Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Vision Therapy

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Vision Therapy

If children have amblyopia, or lazy eye, it is important that they get the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. So that they can overcome their struggles. And succeed in school, and life.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Many parents are very nervous. Getting their child in to a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they remember their own childhood. Where they, a sibling or friend.

Had to endure the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That was common those years ago. Which include putting a patch over the strong eye. In order to strengthen the weaker eye. And while this method worked.

In strengthening the weaker eye. The cause of amblyopia, or lazy eye. Is a problem with the right to brain connection. And not, because the eye is weaker. In fact, the eye becomes weaker.

Because the brain is having a hard time. Processing the visual information. From both of the eyes. And simply turns off vision to one eye. In order to be more successful, and processing that information.

Therefore, strengthening the weaker eye. Does not help the brain. Learn how to use the information. From both eyes at the same time. This is where the visual therapy comes in handy.

Because rather than just being concerned. With strengthening the weaker I. They have a series of exercises. That is used to help the child train their eyes. How to work together.


With the aid of prescription glasses. Making the weaker I very strong. And making the strong eye less strong. So that both eyes will be seeing similarly. So that training the brain is easier.

These exercises are led by a certified vision therapist. Who will not only know what kind of vision syndrome the child is suffering from. But also, they will know what level of difficulty is needed.

To train the eyes, and the brain. These and vision therapy sessions should be held minimum once a week, for half an hour. And patients who are interested. In speeding up the results.

It can participate in additional exercises. Approximately fifteen minutes per day, five days a week. In order to help reinforce what they have learned at their vision therapy.

Most patients will be able to see results after only a few months. And get complete symptom resolution. Within about a year. Again, it depends on the level of severity of the patient’s vision syndrome.

However, parents need to keep in mind. That getting them in for treatment sooner. Rather than later, is going to help them. Overcome their issues faster. And often, before they start struggling significantly in school.

Since 80% of the learning that is done in school is visual. This is important to do sooner rather than later. Causing the child to fall behind their classmates. When parents would like more information.

Or, to arrange a vision exam. For their child, in order to get diagnosed. They have to do is contact a vision therapist. Such as the professionals at vision by design in Edmonton. They can arrange an examination, and get a diagnosis and treatment.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Obtaining Vision Therapy

Even though the common lazy eye treatment in Edmonton many years ago. Was patching, which included. Putting a patch on the strong eye. In order to strengthen the weaker eye.

This was not actually addressing the cause of amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. Because what causes lazy eyes, is a disconnect. In the eye to brain connection.

In order to understand that, people need to understand. How the eyes work, together with the brain. In order to process the visual information. When people see with their eyes. Light carries the visual information.

Through the lens of the eye. Landing that image, at the back of their eye. On what is called the retina. It is very similar to how a camera works. And once the image is on the back of the eye. It needs to get developed.

The way film in a camera. Needs to be developed, in order to see the picture. The retinas, one for each eye. Carries that visual information. To the brain. Where that visual information will be sent to the various areas.

That need to that information for processing. Everything that a person does, usually requires some visual aspect. From walking, to see where they are going. Where their feet are landing on the ground.

To see objects, that might be crossing their path. So that they can get out of the way. Or walk around them. As well as when people are driving, reading or playing sports. Even communicating, speaking and singing.


People are engaging their visual centres. In fact, not only are there thirty-two centres of the brain. Healing specifically with vision. There are also over three hundred connections in the brain. That use visual information of some sort.

The brain is responsible for sending the visual information it receives from the retinas. To the correct areas of the brain for processing. And this happens instantaneously.

As long as the person is taking in visual information. Someone with amblyopia, lazy eye syndrome. And who needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Struggles, because their brain has difficulty.

Processing the vast amount of visual information. And has a hard time sending it to the right areas of the brain for processing. Therefore, in order to make the brain’s job easier. It simply turns off the vision to one eye.

So that it only has to process half the visual information. Making the brain’s job easier. However, while it means that the brain only has one retina, to process visual information from.

This means that the patient, will lose a lot of visual skills. Such as being able to track moving objects. And losing their depth perception. Therefore, strengthening their weaker I. Is not the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that will help them.

But training their brain, how to use the visual information. From both eyes at the same time. Is the treatment that will help them. When parents are ready to help their child overcome this vision syndrome. They should contact vision by design in Edmonton. For a vision exam.