Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapists Help

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapists Help

Vision therapists are used, to help people overcome vision syndromes, such as amblyopia with lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In fact, for every vision syndrome people may have. They will have an effective treatment. No matter how severe, or not there vision syndrome may be.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

One thing that people need to understand. Is that vision syndromes, occur mostly in the brain. And not in the eyes, like people had previously thought. As well, it is also important for people to know.

That even if they have had a standard eye exam. That has shown, that they have twenty twenty vision. This does not necessarily mean, that they have no vision syndromes. The reason why, is because of visual skills.

When someone goes to the optometrist. In order to find out if they have perfect vision. Or if they need corrective lenses. But they will find out. Is if someone can see, and image clearly. Several feet in front of them.

What it does not determine. Is if people have a hard time following moving objects. Or reading a sentence, following one word to the next. On an entire line of text.

It does not help figure out. If they see blurred, or double vision during specific scenarios. Therefore, it is actually quite common. For people to either have twenty twenty vision. Or, get there needed to corrective lenses.

And never know, that they have a vision syndrome. That is why vision therapists are so important. Because they can do what is called a vision exam. Which is much more in-depth, then the routine eye exam.


During this in-depth examination. The vision therapist will do many measurements. And perform many tests, and exercises. In order to find out specifically. If someone has a vision syndrome.

If so, which one. How severe it is, and what treatment is going to be the most beneficial. For example, they might have strabismus, which is cross eyed syndrome. Or amblyopia which requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

But no matter what they find. They will be able to put together an effective treatment. That will help patients overcome their vision syndrome. In sessions, called vision therapy.

What vision therapy is, is quite similar to physiotherapy. However, instead of doing exercises with the body. Patients learn exercises for their eyes and visual system. For people who need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

The vision therapist is going to prescribe corrective lenses. In order to make the weaker I as strong as possible. And then help the strong eye be a little bit less strong than it was before.

In this evens the playing field, so to speak. And makes it easier. For the patient to learn through these guided exercises. During vision therapy. How to use both of their eyes at the same time.

And then, go through exercises. Designed to help train their brain, how to use the information. It receives from both eyes at the same time. If people would like more information about vision therapy. They can contact the experts at vision by design in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapists Help Patients See

Whether a patient needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have amblyopia. Or if they have strabismus, or many other vision syndromes. They are going to need a vision therapist.

Vision therapists are in fact, much more common. Then many people may realize. With one in four children having a vision problem. And while many parents might make the assumption.

That their child will outgrow vision syndromes. As they age, and their brain matures. This is unfortunately not the case. If they do not get the right treatment, such as lazy I treatment in Edmonton.

By the time they are in adults. It may be impossible to treat this vision syndrome. Or, to completely resolve the symptoms. Therefore, many parents find it beneficial. To take their child to a vision therapist.

Proactively, for a vision examination. That can either diagnose, or rule out. Vision syndrome, before their child gets frustrated during school. This can be incredibly beneficial.

But it is not just children that suffer from a vision syndrome. People can get a concussion. Which is a brain injury. And since concussions can happen virtually anywhere in the brain.

It is actually common, for people to injure part of their visual system. In the brain, during this concussion. Therefore, in order to eliminate their concussion symptoms.


They often need to find a vision therapist. To go through the right treatment, whatever that may be. They might have developed amblyopia, requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

They might have developed strabismus. Or a wide variety of other vision syndromes. And the only way they will specifically heal that part of the brain. Is if they get a vision therapist. To go through vision therapy with them.

The vision therapy, can consist of many different things. From corrective lenses. That have strong prescriptions in them. Or, ends is that have prisms, or tints. That can help their specific vision syndrome.

As well as going through specific visual exercises. That are designed to help train the eyes. To work together. As well as train the brain, how it should be reacting to this visual information it receives.

Whether someone needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or something else. The vision therapy sessions. Will approximately take half an hour, every week. And most patients will find a symptom resolution.

In just under a year. As well, if they are interested in progressing faster. Through their vision therapy sessions. Or, ensure that they do not have to go to additional vision therapy sessions.

They can do specific exercises. That their therapist recommends they do. For fifteen minutes a day, five days a week at home. Anyone who suspects that they, or loved one has a vision syndrome.

Can actually schedule an appointment for an a vision exam. Or complementary consultation. Simply by reaching out to vision by design in Edmonton.