Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Amblyopia in Children

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Amblyopia in Children

While a traditional lazy eye treatment in Edmonton used to be patching. This actually did nothing, to heal the cause of amblyopia, also known as lazy eyes. Because what causes this, happens in the brain.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

In order to understand that. People need to understand how the eyes work. In conjunction with the brain, in order to see the visual world around them. Light carries the images that people are seeing.

To the eyes. And will land on the back of the eye, also known as the retina. The retina will carry the visual information to the brain. Which is responsible for processing this information.

And sending the information. To the parts of the brain that use it. Since there are thirty-two centres of the brain dealing with vision. And three hundred connections that use visual information.

This is an extremely large job. In children that have lazy eyes, also known as an amblyopia. The brain is missing connections in this section of the brain. That processes visual information.

Because the brain is confused. In order to stop being confused. And deal with the visual information more effectively. It will simply turn off vision to one of the eyes. And only have half of the information to deal with.

This is why one eye appears to be lazy. And while people used to think. That it was due to the muscles not being strong enough. Vision therapists now know that it is caused by a missing connection in the brain.


Therefore, the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that is beneficial. Is vision therapy. That will train the patient how to use both eyes the same time. And then train the brain how to use that information.

Possible due to the neural plasticity of the brain. And its ability to learn, and heal. In order to find this lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Parents of children who have amblyopia.

Need to find a vision therapist who will be able to conduct a comprehensive vision exam. While vision therapists are optometrists with additional education. Not all optometrists can perform this service.

However, parents in Edmonton can simply call vision by design in Edmonton. While they are a full-service optometrist clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff. And by calling in, parents can arrange a vision exam for their child.

They should prepared for an hour, or an hour and a half appointment. In order to allow the vision therapist. The time they need to make all of the measurements. And perform all of the exercises. That will help them understand.

Exactly what is going on in their child’s eyes, and brain. To properly diagnose them. As well as come up with the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton designed for their child specifically.

Parents may be required to bring their child in for half-hour sessions every week. For six months to a year. However, through this time. The vision therapy, which is also known as physiotherapy for the eyes. The child will be able to significantly improve their symptoms. And gain visual skills as well.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Healing Amblyopia in Kids

Lazy eyes, are also known as amblyopia, and finding the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Requires finding a vision therapist. They will be able to perform a comprehensive vision exam.

In order to find out exactly what is going on in the child’s eyes. But as well, in the brain. This is important, because lazy eye, also known as an amblyopia. Is vision syndrome that starts out in the brain.

While many years ago, the common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. For lazy I was using a patch. This is because they used to believe that this vision syndrome. Was caused by weaker I muscles.

And many parents may remember, patched themselves as a child. Or a sibling, or a friend having to endure this treatment. Not only was it very unpopular with children.

Who would regularly fight with their parents. Because of how much they would hate. Covering their strong eye with a patch. And forcing them to use their weaker I. But often, this treatment would be abandoned.

Because parents would not want to fight with their child any longer. For people who did carry through with this particular lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They would find that it did nothing to help there vision syndrome.


Simply because the problem is not with the strong eye muscles. But a problem in the brain. They would strengthen their weaker I muscles. But then still, not be any more able to use both eyes.

Now, vision therapists understand the cause of amblyopia. And are able to come up with more effective lazy I treatment in Edmonton for their patients. The treatment will consist of using corrective lenses.

In order to make the vision in the weaker I strong. And then the strong eye slightly less strong. But this does, is it evens the playing field. And allows both eyes to see very similarly to each other.

This makes it much easier. For the vision therapist to help the child. Learn how to use both of their eyes at the same time. And once that has been achieved. There able to do special exercises with the patient.

In order to get them to train their brain, how to use the information from both eyes. At the same time, and with time. Minimize the symptoms that they have with their amblyopia.

This is not an overnight fix. Patients should be prepared for six months to a year of vision therapy sessions. As well, many patients may also be asked to do some homework every week.

During special exercises on their own at home. For fifteen minutes a day, five days a week. The more they can complete this homework. The stronger their eyes will become. As well as being able to rest through their treatment more effectively. In order to overcome their symptoms quickly.