Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students Vision Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students Vision Problems

It is very common for students to require a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Simply because vision syndromes. And particularly amblyopia. Which is the medical name for lazy eye syndrome.

In children throughout Canada. According to health Canada statistics. One in four children have a vision syndrome. And amblyopia, is one of the most prevailing. Parents should not be concerned however.

Because as soon it is noted. That the child potentially has. A vision syndrome, a vision therapist. Will be able to help them. It is very important however. That parents bring their child in quickly.

Because while vision syndromes, such as amblyopia. Are extremely treatable. And within six months to a year. Most patients are able. To overcome all of their symptoms completely.

If left untreated, particularly amblyopia. Or lazy eye syndrome. Will become permanent. As the brain will simply. Turn off the vision to the affected eye. Since it is not functioning well to begin with.

However, many parents are not aware. That their child has a vision syndrome. And if they have not brought their child in. As an infant for eye exams. They may not even be aware. That their child is struggling.

It is only when their child. Starts school, that their teachers bring up. They are concerned that the child. May have a vision syndrome. This is because 80% of the learning.


That happens inside a classroom. Is visually based. From colourful pictures on the wall. To reading textbooks. Writing, and drawing. To notes that are written on a board. And more.

Because this environment. Is so visually stimulating. Children with vision syndromes. Often start struggling. The coping mechanisms that they created. To help them overcome difficulties at home.

Typically no longer work. In a classroom environment. Because of this, most teachers are trained. What to look for in children. That may indicate. That they have a vision syndrome.

Behaviours such as not following along. And their own textbooks. During a lesson, or looking off. Into space, closing their eyes. When a teacher is giving a lesson. At the front of the room. This is not because they are ignoring it.

But rather, because they find. That focusing causes them I irritation. Eyestrain, and headaches just to name a few things. Whether or not these children need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Has yet to be determined.

But parents who hear from their child’s teacher. That they are concerned about a potential. Vision syndrome, should take action quickly. By finding a vision therapist. To do an assessment on their child.

Not all optometrists are vision therapists. However, the parents can visit vision by design optometry. Located on the west side of Edmonton. Because they do have vision therapists on staff.

They will be able to diagnose a patient. And determine if they do need. A lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And if so, they can get started right away. Treatment may include corrective lenses.

Or they might include vision therapy. Which is like physical therapy. But for the eyes. Or a combination of both.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students See Clearly

Around 25% of children need lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Because they have vision syndromes, such as amblyopia. Which is also known as lazy eye syndrome. Treatment is easy, and effective.

Some parents are very nervous. Thinking that their child may have lazy eye syndrome. Because they think, that treatment. Involves patching, which was common. About twenty years ago.

When parents were growing up. They may have had. Experience with being patched. Or their sibling, or friend. Potentially went through this treatment. And the parents remember. How awful, and traumatic it was.

The idea behind patching. Was that an eyepatch would be placed. On the patient’s strong eye. In order to force the weaker I to start working. And therefore, be able to see better.

And while patching worked, when parents carried it out. It was a fight, because children. Did not like having their eyes patched. Because it meant, that they were. Functionally blind until their weaker I strengthened.

Therefore, most parents. Abandoned treatment, refusing to fight. On a regular basis with their children. However parents who were able. To carry out the patching treatment, found out.

That while patching helped the lazy eye to see better. That did not mean. That when the child had both of their eyes uncovered. That they were able to see better at all. Because the lazy eye treatment Edmonton.


Of patching, did not fix the problem. Which was a disconnect in the brain. Rather than weaker I muscles. Nowadays however, vision therapists. Now that not only do they need. To make the current by stronger.

They also need to train the brain. How to use. The visual information from both eyes. And they do this, by going through. Visual exercises together. Typically, patients will go to vision therapy.

Half an hour every week. Between six months to a year. And get full symptom resolution. Although, vision therapists recommend. Patients engaging in various eye exercises. While they are at home.

Approximately fifteen minutes every day. And five days a week. In order to reinforce. The exercises that they did. During vision therapy. Most patients are able to resolve their symptoms.

And see clearly, resolving their vision syndrome. However some patients. Do require surgery. To fix the issue. However, parents should be rest assured. That their child will do better.

Recovering from surgery, if they have already. Gone through vision therapy. Therefore, vision therapy is never a waste of time. Because whether it fixes the child’s vision syndrome. Or it strengthens their eye for surgery.

It will be a beneficial process to go through. When parents are looking. For the best vision therapist in Edmonton, and surrounding area. And best lazy eye treatment Edmonton. They should call.

Vision by design optometry. Not only are they a full service optometry clinic. But they are also a vision therapy centre. Where many people can come. To fix vision syndromes, of different types. For different reasons.