Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Help Your Child See Clearly

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Help Your Child See Clearly

Often, when a child has trouble in school, they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have a vision syndrome, such as amblyopia. And not, that they are being lazy like many parents or teachers suspect.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

As well, many parents often think. That if their child was having a problem seeing or reading. That their child would come to them, and tell them that they are struggling. Unfortunately. This is not the case for many different reasons.

First of all, the way their child sees the world. Including text, and writing. Is how they have always seen it. Therefore, they do not think that they are having trouble seeing. They just know that reading is irritating to their eyes.

Or, causes them fatigue when they try. Whether they see double, the letters come in and out of focus. Or they simply cannot follow a line of text from one side of the page to the next.

Do not realize that this is abnormal. They just avoid doing the activities that cause them irritation or pain. However, as they avoid these activities. Parents might think that they are being lazy. And avoiding their schoolwork.

However, it should be a routine procedure. That parents take their child to a vision therapist. In order to get a vision exam. Which is much more comprehensive. Then a routine eye exam.

Even if their child is not exhibiting any signs. Of the vision syndrome. When they get to a certain age. Such as eight or nine. They should get this thorough examination.


That will take approximately an hour, to an hour and a half. In order to allow the vision therapist. Enough time, to do all of the measurements and tests. Needed, to make an accurate diagnosis.

Once they have finished the exam. Not only will they know if the child has a vision syndrome, such as amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. They will have a formulated the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

That treatment is a process called vision therapy. The matter what vision syndrome the child has. Customized, to their particular vision syndrome. As well as the severity of that syndrome.

As the child progresses through their therapy. The vision therapist is able to increase the difficulty. Helping them get even more benefit, for their sessions.

Depending on how severe their vision syndrome is, and how much they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They typically are able to resolve all of their symptoms. Within one year, of weekly sessions.

If children or parents want faster results. They can always do homework. Exercises given by the vision therapist. They can do fifteen minutes a day. Five days a week. To help reinforce what the child is learning.

To overcome the problems in the eye brain connection. And heal their brain faster. To eliminate symptoms. When people are ready to get started, all they have to do is call vision by design in Edmonton for an appointment.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Helping Your Child Clearly Is Important

It is very common for children to have vision syndromes, such as amblyopia, and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In fact, when out of four children have a vision syndrome.

Parents need to keep several things in mind. When their child has a vision syndrome. Or if they are exhibiting signs of having a vision syndrome. Is that first of all, the way they are seeing the world.

Is how they have always seen the world. Therefore, they do not realize that there is something specifically wrong with their vision. That they believe how they are seeing things. Is how everyone is seeing things.

Therefore, parents might think. That their child will tell them that they are having trouble seeing. But this is not so, the child will simply avoid doing the activities. That are causing them eyestrain, or irritation.

Which might appear as though they are lazy. Or that they do not want to pay attention in class. They might even get diagnosed as having AD HD. Because it appears as though they are not paying attention.

When the truth is, they are having trouble seeing. And to try, causes them pain or fatigue. Therefore, finding the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for them. Is going to help them see clearly. And stop avoiding reading, schoolwork and homework.

As well, parents need to keep in mind. That even if their child does need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. This is not something that they are going to outgrow with time.


They might assume, that their child will outgrow vision problems. And if they ignore it long enough. That their child. Will stop struggling. However, what will happen, is that the brain will simply turn the vision off.

To one eye, in order to eliminate the child’s confusion, frustration. And fatigue. And while they will stop struggling to see. They will also lose visual skills. Such as eye tracking, and depth perception.

Therefore avoiding things. Is the worst thing that they can do. The best thing then, is taking their child to a vision therapist. And while all vision therapists are optometrists. Not all optometrists.

Our vision therapists. And they need to go through extra schooling, in order to become one. There is a list of vision therapists on the Canadian optometrists website.

Or, for people who are looking for lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Can simply call vision by design in Edmonton. They will people to arrange a vision exam. That will take about an hour and a half.

To officially diagnose a patient. And then put together the right treatment, for their vision syndrome. And for the severity of the syndrome for that patient in particular.

When people are ready, they will be able to help their child. Get the test, and treatment that they need. To correct the problem in their eye brain connection. And start excelling in school.