Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fatigued Eye Muscles

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fatigued Eye Muscles

There are many different types of vision problems, from requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. To a convergence insufficiency. Which is having a hard time focusing.

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But one of the most important things that parents as well as teachers need to keep in mind. Is that if a child is having a hard time with schoolwork. Even if they have had an eye exam that shows they have perfect vision.

It is a very likely probability. They are suffering from vision system problem. The vision system is so complex, with many different parts that people use. In order to process visual information.

That it is likely that one of them could have a problem. That would result in a child having a hard time processing visual information. Even if they have perfect vision.

In fact, studies have shown that 25% of children have one type of vision system problem. That requires treatment. Whether it is a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton that is needed.

Or if they need help learning how to focus their eyes. Or learning how to track objects. With so many children diagnosed with the vision system problem. Parents as well as teachers need to know what to look for.

In order to help them understand what the different behaviours children are exhibiting. Might mean, especially as it relates to their visual system. For example, avoidance is one of the first behaviours they will notice.

In order to avoid doing things that are going to cause them discomfort, pain. Or even cause children frustration. They will first try to cope, by avoid doing the thing that is uncomfortable.


Therefore, whether they have lazy eye, a convergence insufficiency. An accommodative issue or an eye tracking issue. When they are doing near work, such as reading or writing.

There simply going to avoid doing those tasks. Because they are uncomfortable or in pain when they are doing them. And while it might look like they are being defiant. This is actually a coping mechanism.

Another indication that they are dealing with a child who has a vision system problem. Is there not necessarily avoiding doing near work. But take an extraordinarily long time.

Or when they read, read words in the wrong order. Or are using their finger to help keep their place. These are all indications of an eye tracking issue that they are coping with.

And what might seem like procrastination, is actually a coping mechanism. Therefore, rather than thinking that they are being defiant. Or that they are unable to concentrate.

Parents and teachers should consider. That the child is simply coping, because they are having a hard time processing visual information. And it is very easy to get that child an examination.

They taking them to an optometrist, such as vision by design in Edmonton. They can get a routine eye exam. But they also have a vision therapist on staff. That will be able to recognize signs of visual system problems.

They can help get the right diagnosis, and ultimately the right treatment. Such as lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their patients. So that they can get back to learning and visually processing their world.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Fatigue & The Effects on Eye Muscles

When children have a vision system problem, whether they need a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Or they need help learning how to overcome fatigued eye muscles.

And while many parents may think that if their child had a recent eye exam. And they have perfect vision. They are in the clear, for having visual system problems. This is actually not the case.

Seeing clearly only uses one part of the visual system. While learning in a classroom environment. Uses many different systems. Such as having to focus close up and far away.

Often one right after the other for a long period of time. As well as using their eye tracking, to follow all of the words in a line of text. In order to read effectively.

And even an accommodative issue, which refers to the life fatigue. That children might get from trying to read and focus for any length of time.

Or even if they have lazy eye, and need an appropriate lazy eye treatment Edmonton. There are many different visual systems that could have a problem. And just because a child has perfect vision.

Does not mean that they will not have other issues. That they may not be communicating. Not because they are trying to avoid talking about it.


But because children who have a vision system problem. Have only ever experienced life with those problems. And they do not realize that anything else is what they should be experiencing.

Therefore, they might exhibit behaviours. That are actually coping mechanisms. To avoid feeling discomfort or pain that they may be experiencing. With their visual system problem.

Therefore, parents and teachers should familiarize themselves with common behaviours. Of children who have a problem with their visual system. So that they can get the right treatment quickly.

And of the biggest red flags that experts say people should watch for. Is an avoidance of near work. Or complete lack of attention to visual tasks.

Avoidance is common, because children are going to want to stop doing the things that cause them pain or discomfort. And the lack of attention, could be because they are trying to accomplish the task.

Without focusing because it causes them discomfort or pain. As well as, if they seem like they are not concentrating on the tasks at hand. Or avoiding doing homework, and not doing any near work.

And yet, the child will pay attention to oral tasks. Or focusing on things that do not require them to focus on things close up. This could indicate that it is not something like ADD or ADHD that is causing the problem.

That they are specifically avoiding visual tasks. And when this is the issue, getting them in to the optometrist for an exam. Where they will look for vision system problems.

Can help the child get the assessment they need. Get diagnosed, and all the right treatment such as lazy eye treatment in Edmonton quickly.