Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Sight Problems At School

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Sight Problems At School

It is extremely common for a child to find out they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Once they start school. Simply because the environment. Is so visually intensive. That if they are struggling.

It becomes apparent quickly. Despite the fact. That the child has likely. Developed many coping mechanisms. At home, up to this point. Because they have had this vision syndrome since childbirth.

Parents should also not feel bad. That their child did not confide in them. To tell them that they had a vision problem. Simply because since they have had. A vision syndrome since childbirth.

This is how they have always seen the world. And are completely unaware. That it is not normal. And often assume, that everyone sees things. The way they do. Whether that means they have blurred vision, double vision.

Or other visual issues. Such as objects coming into, and out of focus. At various times, such as when they focus far away. Or when they start doing. Near work, like drawing or writing.

Some parents may think it is quite rare. For children to have vision syndromes. However, according to statistics Canada. 25% of all Canadian children. Have a vision syndrome. Therefore, knowing this.

As well as knowing what to look for. In symptoms, can help. Children get the lazy eye treatment Edmonton. That they need, to overcome. There vision syndromes. Such as amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome.


And while parents may not know what to look for. Or they may in fact know what to look for. But because their home. Is less visually based than a classroom. And because the child. Will have had their entire life.

In order to see the world. And develop coping mechanisms. They are more likely. To not get noticed. That they need a lazy eye treatment when they are at home. Then when they are in a classroom environment.

Not only that, but teachers are also trained. What symptoms to look for. Such as appearing to daydream. Because focusing on the teacher. Or on their textbook. May be visually irritating.

Or cause them headaches. Or, students may get up out of their desk often. Not because they cannot concentrate. But because they are board. Because they are unable to follow along.

With a lesson, because of the I irritation. And there problems from focusing for example. As well, many teachers are trained. To know the difference between a student that needs. A lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

And a child that may have ADHD. For example, if the child has no problems. Paying attention to a story that they are being read. It is likely that they have a vision syndrome. Because a child with ADHD.

Have trouble concentrating on the story. If a child does need treatment. They need a qualified vision therapist. Like those at vision by design optometry. While this is a full-service optometry clinic.

They also have a vision therapy centre. And can assess, diagnose. And treat people with vision syndromes.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Seeing In Class

Despite the fact that many children need lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Getting assessed, diagnosed. And then getting a subsequent treatment. Is not necessarily as easy. As it sounds like it should be.

Some of the problems with getting an effective lazy I treatment Edmonton. Is the fact that parents often are not aware. That their child is struggling at all. They typically develop coping mechanisms.

That will help them overcome their challenges. While at home. And also, many parents may assume. That their child will tell them. That they are struggling visually. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Simply because the way the child. Sees their world, is the way they have seen it. Since they were born. And are therefore, not aware. That anything else is possible. Or that anything else is normal.

As well, parents may not notice. But when they send their child to school. The teachers are trained. To look for symptoms. And may raise concerns to parents. That they believe the child could benefit.

From things like a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The best thing for parents to do. Would simply to get their child assessed. By a vision therapist. Even if the child has recently had.

An eye exam, experts say an eye exam. Will not be enough. To diagnose a vision syndrome. Because an eye exam. Simply discovers. If a child can see clearly. An object at a static distance away.


Since most vision syndromes. Are only apparent. When they are using visual skills. Such as tracking moving objects. Going from looking at things. Close up, to far away and back again.

Or, when they are doing things. Like reading, which involves. A lot of visual skills. At the same time. Such as being able to focus. It very narrowly, on one word. Remove their eyes from that point.

Jump quickly to the next word. Focus, and do this several times in a row. In order to read one line of text. And then, being able to very easily. Jump down to the second line of text.

And then continue with reading without missing their place. The vision therapist will make many measurements. And have the child do. Many different tests, in order to see. If they struggle with what visual skills.

In order to make a diagnosis. For example, if they are diagnosed. With amblyopia, they will need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And if they have strabismus. They will need a treatment for crossed eyes.

Once they have made the diagnosis. They can start with treatment right away. Which for amblyopia, often is utilizing. Corrective lenses. Along with vision therapy. In order to train the brain.

And overcome the vision syndrome. By fixing the damaged eye to brain connection. This type of treatment is effective. Helping people eliminate their vision syndromes. Anywhere between six months, to a year.

This is utilizing half-hour sessions. Approximately once a week. If patients want to progress faster. Through treatment, they can. Do exercises at home. That will help train their brain faster.