Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapy Works

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapy Works

Vision therapy can be incredibly beneficial, if a child needs lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have amblyopia. Or any other vision syndrome. Such as strabismus, for an example.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

In therapy, is compared to physiotherapy. But done for the eyes, instead of for the body. This is done by an accredited vision therapist. In half-hour, weekly sessions.

However, before they can start the correct treatment. Such as lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or cross I treatment, the first step. Would be to call get a complementary consultation.

With that vision therapists. Or simply schedule a vision exam. Which is more thorough, and takes more time. And then a routine vision exam. A vision exam is designed to find out. Whether a person has twenty twenty vision.

Whereas a vision exam is designed. To find out, if a person has a vision syndrome. Such as lazy eyes, or cross eyes. Typically, it is children that suffer from this syndrome. Rather than adults.

Unless the adults has had an accident or injury in the past. And while many parents will assume. That if their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That their child will say that they are having trouble seeing things.

This is not the case at all. In fact, children are not going to tell their parents. That they are having trouble seeing. For the simple fact of the matter is. The way they see words on a page. And the world in general.


Is their normal, and how they have always seen words, and the world. Therefore, rather than say hey, I am having trouble seeing. They just assume that how things appear to them.

Is how they appear to everybody. And that causes them irritation or fatigue. To try and read, or study. Including paying attention to a lesson in a classroom setting. In fact, 80% of the learning in a classroom.

It is visual, and so if a child has a vision syndrome. Or if they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Then they are going to have significant difficulties. Paying attention, and learning in a classroom.

In fact, many children who need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Are going to appear as though they are not paying attention in class. The fact of the matter is, they want to pay attention.

However, they try, and find that it is difficult. To pay attention. Because it either cause them headaches, I fatigue. As well as irritation, and so therefore they are not paying attention.

Parents and teachers may assume that they are having trouble concentrating. And label them as having ADHD. Even getting diagnosed as having ADHD. When they actually have a vision syndrome and not a neurodevelopment disorder.

Parents can be proactive. And when their child gets to a certain age. Simply get them into a vision therapist. In order to get a comprehensive vision exam. So that they can find out, before they start struggling in school. If they need treatment. To proceed a vision syndrome treatment.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Understanding How Vision Therapy Works

Vision there is important, whether a patient needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they have strabismus. And unlike what many people assume. A vision syndrome is not caused by a problem in the eyes.

Rather, a problem in the eye to brain connection. In order to understand. People should understand. How the eyes work. In conjunction with the brain, in order to see, and use visual information.

When people use their eyes. The information passes into them through light. And the images, land on the back of the eye, called the retina. The retina contains nerves is connected directly to the brain.

Where it will be processed. And send to the various centres, that the use the information. This is a very complex task. That happens constantly, as long as patients people have their eyes open. And are taking in visual information.

In people with vision syndromes. And need things like lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. There is a disconnect from the retina, to the brain. Which is what is causing the vision syndromes.

Such as blurred vision, double vision. And problems seeing the visual world around them. And chances are, if a child has a vision syndrome. That is undiagnosed, they are struggling significantly school.

Seeing as how 80% of the learning done in a classroom setting. Is visual. Everything from a child reading, to walking through the world. And even communicating just name a few things.


Require a lot of processing from the retinas, into the brain. In order to use that visual information. In fact, there are thirty-two centres of the brain. That deal with vision. And over three hundred connections.

That use visual information. Therefore, people with vision syndromes. Have a problem with their brain processing the visual information. And lazy eye syndrome, particularly. The brain has such a problem.

Processing the information. It receives from both of the eyes retinas. That it simply turns off vision to one of the eyes. This can be fixed, if caught in early enough childhood.

Which is why, parents who are either concerned. That their child is struggling in school. And wanting to find out why. Or, if they want to be proactive. And find out if they have a vision syndrome.

It has not started causing them problems in school yet. They will be able to contact a vision therapist. Such as the professionals at vision by design in Edmonton. And arrange a complementary consultation.

Or, simply arrange to get a comprehensive vision exam. It will take about an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to allow the vision therapist enough time. To do all the measurements and tests necessary.

But being able to find out if their child has a vision syndrome, and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Early on in their life. Is going to be incredibly beneficial. To help them start excelling in school and life.