Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Symptoms of Vision System Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Symptoms of Vision System Problems

Parents often make the assumption that if their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another vision system treatment. That it is going to be very obvious. But this actually not the case at all.

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The reason why vision system problems are not obvious. Is first of all, because children can have perfect vision. And still have a problem with their vision system.

For example, lazy eye happens. When child’s lies do not work as a pair, and one I does all of the work. They may not realize that anything else is normal. Because that is how they have been seeing things for their entire lifetime.

Therefore, they may not realize that they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And will not complain if one of their eyes gets tired doing all of the work. Or that they cannot see through the other eye.

Because everything they have experienced is their normal. Another example of this. Is when children have an accommodative issue. Which means using their eye muscles, causes them physical pain.

Much in the same way that someone who uses a muscle that they are not used to. Will experience muscle pain essay muscle if they use it too much. Or when they use it after they have exercised it a lot.

Another example of how vision system problem. May impact the child. Will be a convergence insufficiency. Which means they have an inability to turn their eyes in word. To focus on things close up.

Therefore, they may see double or blurred vision. And may not realize that that is not normal. So rather than complain about it. They just avoid doing the things that cause them discomfort, pain. Or are difficult.


However, with the right treatment. Such as how lazy I simply needs the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. To get both eyes working as a team. All of the different visual system problems that a child could have.

Have its own treatment that can be prescribed by a vision therapist. Once they have the proper diagnosis. Therefore, when parents suspect that their child has a vision system problem.

The first step is bringing them to an optometrist. Such as vision by design Edmonton. Because not only do they have regular optometrists on staff. But when parents bring their child, and share their suspicions.

The optometrist will be able to do some initial tests. And if they suspect that the child does have visual system problems. They can immediately make the referral to the vision therapist on staff.

Who will be able to give their opinion, and potentially bring a child back in. For some more diagnostic tests. That will help them find the right diagnosis.

That diagnosis will let them know if they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they need to treat an eye tracking issue, convergence insufficiency or accommodative issue for example. To help the child overcome their obstacles, and process their visual world accurately.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Symptoms of Visual System Problems

There are many parts to a person’s vision system, and when a child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another type of treatment. This could be because any part of their vision system is not working properly.

In fact, according to the recent studies. One in four children, which is 25%. Have system problem. Despite the fact that they have perfect vision. Therefore, parents should not jump to the conclusion.

That if they have perfect vision as told to them by an optometrist. That they automatically will not have visual system problems. Because it is quite possible for children to have perfect vision, and also needs treatment.

Such as a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because the two are not mutually exclusive. As well, children will not articulate their problems or symptoms. Because they do not know that what they are experiencing.

Is not what they should be experiencing. Therefore parents need to be aware of the behaviours that their child might be exhibiting. That indicates they might have visual system problem. And needs the appropriate treatment.

Whether that is a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another treatment, to help them overcome a different visual system problem. A great place to start, is if a child is avoiding doing near work.

Whether this is not wanting to do any extra reading. Or are avoiding homework where they have to read, even things like math problems. Or simply a lack of attention to visual tasks.


Children that have these kinds of behaviours. Often get diagnosed with oppositional Defiance disorder. Or even ADD or ADHD. But rather than having an inability to focus on tasks.

They actually have an inability to focus visually. And it causes them frustration, discomfort or pain. So there avoidance of these activities. Is a coping mechanism, to avoid being in pain or discomfort.

As well, if the child is showing their symptoms only when they are doing visual tasks. Parents need to question if they truly have ADD or ADHD. Or if the visual task is the common thread.

Therefore, if a child can focus while working on tasks given to them orally. That do not require doing near work. Or if they love listening to stories. But hate reading.

And even if a child simply procrastinates on schoolwork, or assignments. This actually could indicate a visual system problem. Rather than being unable to focus and concentrate.

Therefore, when a child is exhibiting these behaviours. And even if they have already been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Parents might want to just get there optometrist to weigh in on the situation.

By bringing them to an optometrist, such as vision by design in Edmonton. Where their child will be able to get an examination, the optometrist keeping in mind the visual system.

And the benefit about this optometrist clinic in Edmonton. Is that they have a vision therapist on staff. If children show signs of having a visual system problem during the examination. The vision therapist can be consulted with immediately. And help get the child diagnosed quickly.