Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Problems Affect Children

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Problems Affect Children

When parents discover that their child has a lazy eye and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton, or other visual problem, it vision problems are not as obvious as parents think. And their child can have a visual problem even when they have perfect vision.

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And while parents are going to assume that if their child has a visual problem. They will either mention that they have difficulties. Or they will see that the child is struggling and will get them the help they need.

Whether they need lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another treatment that can help them. Unfortunately, visual problems in children are not as obvious to diagnose as parents assume.

In fact, children that have visual problems. Often present those problems as behavioural in nature. Which often get them diagnosed as being defiant, or have ADD or ADHD.

This is because children that have visual problems. They avoid doing the close-up work that is hard or bothersome. Such as reading, or homework and assignments.

And where parents assume that their child is going to say that they have trouble seeing or reading. This is not the case, because they often assume that because this is how they have always viewed things.

That this is normal, and they do not think to say that they are struggling. They just assume that they are bad of it, and refuse to do the things that are difficult.

And what makes it even worse, is if parents have had their child’s eyes examined. And they have perfect vision. It may not even cross their mind. That their problem could be visual in nature.


And another misconception. Is that the only visual problems that their child might have. Other than not having perfect vision is having a lazy eye. Which would be requiring them to find a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

However, there can be many other visual problems. Other than not having perfect eyesight. Such as I tracking issue, accommodative issue. As well as convergence insufficiency, which is the most common visual problem in children.

Therefore, when parents notice that their child is avoiding doing homework. Or not paying attention in class, when they should be reading or working on assignments. Or if their child gets frustrated doing near work.

This could all point to a visual problem that needs diagnosing. And with the right diagnosis, they can find the right treatment. Whether they need lazy eye treatment. Or a convergence insufficiency treatment.

When they do suspect that their child has a visual problem. Their next step is to book an appointment at their optometrist, such as vision by design optometry. The reason why they should make an appointment here.

Is because not only will they use tests during the routine eye exam. To look for visual problems. But also, because they have a vision therapist on staff. That if the child does have problems with their visual system.

The vision therapist can be pulled in immediately. Which will allow them to get the right diagnosis. And consequently, the right treatment quickly.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems Can Affect Learning

Often, when parents here visual problems, they assume their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. But there are actually many other visual problems that their child could have.

In fact, the visual system is an extremely complex system. And if one aspect of the visual system is not functioning perfectly. That can result in a child having many issues With their vision.

And while some parents make the assumption. That if their child has perfect vision. They cannot have other problems such as having a lazy eye for example. Requiring in a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Because they assume that perfect vision, precludes having other visual problems. But this is not the case. When children have perfect vision, they can see clearly. But this does not mean that they can track movement easily.

Or it might mean that they cannot hold that focus close up. For a long enough time, to read a sentence or even a paragraph. Or they can focus, but it causes them physical pain because their eye muscles are underdeveloped.

When these are the problems, it points to a visual system problem. That can get treated, just like a lazy eye. Can utilize a lazy eye treatment. However getting the right diagnosis is important first.

And since children with problems with their visual system. Typically avoid the activities that cause them discomfort or pain. Therefore, rather than looking like they have a visual problem.


Parents and teachers might notice that they avoid doing homework or schoolwork. Or will not study for any length of time. Which could have them being diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD.

Or having defiant oppositional disorder. When it is actually a visual system problem. And therefore, visual system treatment that is needed to help the child.

Another indication that could point to their child needing to see vision therapist. Because they have a problem with their visual system. Is when they clumsy, especially in sports.

One problem that children might have is an eye tracking issue. Which means they have a hard time following objects in motion. Therefore, playing sports may be very difficult for many reasons.

They would have a hard time following where the ball is going. Or how fast it is moving. Or have a hard time understanding how people are moving. Therefore, they could drop the ball, or not run in the right direction.

Rather than assuming their child is clumsy, and not good sports. Their child could have a visual problem. And parents simply need to bring their child in to vision by design for an eye exam. And share with the optometrist their concerns.

And they will do an examination, while doing some testing for visual problems. And if it looks like their child has problems with their visual system. They can bring the child back in for more diagnostic tests. That can find out if they do need something like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or if they have another problem that is easily treated.