Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Help From Vision Therapists

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Help From Vision Therapists

If a parent suspects that their child has amblyopia, and needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Their first steps will be finding a vision therapist that can help them.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Vision therapists are optometrists, that have in order to learn how to deal with vision syndromes. And while all vision therapists will also be optometrists. Not all optometrists have this skill.

Which can make finding a vision therapist. Or challenging, as parents will not be able to. Simply call any optometrists clinic. In order to find a vision therapist who will be able to help them.

What the vision therapist will do, is perform a comprehensive vision exam with their child. Which is a lot more in-depth. And more lengthy than a standard eye exam. A standard eye exam is designed to find out.

Whether a person has perfect vision in both of their eyes. And what kind of corrective lenses they need. To give them better vision. However, the vision exam that the vision therapist will utilize.

Is extremely lengthy, taking about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. In order to allow the vision therapist to perform all of the measurements. And exercises they need.

To find out not only what is going on with the patients eyes. But also what is going on in the patient’s brain. Since many vision syndromes are caused by missing connections in the eye to brain connection.


At the end of this exam, not only will they have a diagnosis. Of what is going on with the child. They will also have been able to put together the best treatment. And if their child has lazy I, or amblyopia.

They will have put together a comprehensive lazy I treatment in Edmonton. There are many different ways this treatment could look. Including corrective lenses. Designed to help even the playing field so to speak.

Which uses prescription lenses. To make the weaker I as strong as possible. And at the same time, making the stronger I less strong. So that the eyes can be seeing things similarly to each other.

This is often all that is needed. To overcome amblyopia. However, many patients still require vision therapy in addition to corrective lenses. Vision therapy has often been called physiotherapy, but for the eyes.

And through a series of guided exercises. The child will learn not only how to use both of their eyes at the same time. But also teach their brain, how to use the information it is receiving from both eyes.

Because the brain is very neural plastic. It is possible to train the brain, and help it overcome the problem with its eye brain connection. In order to overcome this vision syndrome.

If parents would like more information on vision syndromes. On comprehensive vision exams, vision therapy. Or lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. They are encouraged to pick up the phone.

To call vision by design in Edmonton. They have many vision therapists on staff. That will be more than happy to answer questions. As well as arrange that vision exam for the child. That can help them find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Getting Your Child Help From Vision Therapists

People assume those with a lazy eye, need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That will strengthen the muscles in the weaker I. This was a common treatment many years ago. Requiring parents putting a patch on their child’s strong eye.

However, vision therapists now know. That this is an ineffective treatment for many reasons. First of all, it would usually lead to fights between the child and the parents. Because they would hate having their strong eye patched.

And being forced, to use their weaker I. Parents often would abandon this treatment. Because they were tired of fighting with their child all the time. Another reason why this was an ineffective lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

Is because it assumes that the problem is with week eye muscles. However the cause of this vision syndrome. Is in the eye to brain connection. And not in the muscles of the eye.

In order to understand why it is a problem in the brain. Parents should learn, how the eyes and brain work together. A person takes in the visual world with their eyes. With the information landing on the back of their retina.

And the retina, will send the visual information it receives. To the brainstem for processing. Once this information reaches the brainstem, the brainstem is responsible. For sending this information.


To the various centres of the brain, and connections. That need it in order to use that properly. There are thirty-two centres of the brain dealing with vision. And three hundred connections of the brain.

That use vision in some way. From reading, communication and speaking. To moving about the world. And interacting with other people and objects. It is an extremely complex job.

And people who have amblyopia, and need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. There is a missing connection in the brainstem. That causes it to not be able to do its job. Of sending visual information.

To the parts of the brain that need it. However, the brain does its best to adapt and overcome challenges. Therefore, when it struggles to utilize the information. It compensates by turning off vision to one eye.

In order to have half the visual information to process. And while this helps the brain process the information more efficiently. It actually causes the patient to lose vision in one eye.

And all of the visual skills that require two eyes. Such as depth perception and eye tracking. Therefore, the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Will help retrain the brain. To fix that eye brain connection in the brainstem.

Which can be achieved by working with a vision therapist. Doing special exercises, called vision therapy. In order to fix this missing connection in the brain. And regain eyesight, and the visual skills that were lost because of this connection problem.