Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Vision Syndromes

There are many vision syndromes, that need help such as amblyopia that requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The reason why it is important for parents to discover this in their child early on.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Is because vision syndromes that are untreated. Can actually become permanent with time. For example, strabismus. Is a condition where a patient’s I is rotated.

And over time, if this vision syndrome is not corrected. The brain will simply turn the vision off to that I permanently. In the case of lazy eye, also known as amblyopia. This is caused by a damaged eye brain connection.

And while this connection was likely broken, or not completed. During the brain’s initial development. When the child was in the womb. Because of the brain’s incredible ability to heal.

Due to its neuro- plastic nature. Vision therapists are able to treat amblyopia. And train the brain. In correcting that connection. However, this is not an overnight solution.

In order to get this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents must take their child to the vision therapist. So that they can get a comprehensive vision exam. This is a lengthy process.

An extremely different than a routine eye exam. That are given out by optometrists. In order to find how well a person is able to see. A vision exam. Will have many different parts. With the vision therapist taking the measurements.


And utilizing a wide variety of exercises. In order to determine. Exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. At the end of the examination. The vision therapist will come up with a diagnosis.

And if the result is amblyopia. They will also have an effective lazy I treatment in Edmonton for the patient. This typically will involve two different parts. The first part, is corrective lenses.

They will prescribe glasses. That are designed to make the weaker I stronger. And the strong eye just a little bit less strong. This will even the playing field. And allow both eyes to see almost exactly the same.

That way, the visual information that both eyes are sending to the brain. Will be very similar in nature. In order to minimize any confusion that the brain will have. In processing this information.

The next step will be taking the child through a series of exercises. Called vision therapy. Vision therapy is often referred to as physiotherapy, but for the eyes. And the first step in this vision therapy.

Will be training the child how to use both of their eyes at the same time. Since this is likely to be the first time in the child’s life. That they are using both of the eyes at the same time.

The parent is concerned that their child has amblyopia. And are looking for treatments. The first place they should call is vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange a comprehensive vision exam.

It will be able to find out what is the official diagnosis is. And start a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton right away. That can help the child overcome their vision syndrome. And their obstacles, they are facing.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping People Overcome Vision Syndromes

If parents are noticing that their child is struggling in school or sports, the answer may be a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. A common vision syndrome is amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome.

This is where a child will have difficulty. Using both of their eyes. And the weaker I, will not be pointed in the same direction. As the strong eye. A common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

That used to be used for this, was putting an eyepatch. On the stronger I. In order to force the weaker I to get stronger. The idea, was once both eyes were strong. The child would no longer struggle to see.

Unfortunately, this is an ineffective treatment for lazy eye, or amblyopia. Simply because the problem is not with the eye itself. But rather, in the eye brain connection.

What causes this particular vision syndrome. Is a missed connection in the brain. When it comes to processing the visual information. How the eyes and brain work together.

Is the eyes will see objects. And the image will land on the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina is responsible for carrying this visual information to the brain for processing.


However, at this stage, if a child has amblyopia. This is where the problem occurs. The brain, missing a connection. On how to deal with the visual information. Gets confused on how to process this information.

Therefore, in order to minimize the brain’s confusion. And get rid of half of the information processing it is required. The brain will turn off the vision to one of the eyes. In order to have an easier time processing the information.

People should consider how massive this job is for the brain. There are thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with vision. And three hundred connections in the brain related in some way to the vision system.

When there is a problem with this eye brain connection. And the brain turns off vision to one eye. The eye that has been turned off now becomes the lazy eye. And the brain longer struggles to process the information.

Therefore, when people put a patch on the strong eye. While they are making the lazy eye stronger. They are not fixing the problem. Because there is still a missed connection in the brain.

This is where finding a vision therapist. To help the child go through vision therapy. Will be the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Helping children overcome this syndrome. By training the brain, how to use the information from both eyes effectively.

If parents are concerned that their child may have lazy eye or amblyopia. And need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The best thing to do, would be to call vision by design in Edmonton. And get a comprehensive vision exam can diagnose their problems.