Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students And Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students And Vision Syndromes

It is very common for children to find they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. After they start going to school. And not before, for many reasons. However, if parents hear from their child’s teacher.

And they are letting the parents know. That they suspect a vision syndrome. The best thing to do. Would be to get the child in. For a vision test. As quickly as possible. While vision syndromes are common, and easy to treat.

They are typically most easily treated. When the child is much younger. The older the child gets, the more the brain gets used. To dealing with vision. In the way that it always has. Which makes getting a treatment, or difficult.

And often requires a longer lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Then they would have to have. If they got treated earlier in their life. Parents also should not feel guilty. That they did not notice.

That their child has a vision syndrome. Simply because children. Have a way of developing coping mechanisms. Early on in their life. To overcome problems. Even though they are not even aware they have problems.

The way the child is seeing the world. Is the way that they have always seen the world. And are unaware, if they have a vision syndrome. That the blurred, double or otherwise distorted vision.

Is not normal. Because it has been their normal for their entire life. Therefore with their coping mechanisms. And there thought process, that they have no problems.

It is unlikely that the parents. Will be the ones to discover this problem. Also, when it comes to a classroom environment. Not only is 80% of the learning. That takes place in a classroom, visually based.


But teachers are also trained. What to look for when it comes to vision syndromes. For example, the child may be looking off into space. And while it looks like they are daydreaming. They are not.

They simply are unable to follow along. Either focusing on the teacher in the distance. Or focusing on their book at their desk for example. And are staring off into space. To avoid any eye irritation. They may fidget.

Or get out of their desk a lot. Which often has their behaviour. Confused with people who have attention deficit disorder. Because it looks like they cannot concentrate or sit still. When all they are doing.

Is trying to stave off boredom, because it gives them eye pains. Or headaches, to try to follow along. Not only did they fall behind in their schoolwork. But they often are considered to be lazy, if people do not diagnose them quickly.

Therefore, teachers will tell the parents. That they suspect the child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And parents should not delay in getting their child assessed. A vision therapist is the best person.

To help find out. If the child does have a vision syndrome. And if they do, which one. And which subsequent treatment. Will be best for them.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Kids With Vision Syndromes

Teachers often discover the child needs lazy I treatment Edmonton. In some of the most common scenarios for many reasons. Parents should take this seriously. And get their child’s vision checked.

This is not like a standard eye exam. Where the optometrist is simply. Checking the eyesight. To see if the child can see clearly. At a distance. Because many children with vision syndromes.

And who need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Often have been found. To have perfect, twenty twenty vision. When they were checked earlier by a qualified optometrist. This is not because the optometrist did something wrong.

But because the eye exam. Only tells if a person can see clearly. At a single distance away. And does not test both eyes. For various eye skills, such as reading, I tracking. And depth perception just to name a few things.

Therefore it is quite common. For children to have perfect vision. And also have a vision syndrome. At the same time. In order to find out. If they do have a vision syndrome, such as amblyopia.

And then they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Parents should contact a vision therapist. Vision therapists have taken additional education. After they have their optometrist degrees.

And this additional education will ensure. That they can diagnose, and treat a variety. Of vision syndromes, such as amblyopia or strabismus, just to name a few. Parents who have taken their child..


For an eye exam, need to understand. That these two exams are different. While the standard eye exam. Takes approximately thirty minutes. The vision exam by a vision therapist.

Will take anywhere between an hour, and an hour and a half. Because of the vast number of measurements. That the vision therapist must make. And the many exercises they will have.

The child do, in order to find out. If they have a vision syndrome. And if they do have one, which one. Ultimately, what the best treatment they will need. For example, amblyopia will need.

A lazy eye treatment Edmonton. In order to fix the eye to brain connection. That is causing the vision syndrome in the first place. It is also very important for people to note.

That in most cases, they vision syndrome will be able to be corrected. Completely, as long as the patient takes. All of the sessions, and does all of the homework. Such as additional exercises. That they must do at home.

In some rare cases, vision therapy does not completely correct. The vision syndrome entirely. And patients will also need. Surgery, in order to correct the problem.

In that case, the vision therapy. Will ensure that the patients eyes. Are extremely strong, and can. Withstand surgery very well. The therapist will discuss with the parents but happens in this eventuality.

If people would like to know the best vision therapist. That they should go to, all they have to do. Is visit vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton.