Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Professionals To Help Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Professionals To Help Vision Syndromes

If people have children they suspect have a vision syndrome and may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The best thing to do, would be to reach out to vision therapists.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

These are the professionals, will be best equipped. Not only to diagnose what vision syndrome a child has. That can help them overcome their problems. With the right treatment.

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eyes. Is the most common vision syndrome of childhood. Requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton in order to resolve. If parents do not get their child in to a therapist.

The child will not outgrow this syndrome. And will carry it with them into adulthood. Studies have even shown, that adults who have lazy eyes. Also known as an amblyopia. Have a much harder time healing them.

Therefore, if parents want to avoid. Their child never overcoming their vision syndrome. The best thing to do. Will take their child to a vision therapist. For comprehensive vision exam.

In fact, this is so important. That experts recommend. That people who do not suspect their child has a vision syndrome. Should still get a vision exam completed. Simply to rule this out.

While many parents actually find out. That their child does have a vision syndrome. Even though they did not suspect it at all. Therefore, when the child is about four or five years of age.


It should be routine, for the parent to bring them to a vision therapist. Vision therapists are optometrists that have continued their education. However, not all optometrists are vision therapists.

It makes finding the right professional a little bit more difficult. As parents are not able to simply call an optometrist clinic. And get access to this service. However, if the parents are in Edmonton.

This can be an easier process. Because all they have to do, is call vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange a comprehensive vision exam with one of their experts. Due to the specialized nature of this visit.

Parents are not able to email, or book this appointment on their website. However, a quick phone call later. Can get their child in, for this important examination. However, unlike a routine eye exam.

That is quick, and straightforward. Which is designed to figure out. If the child’s eyes are seeing clearly. The vision exam is lengthier. Taking approximately an hour, to an hour and a half to complete.

This will allow the vision therapist enough time. To make the many measurements. As well as do the exercises necessary. To find out what is going on not only in the child’s eyes.

But find out what is going on in the child’s brain, as this is often the cause of many vision syndromes. Once they have a diagnosis. They can tell the parent what lazy eye treatment in Edmonton they recommend.

And when they can get started, doing the vision therapy. That will help their child overcome their vision syndrome. And learn how to use their eyes effectively.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Professionals Able To Help Vision Syndromes

Parents should not worry, if they suspect their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because with vision therapists, finding the right treatment is easier than ever.

While the common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Many years ago, used to be placing a patch on the child’s strong eye. This is no longer used, as it is not effective at overcoming vision syndrome.

While it made the weaker I stronger. The problem with people who have amblyopia, which is the medical name for lazy eye. Is that they have a missing connection in the brain. That is causing the problem.

And a matter how strong they make the weaker I. It is not going to fix this connection in the brain. When people use their eyes, the retinas at the back of the eye. Carry visual information to the brainstem.

The brainstem then is tasked with the job. Ascending this information. To the various areas that need to use it. This is a monumental task. Because there are thirty-two centres of the brain dealing with vision.

And over three hundred connections that use vision in some way. And as long as a person is taking and visual information, with their eyes open. The brain needs to continually process this information.

In people who have amblyopia. The connection in the brain that allows it to process this information is missing. Therefore, the brain has a harder time processing the visual information. And in order to compensate.


The brain will turn off vision to one eye. The result is amblyopia, and while it makes it easier for the brain to process information. Makes it difficult for the child to use their eyes and visual skills.

Such as depth perception, and I tracking. Which is used for reading. Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Will be finding a vision therapist. To take the child is through a series of special exercises.

This is called vision therapy, and is considered like physiotherapy. However, for the eyes and not the body. By going through this process, on a weekly basis. A child can go from between half a year to one year.

A child can overcome the symptoms of their vision syndrome. And stop struggling, when it comes to tasks with their site. However, finding a vision therapist that can help will take a bit of research.

As not all optometrists can provide this service. However, parents who are located in and around the Edmonton area. Can benefit, because vision by design in Edmonton.

Not only is a full-service optometrist clinic. Offering standard eye exams, and prescription glasses and contact lenses. But they also have vision therapists on staff, that can help.

By making a quick phone call to the office. Parents can book their child in for this link the comprehensive vision exam. So that they can find out if their child does have a vision syndrome. And if so, if a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton can help them.