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Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | See Clearly Today

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | See Clearly Today

Vision syndromes such as amblyopia require a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. But parents should not worry. Vision syndromes are incredibly common. In children, with 25%. Of children in Canada having a vision syndrome. At one point in their life.

While many people think. That vision syndromes are caused. By weaker eyes. Or eyes that are not functioning properly. Nothing could actually be further from the truth. Experts say that vision syndromes.

Are caused by a problem. In the brain, that has happened during the brains initial development. Before the child was even born. In some cases, children and adults can develop vision syndromes.

Usually from head injury, such as a concussion. However amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. Cannot be caused by concussions. And is usually. The only vision syndrome. That is only possible in childhood.

Many parents might assume. That their child will outgrow this vision syndrome. Which is a very dangerous assumption. According to experts, because amblyopia. Will actually become permanent.

If the problem is not fixed soon enough. As the brain continues struggling. It simply turns the vision off. To one eye. And once it has reached this point. The problem is irreversible. A lazy eye treatment Edmonton is needed sooner.

Many parents make the assumption. That if their child has a vision syndrome. Or if they are struggling to see. That their child will tell them. However, researchers have discovered. That children will not alert their parents to the fact.

That they are having trouble seeing. For the simple reason. That they have no idea. That the way they are seeing the world. Is not normal. They do not know anything else. And therefore, do not think. To draw attention to it.


As well, children are very good. A developing coping mechanisms. To hide the per fact that they are struggling. They often memorize where things are. So they do not have to use their vision.

And while these coping mechanisms. Work great at home. At school, there coping mechanisms start to fall apart. Because 80% of the learning. In a classroom setting is visually based.

Teachers are often the ones. To notice. That a child is struggling visually. They are also trained. What signs to watch for. That indicate the child may have a vision syndrome. These symptoms can include.

Not following along in a textbook. As the teacher reads aloud. Not paying attention to the teacher. As they give a lesson at the front of the room. Or closing their eyes, when they should be reading notes on a board.

This is because looking at things. Can cause irritation in their eye. They see blurry, or double vision. Which can be painful, gives them eyestrain. Because nausea, or even headaches.

When teachers see this behaviour. They alert parents, and suggest. That they get an assessment. Because the child may need lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

When parents are wondering where they should take their child. In order to get a diagnosis. And treatment. They should look no further than vision by design optometry clinic. Located in West of Edmonton, Alberta.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | A Better Vision

There are many different vision syndromes, such as amblyopia that requires a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. But no matter what vision syndromes people have. They will need to talk to. A vision therapist who specializes.

In vision syndromes. Not all optometrists. Have taken the additional education. In order to become a vision therapist. But all vision therapists start out as optometrists. This means they can do I exams.

But also do a comprehensive vision exam. These are two entirely different examinations. The eye exam. Takes about half an hour. And is designed to help the doctor understand. If the patient can see a static image clearly.

They will not test the patient’s ability. To track moving objects. Or if they have trouble reading from one word. To the next, or jump down to the next paragraph. Therefore, the eye exam will not tell them.

If the child has a vision syndrome. In fact, many children. It can have perfect eyesight. But also have a vision syndrome. Therefore, getting them in. For a vision exam. Is incredibly important.

It takes about three times longer. To undergo, taking anywhere between an hour. To an hour and a half in length. This extra time is to allow the therapist. The ability to make many measurements.

As well as utilize many different exercises. That they ask the patient to perform. In order to gain a complete understanding. Of exactly what is going on. In their eyes, and in their brain.

If they have amblyopia. That means they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, parents can rest easy. That this does not involve. Using an eyepatch, the way it did in the past..


Patching was used. When doctors thought lazy eyes. Were caused by week I muscles. And by patching the good I. Patients could strengthen their weaker I. And overcome their vision problems.

This was an extremely unpopular treatment. Especially in children. Who would fight having the eyepatch put on. Especially because it was ineffective at treating the overall problem.

And also, this treatment was usually. And inevitably abandoned by the parent. Who did not have the heart. To fight with their child every day. But because amblyopia is not caused by week I muscles.

Strengthening them. Did not make the person. Any more successful in seeing the visual world around them. Because amblyopia is caused. By a problem in the eye to brain connection.

This means the best lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Comes in the form of vision therapy. Which uses guided exercises. To train the eyes. To work as a team. And train the brain to accept the information.

It receives from both retinas. It is simply important. That parents undergo this treatment. With their child quickly. As children who do not. Get this problem solved in time.

Actually end up having the vision. And that troubled I turned off. Which lasts permanently says experts. To avoid that, parents should act quickly.