Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Finding A Vision Therapist

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Finding A Vision Therapist

If a child has amblyopia, and needs lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or any other vision syndrome. Parents should find a vision therapist. Because they will be able to test, diagnose. And ultimately treat their child.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Vision syndromes are incredibly common. and in fact, in Canada, one in four children. While at some point in their life. Have a vision syndrome. While the common belief. Many years ago.

Was that vision syndromes were problems of the eye system. It is now understood. That vision syndromes are caused by problems. In the eye to brain connection. Therefore, instead of simply treating the eyes.

Vision therapists take patients through several guided exercises. Called vision therapy. That is very similar to physiotherapy. But for their eyes and not body. That over time, helps heal the eye to brain connection.

And resolves the troubling symptoms that the child is having. It may be difficult. For the parent to find out. That the child is having difficulties seeing. Simply because the child is not likely.

To come to their parent, or teacher. And explain that they are having trouble with their eyesight. The simple reason, is because how they view the world. Is how they have always seen.

And is completely unaware, that this is not their normal. In fact, they will typically use avoidance techniques. To avoid doing the things that cause their eyes irritation, pain such as eyestrain.


Cause them I fatigue, or give them headaches. This avoidance may look like they are unwilling, or unable to concentrate in school. And many children in fact, get diagnosed as having ADHD.

But instead of not being able to concentrate. They are quite able to concentrate. They just simply need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. So that they can read and follow along with their lessons.

Simple method that parents can use. To determine if their child is likely to have ADHD. Or, if they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Is to ask them to concentrate and follow along.

With a story they are reading. If the child is interested, and engaged in listening to a story. Chances are very good. That they do not have ADHD. And instead, likely have a vision syndrome.

In fact, it is often a good measure. For parents to bring their child in. To a vision therapist. To rule out vision syndromes. Even if the teacher suspects. That the child has ADHD.

In order to find out exactly what vision syndrome the child has. Vision therapists can perform what is called a vision exam. Which is lengthier, and more in-depth. In a standard eye exam.

They will be able to do many different measurements and tests. That will find out if the child has a vision syndrome. If so, which one. And what kind of treatment they will need too.

If parents are looking for a vision therapist. All they have to do, is contact vision by design by phone. In order to arrange this vision exam for their child.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Finding A Vision Therapist In Your Area

Vision therapy is incredibly important, whether a child needs a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Because they have amblyopia. If they have strabismus, or any number of vision syndromes.

In fact, 25% of all children. Will end up having a vision problem. Therefore, many parents. Who are being proactive. Can bring their child in. Vision therapist’s office. Between the ages of six and seven.

Simply to rule out vision syndrome. Or, find out early on. If their child has a vision syndrome. So that they can get the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. The sooner they get treatment.

The more likely they are going to heal from their vision syndrome faster and easier. In fact, parents need to understand. That there child is not going to eventually outgrow vision syndrome.

Instead, if they do not get treatment fast enough. And are allowed to grow into adults. Without overcoming their vision syndrome. It is quite common. That their brain will simply turn off vision to the affected eye.

And it will be impossible, to heal after certain age. While the brain is extremely narrow plastic. Which means it retains the ability. To heal, and learn. It is not always possible. To heal all damage, from decades earlier.

Some parents are very nervous. If they hear that their child has amblyopia, also known as lazy eye syndrome. Because they are scared about the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton there child will need.


They may have seen children going through patching when they were a child. Such as their friend or sibling. Or have had the unfortunate circumstance. Of going through patching themselves.

This treatment would involved placing a patch over the child’s good I. In order to force the weaker I to be used, and become stronger. Ultimately, the problem with this method. Is that while it strengthened the lazy eye.

The problem lies in the eye to brain connection. And after the child struggles. With being patched for several months. And often end up fighting with the parents. They would remove the patch.

In order to discover, that they still were unable to use both of their eyes at the same time. That is why, current vision therapists. Now the effective lazy I treatment in Edmonton. Is actually vision therapy.

Where they train the eyes to work together. And then train the brain. How to use the information from both eyes. At the same time. Therefore, they will overcome their symptoms. And heal completely from this syndrome.

Parents do not need to worry that patching will be used. Because that is now known to be an ineffective treatment. Therefore, they literally have nothing to lose. And their child has everything to gain. By getting the right treatment.

Parents in Edmonton. Can simply reach out to vision by design in Edmonton. They have vision therapists on staff. Who will be more than happy to arrange a vision exam for their children.