Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Vision Problems

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Vision Problems With Therapy

Not all vision system problems are the same, one may require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because the child will need to learn how to use both of their eyes together.

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While another treatment is all about helping children use their muscles without pain. The reason why there are so many different treatments. Is because the visual system is extraordinarily complex.

And many different visual skills require a variety of different motions and movements. For example, reading uses many different eye motions. From having to see clearly.

People will need to focus on words close up. And then have to move very quickly to the next word, and then focus again. Then follow that line of text all the way to the end.

When they reached the end of that line, they are going to need to be able to jump down one line. And start at the opposite end. In order to read an entire paragraph.

And this requires many different visual skills and muscles. And if one visual system is not functioning perfectly with the child. They may find it very difficult to learn, particularly in a classroom setting.

Therefore, just because a child gets perfect vision and their eye exam. Does not mean that they are also not experiencing other problems. Such as with other aspects of their visual system.

And while they might need something simple, like the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another visual system treatment. Figuring out that this is what is going on with the child is only but harder.


The one reason why it is hard, because children are not going to articulate if they are having problems. Partly because the symptoms that they are experiencing, such as eye fatigue, muscle pain. Or blurred vision.

Is how they have always viewed the world. And do not know that anything else is how it should be. Therefore, rather than complaining about their symptoms. It will typically be avoiding certain behaviours that cause them discomfort or pain.

Therefore, parents as well as teachers should be aware of avoidance. Such as avoiding reading for other their work. Or having a complete lack of attention will tasks.

Not because they do not care, because they are trying to get the task done. In a way that does not cause them discomfort or pain. And the biggest problem with children who have vision system problems.

Is that the behaviours that they exhibit, typically have people assume that they have ADD or ADHD. Or that they have oppositional defiance disorder. When this is not a problem at all.

But because they are avoiding schoolwork, requested needing on assignments. And not paying attention in class. Will have them getting this diagnosis. Therefore, before they start treating any of these issues.

A great recommendation to all parents. Is to bring their child in to an optometrist. For a I examination, where they will share the potential diagnosis with the optometrist.

The right diagnosis will help them get the right treatment. Whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they need treatment for light tracking, accommodative issues or something else.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Vision Problems

When children have a vision system problem, whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they have an accommodative issue or convergence insufficiency.

The first right step is getting diagnosed. Which can be very difficult. For many different reasons. The first reason why it is hard to get visual system diagnosis in a child.

Is because they may in fact have perfect vision. And when they have perfect vision, parents may often think. That it is impossible that they would have a problem with their vision.

However, the visual system is very complex. And 80% of learning in a classroom is visual. And if any aspect of the visual system is not functioning perfectly.

Children may have problems reading as well as doing other near work. And parents are none the wiser, thinking everything is fine with their child. Because they have perfect eyesight.

And when children are struggling with their visual system. They do not have the ability to articulate what is causing them problems. Most significantly. Because they do not realize that anything is wrong.

Whether they have a lazy eye. And need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they have a convergence issue, and have a hard time focusing. Because all they see is blurred text.

Or if they have an accommodative issue. Which causes them pain to focus on things up close. They do not realize that this is not typical. And in fact, do not consider that there is another way that they can be.


And if a child does in fact need a treatment, such as a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or they need to learn how to overcome their accommodative issue. Or learn how to track moving objects.

It is not going to come from them specifying that they have a problem with these tasks. So it is up to the parents as well as the child’s teacher. To interpret their behaviour correctly.

Unfortunately, the behaviour that children are exhibiting when it comes to a problem with their visual system. Is typically avoidance. Which can come across as not concentrating or paying attention.

Or procrastination on the schoolwork and assignments. And these behaviours can often be mistaken for ADD and ADHD. As well as oppositional defiance disorder. However these are not to blame in these circumstances.

For example, when people have a convergence insufficiency. They lack the ability to focus their eyes on things that are close up. Or they can focus on them very briefly.

And the irritation that they are caused when it goes from in focus to out of focus very quickly. Will cause them to avoid these tasks. And while that might look like they cannot concentrate.

If they can concentrate on things that are auditory, and not visual. This is a good indication that they need visual system problem fixed. And they should make an appointment for their eye doctor.

To get the right treatment. Whether it is for a convergence insufficiency. An accommodative issue. Or if they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.