Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Is Vision Therapy Beneficial

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Is Vision Therapy Beneficial

There are many different vision syndromes, such as strabismus, or amblyopia that requires a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, regardless of what vision syndrome a person is suffering from.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

They need to understand, that the problem is not. With their eyes themselves. But rather, a problem in their eye to brain connection. Vision syndromes are a lot more common. Then many people think, with one in four children.

Which is 25%, suffering from a vision syndrome. And some point in their life. While most vision syndromes, start out in the womb. It may not be evident, that a child is struggling. Until they get to be about school age.

People with vision syndromes, tend to have a hard time in school. Simply because 80% of the learning. That they will do in a classroom setting is visual. And up until then. They may be getting by.

By coping, or avoiding activities. That cause them irritation, pain or fatigue. Children who have an untreated vision syndrome. And may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Often appear clumsy or uncoordinated. Or that they simply avoid active games. Or avoid playing on the playground. This is because they are not confident, that they can navigate. And avoid sports in school as well.

Many parents might make the assumption. That if their child did need lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That their child would come to them, and tell them. That they were struggling to see.


The reason why children are not going to do this according to the experts. Is because especially if this is how they have been seeing the world. For their entire life. They do not know that how they are seeing things.

Is not normal. Because it has been their normal for their entire life. Therefore, parents should not fall back on this assumption. That their child is going to alert them. To the fact that they may be having a vision syndrome.

This is why, many vision therapists recommend. Parents be proactive in their child’s healthcare. And bring them in for comprehensive vision exam. When they are six or seven. And before they start struggling in school.

They will be able to do a lot of tests, and measurements. During this hour and a half long comprehensive exam. In order to find out if they do have vision syndrome. If so, which one. And how severe it is.

Once they have made the diagnosis. The vision therapist will put together a customized treatment. That is individualized for each patient’s individual needs. And how severe their vision syndrome is.

They will likely require prescription glasses. And then, in the vision therapist’s office. In half-hour sessions, once a week. They will learn different exercises. That will help them use their eyes.

And train their brain, in order to heal from this vision syndrome. When people are looking for the right vision therapist to work with. When they are in Edmonton, all they have to do. Is call vision by design. And arrange a vision exam, with one of their qualified vision therapists.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | How Vision Therapy Is Beneficial

Vision therapy can help people get the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. If they have amblyopia, which is the medical term. For lazy eye syndrome. Even though a lot has been learned about this vision syndrome.

There is still a lot of misconceptions about it. Including lazy eye syndrome, is caused by and I. That is simply not working hard enough. And it can be fixed, by strengthening the eye through patching.

In fact, what causes most vision syndromes. Amblyopia included, is a problem in the brain. With amblyopia specifically, which is lazy eye. What happens. Is that the brain is unable.

To process the visual information it receives from the eyes effectively. To understand how this happens, people should understand how the eyes and brain work together to see things.

First of all, light will pass visual information through the lens of the eye. And carry the images that are formed, to the back of the eye. For the retinas are. The retinas are the part of the eye.

They carries this visual information to the brain. Every second our eyes are open, the retinas are carrying a vast amount. Of visual information, to the brainstem. The job the brain, is to process this information.

By sending all of the visual information it receives. To the various areas that need to use it. There are thirty-two centres of the brain that deal with vision. And three hundred connections in the brain.


That utilize vision in some way. Therefore, this is a significant amount of work. That the brain must be doing, every second our eyes are open. People with amblyopia. Of a problem in the brain.

Where the brain is unable to process this vast amount of information effectively. Therefore, to process as much information as it can. The brain will simply turn off the vision to one eye.

And only have half the visual information to process. While this makes the job easier for the brain. And effectively turns off vision. For the patient. Causing their so-called lazy eye.

And along with their vision in one eye, important visual skills. Will also be lost. Depth perception, and eye tracking are just two things that they will lose this way. In order to over come this problem.

The lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That will help patients see out of both eyes again. Is vision therapy. Which is like physiotherapy, for the eyes. Where the therapist will teach the child exercises.

That will help them use both of their eyes and same time. And then exercises that will help them train their brain. How to process visual information. That it receives from both eyes at the same time.

This lazy eye treatment in Edmonton can be long. Taking about a year. In half-hour sessions. However, it will help patients regain eyesight in both eyes. And help them, see the world around them clearly.