Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping Children Who Have Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping Children Who Have Amblyopia

Amblyopia, is also known as lazy eye syndrome, and requires lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In order to overcome this vision syndrome. However, despite the name lazy eye. It is not caused at all by an eye that is lazy.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

However, the name comes from a time. Where doctors thought that is what was the problem. And that in order to help patients. Able to see clearly. And use the information from both eyes.

All they would need, is to strengthen that weaker I. However, how they would do it. Would be a method, that most children would hate. And fight their parents, every time they tried it.

This method, is patching their strong eye. So that they cannot see out of it. Forcing the so-called weaker I. To be used, and therefore become stronger. The idea behind this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Is that after a certain amount of time, several weeks or months. Of patching the strong eye. The weaker I would be just as strong. And that the child could remove the patch. And see clearly out of both eyes.

Unfortunately, they would remove the patch. Only to find that while the patient can see clearly out of either online. They still cannot use both eyes, to see clearly at the same time.

Because the problem is not with a lazy eye. But a problem with their eye to brain connection. How eyes are used to see visual information. And pass that information onto the brain. Is visual information.


Is transferred through the lens of the eye, in the form of light. And that image will land on the back of the eyes. On a part, called the retina. The retina is attached to the brain. And is used to take this visual information.

Into the brainstem, where the brain will process that information. Since vision is very complex. And is involved in everything from communication, movements. Reading, and learning just to name a few things.

This is a very complex process. The brain having to take all that visual information. And send different parts to various centres and connections in the brain. In fact, there are thirty-two centres of the brain.

That deal specifically with vision. As well as three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision for something. And the brain is expected to process all of the visual information it receives from the retinas.

Every second that a person has their eyes open. People who have amblyopia. And need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Have a problem with that connection. And therefore, the brain in an effort to.

Two minimize its confusion. It simply turns off vision to one of the eyes. And is less confused. And is able to process that visual information. Much more easily. Because it only has half the information to process.

Therefore, finding the right vision therapist. Can help patients get the right treatment. By undergoing what is called vision therapy. People can call vision by design in Edmonton, to get a vision exam by one of their vision therapists.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping People Who Have Amblyopia

Amblyopia, is the medical name for lazy eye, and patients who have this vision syndrome need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. One thing that parents should avoid, is thinking that their child will outgrow this.

Because their child is not going to outgrow amblyopia. In fact, the longer that parents wait. To get their child the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The more difficult it is going to be. To undergo vision therapy.

In order to correct this problem. And after a certain age. Most people are unable to correct this. So that if they carry their amblyopia. With them into adulthood, they typically will simply lose the ability.

To see out of their weaker eye. The best thing that parents can do, is if they notice that their child is struggling in school. Or refusing to do their homework. Rather than assume that their child is unable to concentrate.

Or that they are simply not trying hard enough. They can arrange of a vision exam. Performed by a vision therapist. Which is an optometrist, but has additional training.

This is a lot more involved and complex. Than a routine eye exam. Designed to find out if a child has perfect vision or if they need glasses. And will take approximately an hour, to an hour and a half.


During this time, the vision therapist will perform many tests. And take many measurements. In order to find out exactly what is going on with the patient’s vision. At the end of this process.

Not only will they make a diagnosis. Such as whether the child has a vision syndrome, like amblyopia. Or perhaps strabismus just to name a couple. But also, the level of severity their vision syndrome is.

And the best way to treat this vision syndrome. If they do need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. It will be in the form of vision therapy. Which involves a vision therapist, taking the child through guided visual exercises.

That is first, designed to help the child. Learn how to use both of their eyes at the same time. Often, aided with prescription lenses. And then, training their brain. How to use that visual information at the same time.

Depending on how severe the patient’s amblyopia is. Patients can typically expect weekly, half-hour sessions. For thirty-two, two fifty-two weeks. In order to resolve the symptoms that they are experiencing.

By understanding, that lazy eye syndrome. Is not caused by a lazy eye at all. And that vision therapy. Is very similar to physiotherapy. But for the eyes. And is beneficial, in strengthening this useful organ.

Parents can watch for signs, that their child is struggling. Or, simply take their child to a vision therapist. When they get to be about six or seven years old. To be proactive, and rule out vision syndromes in the first place.