Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Eliminating Vision Syndromes

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Eliminating Vision Syndromes

The reason why so many children need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Is because one in four Canadian children. Have a vision syndrome. And out of those children, the most common syndrome.

Is amblyopia, itches the medical name. For lazy eye syndrome. However, it is a bit of a misnomer says experts. Simply because it is not caused by a lazy eye. The eye that has weaker I muscles is actually a symptom.

And not the cause of the child’s eye problem. Many years ago, the common lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Was placing an eyepatch. On the child’s good I. In order to strengthen the weaker I.

The idea behind this, was by forcing. The weaker I to work. By covering up the strong eye. Patients could overcome this vision syndrome. This was a really good idea. That did not work in reality.

First of all, this is something that. Was very hard for parents to get their children to do. Children would fight their parents. Not wanting to get an eyepatch on. Because it was uncomfortable. And functionally made them blind.

Until there eye becomes stronger. Most people ended up abandoning this treatment. However those who did carry this particular treatment. Until completion would discover. It did not work anyway.

While it effectively strengthened the eye. It also did not fix the problem. People still saw things blurry, distorted. Or double vision. Because it did not fix. The eye to brain connection that was missed.

Therefore, these days, a vision therapist works. With the patient helping them develop. The ice skills. And training their brain effectively. It does not matter what degree of severity. Each patient has with their vision syndrome.


The therapist can manage the lazy eye treatment Edmonton. And many different degrees. To help a wide variety. Of degrees of symptoms. Therapist can increase the degrees. As the patient progresses.

The most important thing to keep in mind. That parents should bring their child. To a vision therapist as quickly as possible. As soon as. They are there child’s teacher. Identifies this as a potential problem.

While vision syndromes are incredibly easy. To treat and overcome. The sooner they are diagnosed. And the sooner the right treatment is implemented. The much easier time patients will have.

At resolving these symptoms. The most important thing to keep in mind. Is that it will take time to correct. However, six months to a year. Of once a week vision therapy sessions. Is a small price to pay.

For a child going from having trouble. Seeing the visual world around them. And child overcoming their issues. And being able to see the world. And stop struggling in their class. And in school in general.

When parents are looking for the right vision therapist to work with. They should look no further than vision by design optometry. Located on the west side of Edmonton. While they are a full-service optometry clinic.

They also have vision therapists on staff. Who can assess, diagnose. And treat patients with a variety of vision syndromes.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Removing Vision Syndromes

It is very important for people to get a lazy eye treatment Edmonton quickly. As it is not only a very effective treatment. Against amblyopia, which is the medical name for lazy eye.

But also, as the patient ages. It becomes harder to resolve symptoms. In fact, once the child reaches adulthood. This problem is typically irreversible. And they will lose vision in one eye.

And all of the visual skills that will come with it. For example, people need both eyes. In order to have depth perception. And to do things easily, such as tracking moving object with their eyes.

And reading easily. Jumping seamlessly. From one word to the next. And then going to the next line to read the next sentence or paragraph. People who have amblyopia, often believe that it is a problem in their eye.

Especially because this used to be called lazy eye. But the eyes being lazy. Is actually a symptom. And not the cause of this vision syndrome. During the brains initial development, before the child was born.

For some reason this brain connection did not get made. Therefore, when the child was born. The brain had a hard time. Processing all of the visual information. It was receiving from both eyes at the same time.

To compensate, the brain would only process. The visual information. From one I only. And while this worked, in helping the brain. Process visual information. The problem is that the other eye.


Would cause of visual problems. Such as blurred vision. Being responsible for double vision. Or having the child experience eyestrain, or headaches. As well as eye irritations.

Because this I that is not being used by the brain. Would not be used, the eyes muscles become weaker. Which is why many people. Call this syndrome lazy eye syndrome. And while patching used to be a common.

Lazy eye treatment Edmonton, this is not the case. Because patching only corrects the eye muscles. And not the eye to brain connection. The best way to fix this, is through a lazy eye treatment Edmonton called vision therapy.

Vision therapy is a process. Where the vision therapist guides the patient. Through a series of visual exercises. Where they can train their eyes. And train their brain to use the information.

From both of the eyes at the same time. This is possible. Simply because the brain is neuro- plastic. Which means it can heal, grow. And learn things its entire life.

However, parents who think that their child. Will eventually outgrow lazy eye syndrome. Will be surprised to find out. That this does not happen. However the brain will eventually turn off the vision.

To one eye completely. If the child does not get this problem fixed. Therefore, as soon as the parents. Know that there is a potential for a vision syndrome. They should get to a vision therapist immediately.