Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students Who Have Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students Who Have Vision Syndromes

It is very important, that children who need lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Get an official diagnosis. And start that treatment quickly. Because while vision syndromes. Are extremely common in childhood.

In fact, one in four Canadian children. Are born with the vision syndrome. It is easiest to treat. When the child is young. And their brain, is more neural plastic. Then it is as they age.

And while parents. Our usually the last to find out. That their child potentially has. A vision syndrome. Such as amblyopia, that needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. If they find out that their child may have.

A vision syndrome, from the child’s teacher. That should be taken quite seriously. And should be checked out. In a timely fashion. All the parent has to do. Is bring the child in.

Two a vision therapist’s office. While all vision therapists. Are optometrists, not all optometrists. Have this additional education. Which means they will need. To find a vision therapist specifically.

This may be a daunting task. However, therapist’s can be found. On they Canada optometry website. Listed by province. However, if people live in the Edmonton. And surrounding area, it is much easier. To find a vision therapist.

All they have to do. Is visit vision by design optometry. They are located in West Edmonton. And are easily accessible. From all areas of the city. And from the surrounding area.

Parents can easily book an appointment. Over the phone. They will not accept vision therapy assessments. Through email or online. Due to the highly specialized nature. Of this service.


Then, parents can expect. To be waiting for an hour. Or an hour and a half. In order to allow the therapist. Enough time to make the measurements that they need. They will go through several measurements.

And have the child do many different visual exercises. So that they can see what visual skills. The child has. As well as what visual skills they do not have. Ultimately, they will be able to not only diagnose.

What vision syndrome the child has. Such as amblyopia. They will also be able to figure out. The type of treatment is best. For example, amblyopia needs an effective lazy I treatment Edmonton.

They will also have put together. The treatment plan for each patient. Often it is utilizing prescription lenses. Or it will be utilizing vision therapy. Or a combination of both.

When it comes to lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Quite often they will use. Corrective lenses. They must make the weaker I. As strong as the strong eye. And then a prescription lenses. For the strong eye to make it just a bit weaker.

And then, they will be able to train. The eyes to work together as a team. And when the child has mastered that skill. They will be able to start. Training the brain. How to accept the visual information.

From both eyes at the same time. Once they do this, the child will be able to start resolving their symptoms. And overcoming the problems they have with this vision syndrome.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Kids Fighting Vision Syndromes

One of the most common vision syndromes in childhood needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Lazy eye syndrome is also known medically. As amblyopia, and is the most common. Vision syndrome of childhood.

While 25% of Canadian children. Will be born with a vision syndrome. Most of these children will have amblyopia. In order to understand what is going on. With children who have this particular vision syndrome.

People should understand, how the eyes. And the brain work together. Despite the name, lazy eye. This has nothing to do with how weak or strong. The eyes are. And more in a damaged eye to brain connection.

Somehow, this connection is not made properly. When the child is in the mother’s womb. Which results in the brain being confused. And having a hard time. Processing the visual information. It receives from both eyes.

As the eyes both taken visual information. And they both send this visual information. To the brain through the retina. In people with amblyopia. The brain is unable.

To process this visual information effectively. What happens, is that the brain must send. All of the visual information. To the various parts of the brain. That needs that information. For example, if a person.

Is walking, and talking to someone. Not only will they need to see the visual world around them. So that they can walk and not fall. They are also paying attention. To the persons face, and body language.


And all of this requires different visual processing. In different centres of the brain. People with amblyopia and who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Simply are unable. To effectively process this information.

Therefore, the brain turns off this information. By turning off vision to one of the eyes. So that it only has. Half the visual information to process. And, it works well. Because the brain is able to allow the child.

To see their visual world around them. Albeit, with problems in their so-called lazy eye. Which often gives them. Learned or double vision. Or, causes them headaches or eyestrain.

Therefore, it is incredibly important. That children get diagnosed. So that they can get the right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. That will train their brain. How to use the information. From both eyes at the same time.

Visual therapy is a lot like physical therapy. However, instead of. The body that is getting treated. It is the eyes and the brain. Vision therapy happens in half-hour segments. Once a week.

And by keeping this schedule. The lazy eye treatment Edmonton often can fix the problem. Within six months to a year. Patients who want to ensure they can get the most out of their treatment.

Should do some simple vision exercises. Fifteen minutes a day. Five days a week at home. So that they can reinforce. The muscle memory. That they are learning at vision therapy.