Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Common Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Common Vision Syndromes

Amblyopia, is a common vision syndrome that requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, many parents may not know what to look for. Or, their child may have this vision syndrome and exhibit no obvious symptoms.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

This is why many experts. Simply suggested that it is a great practice. To proactively get their child in. For a comprehensive vision exam. By a vision therapist. Once they reached the age of six or seven years of age.

This way, parents do not have to try to look for symptoms or signs. Of vision syndromes. And will be able to find out. If their child has one of these syndromes. And may not even know it.

Many parents might think. That their child is going to tell them. If they have trouble seeing, or reading in school. However, children that have vision syndromes. Will have had these issues since birth.

And for them, this is their normal. They will not realize that there is anything different. And that this is how everyone sees things. Therefore, they struggle silently. Which is why it is important to get them assessed early.

As well, they need to get this assessment earlier rather than later. Because it is easiest to get children in for a treatment. When they are young. The older the child gets, the harder it is to treat.

In fact, parents should also know. That children will not outgrow vision syndromes. And once they become and adults, even the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. May not help them overcome this vision syndrome.


When parents are looking for a vision therapist to work with. In order to get their child in for comprehensive vision exam. They need to look for vision therapists, who are more than just optometrists.

Because while vision therapists are optometrists with additional education. Not all optometrists have this education. Or can provide this service. For parents in the Edmonton and area, they can simply call vision by design.

Located in West Edmonton, not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. But they also have vision therapists on staff. Who will be able to administer the comprehensive vision exam. Diagnose, and treat a wide variety of vision syndromes.

Therefore, their child has amblyopia. They will be able to put together the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for that child. That will help them overcome this syndrome. And regain their lost visual skills.

However, this comprehensive vision exam is quite in-depth. And parents should prepare for an hour, to an hour and a half. This will allow ample opportunity. For the vision therapist to do the numerous measurements.

And perform the exercises that will allow them to find out exactly what is going on. In the patient’s eyes, but also in the brain. Because, amblyopia. And other vision syndromes. Are caused by a disconnect in the brain.

And not necessarily in the eye. Therefore, the best treatment. Will require a treatment that helps the patient. Learn how to use their eyes effectively. And train their brain to take this information.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Children With Vision Syndromes

If a child has amblyopia, the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Help them not only regain their eyesight. And see effectively. But also regain some of their visual skills that did not develop due to this syndrome.

While the name, lazy eye. Suggests that the problem is in the eye itself. This is not the case. However, many years ago. The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That was widely used was with a patch.

Many doctors thought that lazy I was caused by week eye muscles. Therefore, by placing a patch over the strong eye. It would force the lazy eye to work. And become strong, to help them see clearly.

Unfortunately, while much hated by children. This actually was not a very effective treatment. Simply because what causes lazy eye syndrome, for medically known as amblyopia.

Is a disconnect in the brain, eye to brain connection. Therefore, strengthening the eye muscles. Would not help the child regain their eyesight in both eyes. And get the visual skills that they need both eyes for.

In order to understand why, people should understand. How the eyes and the brain work together. In order to see, and use the visual information. First, the I will carry the light containing images.

To the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is actually responsible for carrying this visual information to the brainstem. It is the brainstem’s job to take this visual information.


And send it to the various parts of the brain that will use it. There are thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with vision specifically. And three hundred connections of the brain. That use visual information in some form.

Therefore, this is a monumental job. For the brain to be sorting this information out. From to eyes, within seconds. If in patients who have amblyopia, and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

There is a missed connection in this part of the brain. That causes it confusion, in sorting this visual information. To the correct parts of the brain. However, the brain is extremely good at compensating and overcoming problems.

Which is why it turns off vision to one eye. Cutting the amount of visual information it receives in half. It becomes more able to send this visual information. To all of the parts of the brain that it needs to go.

Unfortunately, that also causes the person with amblyopia. To lose the vision in one eye. As well as all of the skills, that come with needing to eyes. Such as depth perception, and I tracking that is used in reading.

Therefore, the best treatment. Helps the child learn how to use both of their eyes at the same time. And then, through special exercises, led by the vision therapist.

Helps the child train their brain, how to use the information. That it receives from both eyes at the same time. When parents are looking for this help, they will be able to get it from vision by design in Edmonton.