Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fixing Amblyopia

Parents should not despair if their child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Amblyopia, which is the medical name. For lazy eye syndrome is common. And extremely treatable as well.

While the name, lazy eye syndrome persists. The problem. Is not because of a lazy eye. It was once believed, that children with this syndrome. Had weaker I muscles. And strengthening them. What fix the problem.

Unfortunately, week I muscles are a byproduct. Of amblyopia, and not the cause. Of the visual problems. And strengthening the eye muscles. That used to be done, with placing a patch.

Or top of the patient’s good I. In order to strengthen the weaker I. Actually did nothing. In order to solve the vision syndrome. What it did do, was because fights between the child and the parents. Who would usually abandon treatment.

Nowadays, researchers and vision therapists. Now that lazy I is a misnomer. The problem is with damaged eye to brain connection. And the weaker eyes, are because the patient.

Is unable to use their eye. Therefore, the muscles have atrophied. The solution, is called vision therapy. Which is very similar to physical therapy. However, instead of a therapist getting the patient.

To go through several exercises. In order to rehabilitate their body muscles. The vision therapist. Leads the patient. Through visual exercises. In order to train their eyes. To work as a team.

And train the brain. How to use the information. It receives from both eyes. At the same time. This is possible, only because the brain. Is what is considered to be neural plastic. Which means it has the ability.


To continually be healed, or moulded. As it ages, and as the patient grows. It was once widely believed. That the brain could not learn. Or grow after a patient. Had reached a certain age. But this is now understood to be false.

Therefore, by going through the right exercises. Patients can train their eyes. And their brain. And overcome vision syndromes. The most important thing to keep in mind. Is that a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

Should be done quite early in the child’s life. Because if the eye to brain connection. Is not healed, then the brain. Will eventually. Turn the vision. In the weaker I off completely. And the patient will actually.

Be functionally blind in their weaker I. And unlike amblyopia. That can get help from lazy I treatment Edmonton. Once the brain has turned off vision. There is very little that can be done.

Therefore, time is of the essence so to speak. And parents. Should get their child in. For an assessment sooner. Rather than later. They must find a vision therapist. Not all optometrists have this designation.

But for people living in Edmonton. As well as the surrounding area. They can visit vision by design optometry clinic. They can make an appointment by phone. To bring their child in for an assessment. That will allow them to get a diagnosis. And subsequent lazy eye treatment Edmonton that can help them.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Treating Amblyopia

Many parents may be overwhelmed thinking that their child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. However, it may sound scary. But it really is not. There are many children who have vision syndromes.

In fact, 25%. Of all children in Canada. Will have had a vision syndrome. At one point in their lives. When it comes to vision syndromes. The problem lies. In the eye to brain connection. And not in the eye itself.

Therefore, the right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Is often a combination. Of corrective lenses. And vision therapy. The reason why corrective lenses are so beneficial.

Is because as the eye that is not functioning well. Is not used, the muscles become weaker. And by wearing corrective lenses. The weaker I can be stronger. But also, the strong eye.

Can have a lens that makes it slightly less strong. Which evens the playing field. So to speak, so that both eyes. Can actually see approximately the same. Which makes it easier to train the brain.

How to use the visual information. From both eyes. At the same time. The brain has a very difficult job. Of processing all the visual information. That it receives. And sending it to the centre that needs it.

For example, if someone is speaking to someone else. Not only are they using their ears. But they are also looking at the person’s face. Getting clues about their mood. From their facial expressions. Looking at their lips.


In order to anticipate what they are going to say. As well as looking at the surroundings, at the same time. This quick conversation. May have taken no more than a minutes. But the brain. Has to send an extremely large amount.

Of visual information, to several different centres of the brain. There are in fact thirty-two centres of the brain. And three hundred connections in the brain. And the brain may need to send. Information to half of them.

From this one minute conversation. This is why getting a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Is so important. It can help streamline this process. And help eliminate confusion. From the brains ability to do this.

In order to start a treatment. Patients should first get assessed. The assessment comes in the form of a comprehensive vision exam. The vision exam is quite in-depth. And will take approximately ninety minutes.

They will undergo many different measurements. As well as exercises. So that the vision therapist can gain. A complete understanding of what is going on. With the patient’s eyes, and brain. At the end of the assessment.

Not only will they have a diagnosis. Such as amblyopia. They will also have put together. The right treatment for each patient. Vision therapy sessions will take approximately half an hour.

And will need to happen once a week. So that the patient can resolve their symptoms. In six months to one year. Vision problems can be eliminated quickly. Parents just need to commit. To getting their child to the right therapist in time.