Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Issues With Vision At School

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Issues With Vision At School

Sometimes, parents hear that their child needs lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The child’s teacher, once they start school. The reason why, is because. 80% of classroom learning. Is visually based.

From reading, writing. Following along with a lesson. Almost everything that a child does. In a classroom, requires their eyesight. Which means if they have had a vision syndrome. Such as amblyopia, also known as.

Lazy eye syndrome. They are more likely to be discovered. And classroom, when they start struggling. Then they would at home. Where they are able. To develop coping mechanisms. That often hide the fact. That they are struggling.

Many vision therapists here. From parents of children. With vision syndromes. That they assumed the child. Would tell them that they are having vision problems. However, this does not happen.

Simply because the way. The child sees the world. Whether it is blurred, double vision. Or another type of problem. The child is unaware. That the way they are viewing the world. Is not typical, or normal.

Therefore, they have no idea. That they need to alert their parents. To the fact that the way they see the world. Is troublesome. They often develop coping mechanisms. Such as focusing with one eye closed.

Squinting, tilting their head. Or simply committing things. To memory, such as where things. In the home are located. However, these coping mechanisms. Start to fall apart. Once they go to school.

They have to read from a book. Read from a board at the front of the classroom. Follow along with the teacher giving lessons. And a lot of the coping mechanisms they have developed.


No longer work, and the child starts struggling. In school. The teacher is also talked. To look for signs. That the child may need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

As well, understanding the difference. Between a child who may have a vision syndrome. And a child who they have ADHD. Simply because the symptoms, are often very similar to each other.

Parents also need not worry, that their child. Will need to where an eyepatch. Because while patching was very common. About twenty years ago. The problem with patching. Is while it made the weaker eye stronger.

It did not help the child. See the world correctly. Because the problem is not in week eye muscles. But rather, a problem. With the eye to brain connection. Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

Involves going to a vision therapist. Which is a lot like a physiotherapist. But for the eyes, and not the body. They will lead the child. Through a series of exercises each week. Often, with the aid of corrective lenses.

Most children can eliminate. Their vision syndromes, with about a year. Of vision therapy. If parents would like to get their child assessed. By qualified vision therapist. All they have to do is reach out.

To vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton, in the Collingwood area. By making an appointment over the phone. They can bring themselves. Peace of mind with a diagnosis.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Students See Clearly

Many people are not aware that their child may need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Although one in four children. Or, 25%. Will have a vision syndrome at one point in their life or another.

Contrary to what many people believe. That vision syndromes. Are problem with the eye. Vision therapists actually no. That they are problems. With the eye to brain connection.

In order to understand how this works. People need to learn, how the eyes. And the brain work together. To see the visual world. Light carries visual information. To a person’s eyes.

Entering into the eyes, through the lens at the front of the eye. Called the cornea. And landing at the back of their eyes. Here, a part of the eye called the retina. Carries this visual information. From the eyes, to the brainstem.

The brainstem is then required. To organize, or sort. This visual information. By sending it to the places in the brain. That need it, for whatever function. There are thirty-two centres of the brain.

That deal specifically with vision. And an overwhelming three hundred connections. That deal with vision, in a secondary way. Therefore, children with vision syndromes. Need an effective lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

That will help fix the eye to brain connection. In amblyopia. Which is the medical name for lazy eye. The problem with the eye to brain connection. Is the fact that the brain is unable.

To properly sort the vast amount. Of visual information it is receiving. Therefore, to make its job easier. And do a better job. Of sorting visual information. The brain simply turns vision off.


To one eye, so that it only has. Half the visual information. That it is responsible to sort. Many parents may be worried. About why their child has a vision syndrome. And why they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

However, vision therapists reassure parents. That it is not their faults. And it is nothing that they did. Vision syndromes start. As a neurodevelopmental disorder. In the child’s brain, before they are born.

The first thing that parents need. Is to get their child properly assessed. Many parents assume. That if they had their child. For a routine eye exam. The optometrist should have. Picked up on any vision syndromes.

But this is not the case. Most vision syndromes. Become apparent, when looking at. The child’s visual skills. Such as tracking moving information. And switching from close up vision.

Two far away vision. Since standard eye exams. Do not deal with visual skills. And only assess if a child. Can see clearly, items that are stationary. Most routine eye exams. Will not pick up on vision syndromes.

Coming into vision by design optometry. Is a great place to start. Because they have vision therapists. Who can diagnose, and then treat. A wide variety of vision syndromes, in all their patients.