Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Common Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Common Vision Syndromes

Many parents may not understand that their child may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. If they are avoiding doing schoolwork and homework. Instead, they often think that their child is being lazy.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

They are being defiant, or they are having a hard time concentrating. And children often get diagnosed. With a neurodevelopment disorder. Such as ADHD.

When they actually have a problem with their eye brain connection. And would benefit from getting a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton instead.

While neurodevelopment disorders, such as ADHD. Are the most common neurodevelopment disorder in childhood. One in four children also have a vision syndrome.

Therefore, before parents start treating a child. The suspected to have ADHD. They should visit a vision therapist. In order to get a comprehensive vision exam. That could potentially rule out ADHD.

What the vision exam consists of. Is a certified vision therapist. Which is an optometrist, with additional education. Taking many measurements. And performing many tests.

In order to find out, if the child has a vision syndrome. If so, which one. And the degree of severity. So that they can come up with the right treatment. If they find that the child has amblyopia.

They will put together a comprehensive lazy I treatment in Edmonton. Designed to help both eyes see clearly. And then, exercises that will help the child. Train their eyes to work together.


And then, exercises that will help the child. Train their brain, to use visual information. From both eyes at the same time. Many parents may have remembered, from their childhood. That the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Used to be, putting a patch over the patient’s strong eye. In order to force the weaker I to become stronger. And while this worked in theory. The problem is in the eye to brain connection.

And not in the eye itself. Therefore, once people were done with the terrible patching process. They would remove the patch. Only to find, that the child still had trouble processing the visual information.

Parents do not have to worry about this problem any longer. Because the vision therapy that their child will undergo. Is not difficult, or hard. And for the most part, many children think that it is fun games.

If they do have amblyopia, and need a treatment. They typically will get prescription glasses. That will have extremely strong prescription in the weaker I.

And a weaker prescription in the strong eye. So that both eyes can see similarly to each other. It makes it more easy. For the vision therapist. To train the child how to use both eyes at the same time.

If parents would like more information. About amblyopia, lazy I treatment in Edmonton. Or other vision syndromes. All they have to do. Is call vision by design in Edmonton.

They will be able to either set up a complementary consultation. With a qualified vision therapist. Or, simply schedule a vision exam. And find out exactly what is going on with their child’s vision.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Overcoming Vision Syndromes

Parents do not need to worry, that if their child is diagnosed with having amblyopia, that the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That their child needs to undergo is patching. Patching is now known to be ineffective. Because the problem is not what people once thought.

That the eye was being lazy. And simply needed to be made stronger. Therefore, putting a patch on the strong eye. Would force the weaker I to be used more. Causing the weaker I to become stronger.

People who have amblyopia, have a lazy eye. Because the brain has turned off vision to that I. In order to process visual information more efficiently. There is a disconnect in the eye to brain connection.

And in order for people to use the visual information. The eyes will use the retinas, to send that visual information. To the brain, and then the brain is responsible. For sending that visual information.

The various centres, or connections. That need to use it. Vision is used in a vast majority of activities. From communication, to moving in the world. Such as walking, riding a bike. As well as reading, such as in a school.

There are so many activities. That there are dozens of centres of the brain. That use visual information. And hundreds of connections. That use some aspect of vision.

And as long as a person has their eyes open. And processing visual information. The brain is constantly having to deal with this information. For people who have amblyopia, or lazy eye syndrome.


The brain is having a hard time processing this much visual information. And in order to make the brain’s job easier. It simply turns off the information to one eye. And then only has half the information to process.

However, while this is a solution for the brain. It is not a solution for the patient. Who will lose visual skills in the process. Such as losing their depth perception. As well as losing their ability.

To track moving objects. And use tracking skills. That is needed for reading sentences and paragraphs. While many parents might think that the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that they can use.

Is simply allowing their child to outgrow this vision syndrome. They first need to understand. That this is not something that their child will outgrow. And the longer they wait, the more difficult it is going to be.

To train their body. To use both of the eyes at the same time. Causing patients to permanently lose vision in that I. Therefore, the sooner parents can find a vision therapist. The sooner they are going to be able to help their child.

While many parents might think. That their child is being lazy. When they refuse to do homework. Or they failed to pay attention in class. Those are telltale signs.

And get the treatment that can help them succeed. That they should find the right vision therapist. To find the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And call vision by design in Edmonton today.