Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Vision Syndromes Effectively

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Vision Syndromes Effectively

There are many different lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, vision therapy is arguably. One of the most important and effective. Years ago, many people may have had. Experience with eye patching.

Where a patch is placed. Over the patient’s healthy, strong eye. So that the weaker I can get used. And become stronger. This lazy eye treatment Edmonton was developed. On the assumption, that the problem was caused.

By the patient’s weaker I. However, researchers and vision therapists. Now understand, that a lazy eye. is actually a symptom of amblyopia. And not the cause of it. That is also why vision therapists.

Once people to use the term amblyopia. Because it is a more accurate term. Because lazy I is a misnomer. People’s eyes are not lazy. It is simply a problem. In the eye to brain connection.

The lazy eye treatment Edmonton they suggest. Involves vision therapy, which is similar. To physical therapy. However, instead of a therapist. Helping the patient go through physical exercises.

In order to heal and strengthen. Their body, their muscles. And tendons for example. The vision therapist helps the patient. Through a series of visual exercises. In order to help the patient.

Train their eyes how to work as a team. And then train their brain, how to use the information. It receives from both of the eyes. At the same time. The reason why this type of visual treatment is effective.

Is because it actually treats the problem. Which is a damaged eye to brain connection. In order to understand how this works. People need to understand how eyes. And brain work together.


Light carries visual information. In through the front of the eyes. Called the cornea. Which is the lens of the eye. Similar to a camera. Then, the light information will land. On the back of the eye.

Where the retina is located. The retina is responsible. For carrying the visual information. From both eyes, to the brainstem. The brainstem is then tasked with organizing. This visual information.

This is a significant job. Simply because the brain must process. A large amount of visual information. Every second that a person’s eyes. Our open, and send it. To the right locations in the brain.

If that sounds like a large enough job. People should also consider. That the job becomes harder. Considering how many centres and connections. In the brain deal with vision.

There are thirty-two centres of the brain. Specifically dealing with vision. And three hundred connections. That use vision in a secondary manner. People with amblyopia.

Have a damaged eye to brain connection. And therefore, the brain has simply. Disregarded all of the visual information. It receives from one of the eyes. In order to make its job.

Of organizing this visual information. More manageable. That is why one of the eyes. Becomes weaker, because it is not being used. Because the brain has disregarded it. That is why vision therapy is so necessary.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vision Syndromes Completely

It is extremely important for people with amblyopia to get a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, this is easier said than done. Because vision syndromes. Especially in children are hard to diagnose.

One of the first reasons why diagnosing. Vision syndromes is difficult in children. Is because the way they see the world. Whether it is blurred vision, double vision. Trouble focusing on things close up.

Focusing on things far away, or a wide variety. Of other troubling visual symptoms. Is how they have seen the world. Since their earliest memory. Since most vision syndromes. Are present from birth.

Therefore, parents may be under the misconception. That their child will tell them. That they have trouble seeing. And that is when they can get them lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

However, children have no idea. Anything is wrong with their vision. And as well, vision therapists say. Most children develop coping mechanisms. To help them compensate. Any difficulties they do have.

They may memorize. Where things in the home are. So that they do not have to use their sites. Children also tend to squint, tilt their head. Or cover one eye. Which makes seeing things a bit easier.

Parents are less likely to notice this. Because the child is so quick. To adapt there coping mechanisms. And home is not extremely. Visually based the way classrooms are. Which is why parents do not always.


Recognize that their child may have a visual syndrome. Also, many people think that if a child has amblyopia. Also known as lazy eye syndrome. That it will be visually noticeable. And while in many patients.

This is the case. And it is quite easy. To notice. This is not always the case. Since many children do not appear different. Until they are focusing close up. Or if they are focusing far away. Therefore, many parents are not aware.

However, when the child goes to school. The teacher is more likely to notice. That the child is struggling. Simply because 80% of the classroom environment. Is visually based in its learning.

On top of that, teachers are trained to notice. The symptoms that children may have. That may indicate they require a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Behaviours like not paying attention.

Not following along in their book. Not having attention to detail. In their printing, or their drawings. Even if they fidget, and get out of their desk. Can indicate that they are having trouble seeing.

And therefore they do not have attention to detail. Or they fidget and get out of their desk. Because they are board. Since they cannot follow along.

It is imperative that when teachers indicate. To parents that they suspect. That the child has a vision syndrome. That they get them to a vision therapist. For a vision exam. That can help diagnose any vision syndromes.

This vision examination can take approximately an hour and a half. But can help get the child diagnosed. And then the lazy eye treatment Edmonton. That they need, to stop struggling. And start seeing the world clearly. And excelling in school and life.