Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Seeing Clearly

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Seeing Clearly

Various vision syndromes require various therapies, such as lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The right treatment depends on the right diagnosis. However, everyone with the vision syndrome.

Is not seeing things is clearly. As they should be. Different vision syndromes. Have different symptoms. For example, people who have amblyopia. Which is the medical term for lazy eye syndrome.

Are unable to see clearly. Out of one eye. Which tends to point off in several different directions. Therefore, since the eye does not focus. People who have amblyopia. Typically see double.

Or, they see clearly. Out of one eye, and blurred out the other. This can be especially irritating to the eyes. Causing people. To have headaches, or even nausea. This is typically a vision syndrome.

That children get. And the reason why. Adults do not have this syndrome. Is because with time, people with amblyopia. Have the vision. In the problematic on, turned off by the brain.

Therefore, no longer do they have lazy eye syndrome. They are simply blind in one eye. What makes this even more devastating. Is the fact that it was completely avoidable. If parents had sought. The right treatment in the first place.

The first thing that parents should do. If they or their parents teacher. Suspects that they have a vision syndrome. Is get their child in. To a vision therapist for an assessment. While it is true, amblyopia.


Shares a lot of the same symptoms. As ADD and ADHD, says researchers. There are a few reasons. Why the vision therapist. Is the first one to contact. First of all, there are no definitive tests. Leading to lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

That can diagnose ADHD. However, there are definitive tests. That can diagnose amblyopia for example. In fact, many doctors. Who are trying to diagnose their patients. With the neurodevelopment disorder ADHD.

Actually rule out other syndromes first. Such as vision syndromes. Because it makes the process of elimination. And eventual diagnosis. Easier, and faster. Therefore, if parents have been told.

Other child is struggling. It is a great, proactive reason. To visit a vision therapist. If they live in Edmonton. Or in the surrounding area, the vision therapist they can visit. Is it vision by design optometry.

Not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. Doing on exams, and getting glasses. And contact lenses for their clients. They also have vision therapists on staff. Not all optometrists are vision therapists.

They must go to school, for an additional degree. In order to be able to do this work. Therefore, parents should be very reassured. That having several vision therapists in Edmonton. Is great for their child.

The assessment will take anywhere between an hour. To an hour and a half. After which time, not only will the therapist. Have a diagnosis. But if they do have a vision syndrome. Such as amblyopia.

They will have put together. A lazy eye treatment Edmonton specifically for them. It may involve vision therapy, corrective lenses. Or a combination of the two. But parents should be reassured. That it is possible to resolve these symptoms for good.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | A Clear Vision

One of the most important things about a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Is that it can completely eliminate symptoms. However, in the rare cases. Where it does not.

And surgery is going to be needed. Vision therapists say. Patients who have first. Undergone vision therapy. Tend to have better success. And faster healing times. After surgery, then people who have not.

Vision therapy is very similar. To physiotherapy, according to the experts. It is similar in the fact that it is lead. By an experienced therapist. Who will guide the patient. Through exercises designed.

To strengthen the muscles. And rehabilitate that part of the body. However, while a physical therapist. Typically works on the body. Such as the arms, legs and trunk. A vision therapist deals specifically.

With the eyes, the I muscles. And the eye to brain connection. In the case of amblyopia. Vision therapists understand. That the lazy eye symptom. Is actually caused in the brain.

Because the brain is confused. About how to process visual information. From both retinas at the same time. The therapy will involve. Going over exercises. That train the brain. How to use the information.

That it does receive from both eyes. Often, therapists will use corrective lenses. To ensure that both eyes. Are seeing very similarly to each other. So that patients can have an easier time.

Training their brain. As well, the lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Will start off at the patient’s ability level. And as they progress. And strengthen their eye to brain connection. The level of difficulty can be increased.


Most patients will typically. Need to go through six months. To a year of lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Which is usually half-hour sessions. Once a week, in the vision therapist’s office.

However, more often than not. The therapist will ask. The patient to participate. In exercises at home. That they lovingly call homework. They usually ask the patient. To do certain exercises.

Approximately fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. People who are able. To get their homework in. Usually find that they can leave. There lazy eye treatment Edmonton. A few months sooner.

Then patients who do not. Do homework on their own at home. And in some rare cases. The vision syndrome. Is not able to be completely resolved. For these individuals, surgery can help.

However, it is usually considered a last resort. And not something. That vision therapists will suggest lightly. They do want to fix it. Through any means however. Simply because if amblyopia is not resolved.

The symptoms actually become permanent. And the child, is not able. To fix the problem once they have grown up. Therefore, parents should take this very seriously. And ensure that they get their child in for an assessment quickly.

Vision syndromes are incredibly common. And parents who are proactive. Can ensure that their children. Do not have to suffer. With vision problems for long.