Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Treatment For Amblyopia

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Treatment For Amblyopia

Amblyopia, is another name for lazy eye syndrome, requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. However, this is easier said than done. Since a lot is still misunderstood about this common vision syndrome.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

The name lazy eye, comes from. People assuming that the problem that causes this vision syndrome. Comes from one I being weaker than the other. Therefore, the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton.

That was very common to be used in patients that had this vision syndrome. Involved covering up the strong eye, called patching. In order to force the patient. To use their weaker eye and strengthen it.

This treatment, often used in children. Was it very poorly received. Children would hate it, because it essentially cause them to be blind. And would typically fight their parents. Or pull the patch off.

As soon as it was put on. Many parents would simply refuse. To fight with their child on a daily basis. And would quit the therapy. Before it was finished. However for patients that did finish the treatment.

Found that while they could now see more clearly. Out of their so-called lazy eye. They were not able to use both of their eyes at the same time. Because what the cause of their lazy eye syndrome.

Was in the brain, and not in their eyes. Therefore, the lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. That vision therapists now use. Is completely different. And is designed to heal the brain, and not the eye.


First of all, before they can get started with the treatment. Vision therapists need to understand. If they in fact have a vision syndrome. If so, which plan. As well as how severe it is.

They can put the right treatment together. For each patient individually. Vision exam that they utilize. Is significantly more comprehensive. Than a standard eye exam.

And will take approximately an hour and a half. Due to the many measurements. That the vision therapist must take. And the many exercises. The vision therapist will use. To find out the right diagnosis.

Once they have completed the examination. They will know if the patient has a vision syndrome. Which one they will have, and how best to treat it. They will be able to discuss this at the end of the examination with the patient.

The typical treatment. That they will implement for patients that have amblyopia. Is first of all, prescription lenses. That will be used to even the playing field so to speak. Making both eyes.

See as clearly as the other one does. This will help the patient learn. Through a process called vision therapy. How to use both of their eyes at the same time. And ultimately. Once they have mastered this skill.

Vision therapy will teach them. The exercises that will help them train their brain. How to use the information it receives. From both eyes at the same time. Most patients will need to go to vision therapy. For just under a year. In order to resolve their symptoms.

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | The Most Effective Treatment For Amblyopia

Despite the fact that vision syndromes like amblyopia, requiring a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Are still incredibly common. They are still misunderstood by many medical doctors.

Which is why, if patients are having a hard time. In school, reading or following along with a lesson. Rather than see a medical doctor. Where they might end up getting patched, which means covering up their good eye.

In order to strengthen their weaker eye. Or worse, they might be diagnosed. As having ADHD. Because it appears. That they are not paying attention. Or that they are unable to focus in school.

When a child is simply avoiding the activities. Such as reading, that causes them eye fatigue. Give them headaches, or are irritating for them. They will avoid those activities. And be seen as others, as failing to concentrate.

Instead, a parent should take their child. To a vision therapist. Even if they have already been diagnosed as having ADHD. Because if they have a vision syndrome. Instead of a neurodevelopment disorder.

They will be able to get the right treatment, such as a lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Instead of being put on Ritalin or Adderall. Which will not help their vision syndrome at all. However, if they discover.

That the child does not have a vision syndrome. It can make the treatment process. Further ADHD much more positive. However, getting in to get a vision exam. Is easier said than done.


Not all optometrists have this skill to do vision therapy. Therefore, parents will need to find vision therapists. They can do so, by looking at the Canadian optometrists website.

The find a list of all of the vision therapists in their province. However, for parents in Edmonton. It is much easier. Because all they have to do. Is call vision by design in Edmonton.

While they are well known for being a full-service optometrist clinic. They also have vision therapists on staff. That will be more than happy to administer the comprehensive vision exams.

Diagnose, and offer the best lazy eye treatment in Edmonton. Depending on what vision syndrome a patient has. However, when parents are looking to contact a vision therapist at vision by design.

They need to ensure that they pick up the phone. Because it is a highly specialized services. And only a few of their therapists offer this service. They will only book appointments through the phone.

And not over email or their website. However, a quick call can get them booked in. So that they can get the diagnosis that can help them. Find the right lazy eye treatment in Edmonton for their child.

So they can stop struggling in school. And start excelling instead. When people are ready, or if they simply want to be proactive. And get their child in for a vision exam. Just to rule out vision syndrome. They can call into the office any time.