Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Vision Syndromes

Vision syndromes are common, such as amblyopia that needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. In fact, it is common in children. With one in four kids having a vision syndrome. But adults can suffer from one as well.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Many parents may not realize. That their child has a vision syndrome. Especially if they have taken their child. To an optometrist, and their child has twenty twenty vision. However, perfect vision.

Does not exclude the possibility. Of having a vision syndrome. In fact, because a standard eye exam. Is only used, to determine. If someone can see clearly. At a distance.

And does nothing to determine. If they can use visual skills. Or if they have any visual deficiencies. It is quite common. For people with perfect vision. To also have a vision syndrome.

However, many parents might not realize that. Thinking that their child has gone a clean bill of health. For their vision. If they have gone to an optometrist. This becomes even more complex.

When the child starts struggling at school. Due to this vision syndrome. And need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. But instead, get diagnosed with ADHD. The reason why this happens often.

Is because children will start to avoid doing the activities. That cause them irritation, or pain. Such as finding it difficult, to read passages in their textbooks at school. Because it gives them headaches, or eye fatigue.


Or they do not pay attention to a classroom lesson. Because they find it difficult. To follow along the words written on the board at the front of the classroom. They appear to not be able to concentrate.

Or that they lack focus. When the truth of the matter is. They simply find it irritating or painful. To try and read, with a vision syndrome. They may even get diagnosed by a medical doctor.

As having ADHD because of these symptoms. When the real cause of their behaviour. Is a vision syndrome. That causes them to avoid the activities that are irritating or painful to them.

They may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. But if they have been diagnosed with ADHD. That can be more difficult. Many vision therapists recommend. That if a child is struggling in school.

And even if they have already received. And ADHD diagnosis. They should proactively come in for a vision exam. To rule out that as of potential cause of their problems.

The reason why this is such a good idea. Is because it is easier. To diagnose a vision syndrome. That has a definite assessment to find out. Then it is to diagnose ADHD. Which has no specific diagnostic tool.

It may be discovered. That the child does not have ADHD. But needs vision therapy instead. Even children who are simply struggling in school. Can benefit from this activity.

When people are looking for help for their child. Or themselves, they should contact vision by design in Edmonton. They have vision therapists on staff. Will be happy to help anyone with the suspected vision syndrome.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Help Healing Vision Syndromes

Vision syndromes, are caused by a problem in the brain, therefore the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is not putting a patch on the good I. But rather, going through vision therapy.

Vision therapy is very similar to physiotherapy. Except it is led by a vision therapist. Which is an optometrist, that has taken additional education. And they will lead the patient.

Through specific visual exercises. Designed to heal the damaged vision system. And eliminate the symptoms of their vision syndrome. However, before they can start getting a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

People must find, and contact a vision therapist first. While all vision therapists start out as optometrists. And then get additional education. Not all optometrists. Actually have this education.

And finding a qualified vision therapist. Is more difficult. Than simply calling an optometrist clinic and asking for an assessment. People can go to the optometrists Canada website.

As they will have a list of all qualified vision therapists by province. However, people in Edmonton. Can simply call vision by design. Not only are they located on the West End of Edmonton.

They are a full-service optometrist clinic. And have vision therapists on staff. That will be more than happy to offer complementary consultations. To patient’s and parents. But also, they will be able to.


Perform a vision exam. Which is a very in-depth, and thorough examination. That will help them make all of the measurements. And do all of the exercises. To help figure out. If a patient has a vision syndrome.

If so, which one. And to the degree of severity of their vision syndrome. When they find out exactly what is going on with the patient’s vision system, and brain. They will be able to make a diagnosis.

And put together the right treatment. For example, if someone has amblyopia. They will need an effective lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. And the best treatment, will typically be vision therapy.

Sometimes, the treatment will include corrective lenses. With a specific prescription. Or, prisms or attend on the glasses. That will help them minimize or eliminate some of their symptoms.

Or, they will need some form of vision therapy to heal their vision system. While most people, going to need a combination. Of corrective lenses. And vision therapy. The vision therapist will be able to put together.

The right vision exercises. That will help the eyes work together. And then help train the brain. How to use the information from the eyes. And heal the damaged connection in the brain. People should expect to come in.

For vision therapy, once a week. Four 9 to 12 months. But if they are looking to progress faster. Through their vision therapy, they can do additional exercises. In the comfort of their own home.

Approximately fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. Can help them eliminate the symptoms. Of their vision syndrome. And stop struggling to see the visual world around them.