a problem. It is the teachers that suspect that the child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Because so much of what they do in a classroom. Uses vision. From reading, writing and drawing. Paying attention to other students. And the teacher at the front of the room.

So much of what they do in a classroom is visual. That if a child is struggling. It becomes immediately apparent. The teacher will talk to the parent. And the best thing to do. Would get them assessed.

With the vision therapist. As quickly as possible. Parents also may think that their child has no vision syndrome. Because they have perfect vision. According to their last eye exam.

However, the eye exam. Only checks static vision. And not visual skills. That are more indicated of other a vision syndrome. Because it is a much more comprehensive exam. Instead of a twenty minute or half-hour checkup.

Parents should expect an hour, to an hour and a half. So that the vision therapist can make all of the measurements. And perform all of the exercises. That they need to make a diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Working Cures Vision Syndromes

The therapist will have put together the right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And treatment actually can begin right away.

Vision therapists will help patients who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And while vision syndromes are very common. Lazy eye syndrome. Or known medically as amblyopia. Is the most common vision syndrome in Canada.

While many people often think. That this vision syndrome is caused by a week I. The week I is actually a symptom. And this vision syndrome actually takes place. In the brain, or more specifically.

So the brain to I connection. In order to understand what lazy I treatment Edmonton. Will help each patient with amblyopia. People should understand. How the eyes and brain work together.

First of all, light carries visual information. In through the front of the eyes. Which are called the cornea, to the back of the eye. And just like a camera, this information. Must get processed before it can be used.

The retina carries the visual information. From both of the eyes individually. To the brainstem. The brainstem is then responsible for sorting this vast amount. Of visual information, to the various centres.

This is not only a monumental task. Because the brainstem must be doing this. For every second that a person has. Their eyes open of every single day. But also, because the brainstem is also.

Doing a significant job, of managing our important body functions. Such as keeping us breathing, and are heart pumping for example. In people need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.


During their brains initial development. The connection between the retina and the brainstem. Was not made properly. This missing or damaged connection. Would cause the brain confusion. And get overwhelmed.

At trying to process. This vast amount of visual information. Therefore, the brain simply disregards. The visual information from one of the eyes. Thereby halving the amount of information.

It is responsible to deal with. And while this makes the brain’s job easier. This means that the patient. Is unable to use all of their visual skills. And is unable to see. Out of one eye.

Therefore, the best treatment for amblyopia. Is not strengthening the lazy eye. But actually training the brain. How to use the visual information. From both retinas at the same time.

This is done by helping the weaker I see better. Done with prescription lenses. After that, the next step of the lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Is actually training the eyes to work as a team.

And then training the brain. Through exercises that increase in intensity. That trains the brain. How to use this visual information together. Depending on each individual patient. People might require six months of treatment.

Or they might require up to a year. In some extreme cases, patients will eventually need surgery. But experts do say. That having gone through the treatment first. Will help ensure that they can heal faster from surgery if it is needed.