Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Vision Syndromes

The right lazy eye treatment Edmonton is quite effective. At helping children overcome their vision syndrome. Especially if it is amblyopia. Which is the medical name for lazy eye.

In fact, many parents are very surprised to find out. That one in four children. 25% in fact, suffer. From some form of vision syndrome. And out of those 25% of children.

The most common vision syndrome. Is lazy eye syndrome, also known as amblyopia. Many parents are very nervous. About getting their child treatment for this problem. Likely, because they have experience.

With the treatment, that used to be very common. Twenty or thirty years ago. This was known as patching. Which involved placing an eyepatch. Over the child’s good I. In order to allow them.

To strengthen their weaker I muscles. By forcing the weaker I. To be used, it gradually becomes stronger. And while this lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Worked in strengthening the eye.

Not only was it a much hated treatment. That many children would fight, their parents when it was time. To place the eyepatch on. This often led to parents and children quitting this lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

However those who stuck with it. Unfortunately found that it did not work. To help fix the problem. While it allowed the weaker I. To become stronger. What did not happen, was that the vision problems.


Did not become fixed. The reason why, is because weaker I muscles. Was a symptom. Of the larger vision syndrome. Which was actually caused. By up disconnect. In the eye to brain connection.

The eye to brain connection is responsible. For taking the visual information. That the eyes receive. And turning it into information. That the brain can use. While visual information.

Enters the eyes, in the form of light. Through the cornea, or the lenses. The retina, located at the back of the eye. Is responsible for carrying. This visual information to the brain. When people used patching.

To fix the lazy eye syndrome. What they found, was while both eyes. Individually could see. The problems still persisted. When both eyes were used at the same time. Luckily, this treatment is no longer used.

In favour of vision therapy. Which is a lot like physiotherapy. However, instead of therapist. Working on exercises with the patient. To strengthen their body. The therapist helps the patient.

Strengthen their eyes. First, they focus on training their eyes. To see as team. And that is followed by training the brain. To except visual information. From both eyes. At the same time.

Depending on the level of severity. Of the vision syndrome. The therapist can increase or decrease. The therapies level of difficulty. So that each treatment. Is a customized for each patient. And their specific issues.

If parents would like more information. All they have to do is contact vision by design optometry. A quick phone call can get them an assessment. With one of their amazing vision therapists.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Curing Vision Syndromes

It is extremely important that children get a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. If they have amblyopia, in a timely manner. Many parents make the mistake. Of thinking that their child. Will outgrow this problem.

However, that does not happen. In fact, the longer a parent waits. To get their child a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. That they need, the harder it becomes. To treat them overall.

While the brain has an amazing ability. To heal and grow. Which is referred to as neuro- plasticity. This is not something that is possible. For the entirety of a patient’s life.

When it comes to treating amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. In fact, as the child grows up. The brain will start to make the severed connection. Between the week I less strong. Until it is irreversible.

Therefore, parents should get their child. To a qualified vision therapist. For an assessment as quickly as possible. So that they can get the right diagnosis. And subsequent the best treatment.

Often, parents feel guilty. For not noticing that their child. May have a vision syndrome. They think that their child. Should tell them that they are struggling. But the reason why this never happens.

Is because children who have vision syndromes. Have them since the time they were born. And therefore, are completely unaware. At how they should be seeing the world.


They do not know, that the blurred. The double or otherwise compromised vision. Is not normal. And they do not know, that not everyone has these problems. Therefore, it never occurs to them.

That things are needing to be fixed. And in fact, children are so resilient. That they tend to develop coping mechanisms. In order to overcome their problems. For example, if focusing close up. Causes them I irritation and headaches.

They will memorize the location of things. So that they do not have to use their near vision. They also might squint, close one eye. Or tilts their head. Because they find that this is the most comfortable.

And while parents are less likely to notice this at home. Classroom, which is much more visually based. Will typically have a child wish a vision syndrome struggling. Therefore, teachers are often trained.

On what to look for, when it comes to students. And some problematic behaviours. Such as fidgeting, appearing to daydream. Or not sitting in their desk. These are all actually signs of a vision syndrome.

And can indicate that the child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. While it might appear as though they are not paying attention. They might be considered lazy, or not trying. To a teacher, trained to look for signs.

They might realize. That the child is struggling visually. And that is why they are not paying attention. Or they are board, and getting out of their seat. Because paying attention causes them headaches.

Parents with children with these symptoms. Should get their child to a vision therapist. Right away, for a comprehensive vision assessment. They should budget about an hour and a half for this procedure. And have peace of mind of getting a diagnosis and treatment.