Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Parents Can Help Their Children

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Parents Can Help Their Children

Many parents who suspect that their child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They put off getting their child properly diagnosed for many different reasons. First of all, they make the assumption.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

That they will be able to outgrow their lazy eye. Also known medically, as amblyopia. However, their child will not outgrow this condition. And in fact, it can cause permanent damage.

If they do not get this particular vision syndrome fix. While they are still a child. What happens, with untreated amblyopia. Is that the brain, will eventually get tired. Of trying to process visual information.

And will turn off vision to the so-called lazy eye. Therefore, fixing this problem. Is difficult, if not impossible. Once the child grows into being in adults. However, the reason why people assume.

That their child will outgrow this. Is because as the brain turns off vision. To their lazy eye. The child will stop seeing double, and stop struggling. In many ways. However, that is because they are no longer using one eye.

And they will lose important visual skills. Such as eye tracking. Which is needed for reading, and following moving objects. As well as lose depth perception, that can make the child clumsy even in adulthood.

Therefore, parents think that the child will outgrow it. But also, may remember back to their own childhood. Where they, a sibling or friend. Endured the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.


That used to be prescribed for children with lazy eyes. It was based on the assumption, that the problem was with the eye. And not in the eye to brain connection. Therefore, they thought if they strengthened the lazy eye.

They would be able to help the child see clearly out of both eyes. Therefore, they would put a patch on the good I. Forcing the child to use the so-called lazy eye. And while it worked, to strengthen the weaker I.

Children with lazy eye, or amblyopia. Struggle because there is a problem in the eye to brain connection. Therefore, they would endure this terrible treatment. Only to have the patch removed months later.

And still, be unable to see clearly with both eyes at the same time. Parents who are trying to save their child from this kind of treatment. Do not need to worry. Because nowadays, lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Is simply vision therapy, which is similar to physiotherapy. However, it is done with the eyes and not the body. How this treatment will work, is that a certified vision therapist.

Will lead to the child through a series of vision exercises. Designed to help them see out of the weaker I. And then train the brain. How to use the information that it is receiving. From both eyes at the same time.

Typically, the vision therapist will also prescribe corrective lenses. To even the playing field. Helping the weaker eye see better, with a stronger prescription. And then handicapping the strong eye with a weaker prescription. To help them progress through their vision therapy faster.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Parents Can Help Their Children See Clearly

Often, parents make the assumption that if their child needed a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That their child will tell them that they are having trouble seeing.

Even though parents make this assumption. It is not the case. Because even if children are having a lot of difficulties. Seeing, reading. And participating in classroom activities.

The way they are seeing the world. Is how they have always seen the world. And therefore, do not realize. That having visual problems. Because they have amblyopia, the medical name for lazy eye.

Is not normal, and that there is a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for it. Therefore, when parents see their child avoiding homework. Avoiding reading, or not paying attention in school. They assume that their child is being lazy.

Or that they perhaps have ADHD. And are unable to pay attention. When the truth is, the child is simply having a difficult time. Paying attention to reading, either in their book or on the board.

And are of avoiding doing an activity. That causes them irritation. Instead of assuming that their child is lazy. Or that they have a neurological disorder. The best thing to do, would be take their child.

Two a vision therapist, in order to get a vision exam. This is longer, and much more comprehensive. Then a standard eye exam. It is about an hour to an hour and a half in length.


So that the vision therapist can do all of the measurements, and tests required. To diagnose exactly if the child has a vision syndrome. What vision syndrome they have. And how to treat it best.

If they find that the child does have amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. They are going to put together a vision therapy program. Designed specifically for that vision syndrome. As well as the level of severity the child has.

Going through a series of guided exercises, in a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Will help the child overcome their vision syndrome. By learning how to use their eyes at the same time. As well as train their brain, how to take the information.

From both of the eyes at the same time. In order to do this, they may even prescribe corrective lenses. Making an extremely strong prescription for the weaker I. To help it see more clearly.

And then a weaker prescription in the strong eye. In hopes of making both eyes see similarly. Which will help the brain learn how to use the information from both eyes. With weekly vision therapy sessions.

The vision therapist’s office, children can typically resolve their symptoms. Within about a year. If parents will like more information. Or, if they suspect their child has a vision syndrome.

What they should do, is contact a vision therapist, such as the professionals at vision by design in Edmonton. They can arrange a vision exam. And find out, they can help their child see in the future.