Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Issues From Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Issues From Amblyopia

Patients who have amblyopia, require a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And they require this, before they grow into adults. Otherwise, their vision syndrome may be permanent.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Amblyopia, is the medical name for lazy eye. And people who have this common vision syndrome. Struggle, whether it is in school. Or moving their body around their environment.

What happens, and patients who have lazy eye syndrome. Is that their brain has turned off vision. One of their eyes. In order to be less confused, when processing the visual information it receives.

There is a significant amount of visual information. That people are processing the entire day. Whenever their eyes are open, they are taking in the visual world. And using that information, in a variety of ways.

There are using it, to help them navigate through the world. Judging where the ground is, any obstacles that they must navigate around. Oncoming traffic, people or animals. Whether they are walking, or riding a bike for example.

People will also use vision, in their communication. Watching cues from other people. Judging their reactions, based on what their face, eyebrows and mouth are doing. People are using visual information.

In order to read passages, a classroom setting. Particularly, when the teacher is teaching at the front of the class. In fact, this is such a complex job. That they are thirty-two centres of the brain that utilize vision.


And three hundred connections, that require some form of visual information. It is not just receiving this information once. The brain receives information from each eye independently. Through the retinas, to the brainstem.

People who have amblyopia, and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Have a problem in the eye to brain connection. For some reason, the brain is confused. About the amount of information it receives.

And to make its job easier. The brain simply cuts the information a processes in half. By turning off vision to one of the eyes. This eye becomes weaker, and is not used. Which is where the name, lazy eye comes from.

It is not because the eye is lazy at all. Because the brain has arranged it to not be useful. Because of the damaged, missing connection in the brain. Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Is not simply putting a patch on the good I. In order to strengthen the so-called lazy eye. Which was once a treatment that was widely used for this vision syndrome. But instead, doctors and vision therapists.

Now know, that they must heal the eye and brain connection. And they can do that, through process called vision therapy. This is very similar to physiotherapy. Where it works out the eyes, instead of the body.

And with weekly sessions, most patients are able to resolve their symptoms. Just under a year. When parents are concerned that their child has amblyopia. And they need an assessment, they should bring their child to vision by design in Edmonton. For a comprehensive vision exam.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Amblyopia

People who need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Have a vision syndrome, called amblyopia. Also known as lazy eye. However, this is quite the misnomer. Because it is not caused by a lazy eye at all.

It is caused instead, with damaged connections in the brain. That likely happened during the brains initial development. While many parents assume, that their child will come to them.

To tell them that they are having trouble seeing. Or that they are struggling to read in school. Experts say children will not tell their parents anything. Not because they are trying to hide their vision syndrome.

But simply because, the difficulties that the child has. They will have experienced their entire life. And therefore, think that how they see the world. Is normal. Therefore, they typically use called avoidance techniques.

To avoid doing the activities. That cause them the most eye irritation. Or I fatigue, or even pain. In a classroom setting, it may appear. As of the child is having trouble concentrating or paying attention.

And many children who actually need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Our diagnosed as having ADHD. Therefore, it is a good idea. That if parents, teachers suspect. That the child has this neurodevelopment disorder.

That they take them to a vision therapist as a cautionary measure. In order to find out. If they may be suffering from a vision syndrome instead. And if they are not, then the diagnosis of ADHD is more likely more accurate.


When they do get the right diagnosis. And they are found to have amblyopia. The best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is to work directly with a vision therapist.

Going through several exercises. That will help the child learn how to use both of their eyes at the same time. As well as help train the brain through these exercises. How to use the information it receives.

From both of the eyes at the same time. Most patients can resolve symptoms in just under a year. In half-hour sessions, at their vision therapist’s office. However, if they are interested. In progressing faster through their treatments.

Vision therapists advise their patients. To do some homework. Which is doing additional exercises. In the comfort of their own home. Approximately fifteen minutes a day, five days a week.

Why this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton is so effective. Is because it actually addresses the problem. Which is damaged and missing connections in the brain. And through the brain’s amazing neuro- plasticity.

They can heal the damage, that was likely caused. When the brain was in its earliest development. While the child was still in their mother’s womb. And parents would like more information.

On amblyopia, or getting their child in. For comprehensive vision exam. They can contact vision by design in Edmonton. Because not only are they a full-service optometrist clinic. They also have several vision therapists on staff. That can perform the vision exam. As well as diagnose, and treat amblyopia.