Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Vision Problems Diagnosed

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Having Vision Problems Diagnosed

Often, parents may not realize that their child may need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or treatment for another visual problem. Because their child has had a recent eye exam, and they have perfect vision.

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However, it is not uncommon. For a child to have a visual problem. While also having perfect vision. Because in order to process a large amount of visual information. Especially reading and learning in a classroom setting.

Children will use many different visual skills. And if only one of them is not functioning properly. They will have many issues, requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or another treatment.

To help them overcome their visual problem. Perfect eyesight means that people can see things clearly when they are focusing on it. But there are even two different kinds of focusing that people need to do.

There is far away focusing, and close up focusing. And standard eye exams. Typically ask people to focus on things that are at least a couple feet away from them. If not more.

Therefore, they may not get initially diagnosed. Unless the eye doctor is specifically looking for visual problems. And if parents are waiting for their child to complain about any issues they have.

They may never hear that their child is complaining. Particularly, because a child does not know that what they are experiencing is not normal. And because of that, they might not hear from their child that they are struggling.

And while one in four children have problems significant enough. To cause problems at school while they are learning. The problem is that the issues that they have can appear to be behavioural.


And rather than finding a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton to help the children. They might get diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. Because they appear to not be able to concentrate, or sit still to learn.

That rather than not being able to focus and concentrate. Reading causes them physical pain. Or is very hard for them to do. And so rather than get frustrated. Choose to do something else instead.

Therefore, many optometrists and vision therapists. Particularly those at vision by design. Recommend that parents who have children that are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Even though they have a feeling that the diagnosis is not quite accurate. Should bring them in for an eye exam. Where the optometrist can look for visual problems.

Much more preferred to find out that the child needs something like and lazy eye treatment. Rather than putting them on Ritalin or Adderall for ADD or ADHD when they do not need it.

The benefit of taking children to vision by design is that not only will they look for visual problems. When they are told that this is a potential problem. But they also have vision therapists on staff that can be referred to immediately.

So that they can make a diagnosis very quickly. And get them the treatment they need to overcome their challenges.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Vision Problems Diagnosed Today

Parents may not realize that their child could have visual problem requiring something like a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have recently gone to the optometrist, and have twenty twenty vision.

However, because so many different visual skills are needed. To process the visual world around them. Particularly in a classroom setting. Even children with twenty twenty vision.

Can end up with visual problems. That require specialized treatment. Such as a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, because children are not going to say that they are experiencing problems.

And the reason why they are not going to articulate this problem. Is because they do not realize that what they are experiencing is abnormal. Therefore, they may not voice what is going on with their vision.

And parents may see it as a behavioural problem. Such as refusing to do homework, not sitting still in class when it is time for reading. Or becoming frustrated when they are expected to do near work.

And while this might appear to be a behavioural problem, or a defiance disorder. Particularly even ADD or ADHD. The issue could be that they have one visual system that is not functioning properly.

Such as a convergence insufficiency. Which is also referred to as binoculars vision. Where children can see when they are looking at things far away, because their eyes are pointed straightforward.


However, when people need to focus on things that are closer up, their eyes must turn in. And those with a convergence insufficiency have trouble turning their eyes in to focus close up.

Therefore, they may simply not be able to focus, and all they see is blurred words on a page. Or, they may be able to focus for a few moments at a time. So they will see words on a page clearly.

Before it goes completely fuzzy, and out of focus. Which is extremely irritating to the eyes. And while this does not mean they need a lazy eye treatment.

It does mean that they will need a convergence insufficiency treatment. That will help them learn how to focus their eyes close up. Another problem that children might have is an accommodative issue.

What this is, is the inability to hold the muscles in the eye to focus on close up without feeling pain. Similar to how overused muscles feel after a marathon.

Or how muscles that have not been used in a very long time feel after a workout. Children might feel physical pain or discomfort in their eye muscles. When they do try to focus close up.

These children will avoid reading, or doing any sort of near work. And while these children also do not need a lazy eye treatment. They will need treatment to help them with their accommodative issue.

Once parents identify that their child has a problem. Taking them to an optometrist such as vision by design. And explaining the problems they are having. Can help them do the examination to look for the visual problems. And if they have those visual problems, they can figure out a treatment right away.