Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Parents Understanding Vision Therapy

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Parents Understanding Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an effective lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And in fact, can treat a wide variety of vision syndromes. As well as a wide variety of patients. From children to adults. No matter how severe are not their vision syndrome is.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Amblyopia, is the medical name for lazy eye. And is one of the most common vision syndromes of childhood. However, children are not the only ones who can suffer from this. Although the causes for each vision syndrome.

In adults, and children are completely different. In children, this was a problem that happened the vision syndrome was caused. During the brains initial development. For some reason, important connection was missed.

And in adults, they typically will have developed a vision syndrome. Like amblyopia. Following a brain injury, such as a concussion. In fact, many people may not even be aware.

That vision syndromes are so common as a results. Of a concussion, because of how extensive. The vision system is in the brain. There are thirty-two centres of the brain that centre around vision.

Because it is so complex . As well as three hundred connections in the brain. That deal with vision in some way. Which means, no matter what part of the brain. Gets damaged during a concussion.

There will be some part of the visual system in that part of the brain. Resulting, in people needing vision therapy, in order to resolve their issues. Amblyopia, is what people used to call lazy eye. Which would need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.


It was called lazy eye, because it appeared. As though the weaker eye, was simply not working hard. Which was what caused the vision syndrome in the first place. However, vision therapists now know.

That amblyopia is not caused by a weak eye. But rather a problem in the brain. That needs to be healed, using visual therapy. In order to understand why, people need to understand how the eye to brain connection works.

When people see things. Light carries visual information. Through the lens of their eye. To the back of their eye, where the retina exists. The retina is attached to the brainstem. And carries that visual information.

The brain, for processing. The brainstem is then responsible, for sending this visual information. The different centres of the brain that require it. Centre for recognizing faces.

For language, and for depth perception. In fact, the visual system is so complex. That there are thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal with vision. And three hundred connections that use vision.

No matter what part of the brain is injured. The vision system will have some connections there. Which is why it is very common. For a vision syndrome to occur following a brain injury.

In amblyopia specifically. The brain has a hard time. Processing this vast amount of visual information. Therefore, in order to make its job easier. And be successful in processing the vast amounts of information.

The brain simply turns off vision to one eye. The best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Utilizes vision therapist. Teaching exercises to the patient. That can help train the brain. How to use that visual information it receives from both eyes.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Parents Should Learn About Vision Therapy

It is quite common that children will need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. To overcome a vision syndrome. Especially if they are struggling in school. Unfortunately, many parents or teachers and up thinking.

The child has ADHD. Because the symptoms they exhibit. Such as avoiding paying attention in class. Refusing to do their homework. And not reading quietly at their desk. Are all indicators that they are unable to focus.

Or unable to pay attention. And they get diagnosed as having ADHD. While the true culprits, is a vision syndrome. And the child is simply avoiding. The activities that cause them eye irritation, or headaches.

If they have a vision syndrome, such as amblyopia. And need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Reading can cause significant eyestrain. Or, eye fatigue and headaches. A great method that parents can use.

To determine if the child is more likely to have a vision syndrome. Is to read them a story out loud. If they are more likely to pay attention to a story that is being read to them. Rather than something that they have to read on their own.

Chances are quite good. That they do not have ADHD. But instead, have a problem with their visual system. Even if the child has already received a diagnosis. Of having ADHD. Vision therapists recommend.


Bringing the child in to a vision therapist’s office. In order to get a comprehensive vision exam. More in-depth than a standard eye exam. Used to determine if someone has perfect vision or not.

A vision exam. Is approximately an hour and a half long. Which is the required time. For the vision therapist to do the many measurements. And get the patient form many exercises.

That will help them determine. Whether the child has a vision syndrome or not. If they do, which one they have. And how severe it is. So they can put together the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for each child.

Once they have that diagnosis. The child can come back into the vision therapist’s office. Once a week for their specially customized treatments. They will be guided through a series of exercises.

That will help teach the child. How to use both of their eyes at the same time. And then help teach the brain, how to use the information. That it receives from both eyes. This is not an instant process.

Most patients will come once a week. For vision therapy, for just under a year. And people who have less severe cases. Will need to come in for lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. For fewer times.

And those that have a more severe cases. May need additional treatments. If parents would like more information. They can talk to the vision therapist’s at vision by design in Edmonton.