Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Amblyopia Therapies

Lazy Eye Treatment Edmonton | Effective Amblyopia Therapies

The reason why many parents are nervous to get their child a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. Is because they believe it will require. Then patching their child’s eyes. This is an archaic practice.

That involves placing an eyepatch. Over a child’s good I. In order to help weaken the eye. That is not functioning correctly. In certain cases, where the eye muscles. Are in fact weaker. This is a fine practice.

However, in amblyopia. Not only does it results. In the child being functionally blind. Until their weaker I. Becomes stronger. But it usually results in a large fight. Between the child and the parent.

And more often than not, researchers say. That children and up winning the battle. And parents abandon their efforts. To place the patch. On their child’s eyes. Unfortunately, for those children that did.

See this therapy to completion. When the patch was eventually removed. And the child tried. Using both eyes, to see the world. Read, and navigate. They would discover, that they were no better able.

To use both eyes than they were before. This is because people with amblyopia. Or colloquially known as lazy eye syndrome. Do not have a problem. Of weaker eyes. But rather, a problem.

With their eye to brain connection. How people use their eyes. And brain together. In order to see the world. Is actually, deceptively complex. The information. About the world travels as light.

Through the front of the patient’s eyes. Which is called the cornea. And then lands at the back of the eye. Where the retina is located. The retina carries this visual information. Into the brainstem.


Which is responsible for sending the visual information. To the various centres of the brain. That need it. This is incredibly complex. Not the least of which. Because there are so many places in the brain.

That require the information. There are thirty-two centres of the brain. That specifically deal with vision. While there are three hundred connections in the brain. That use vision incidentally.

Therefore, there are hundreds of places. That the brainstem needs to send. A vast amount of visual information. That it is constantly receiving, from to input sources. One for each eye.

In people who have amblyopia. And need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. The eye to brain connection is damaged. Therefore, the brain is unable. To effectively process this information.

And simply turns off the vision. To one eye. In order to be more successful. In processing the vast amount. Of information it does get. A vision therapist can help patients. Train their brain.

On how to process information. From both eyes. With the right lazy eye treatment Edmonton. With anywhere between six months, to a year. Of half an hour weekly sessions.

People can go from being unable. To use their so-called lazy eye. To being able to successfully. See with both eyes, and have no problems. Navigating the visual world around them.

Parents can contact vision by design optometry. Located in West Edmonton. For a consultation. Or a comprehensive vision exam.

Lazy eye treatment Edmonton | Good Amblyopia Treatment

Parents may not be aware that their child needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton. But then they get a note. From their child’s teacher. That the teacher suspects. The child has amblyopia.

Which is the medical name for lazy eye syndrome. The reason why a teacher would notice this. But not apparent. Is because first of all, children develop. Coping mechanisms extremely early in their life.

To help them overcome problems. If they have a vision syndrome. They might develop mechanisms. Such as memorizing where things are. So that they do not have to use their eyesight to navigate the home.

And the reason why. Children will not tell their parents. That they are seeing things blurred, or double vision. Is because kids are simply unaware. That this is not a normal way of viewing the world.

At school on the other hand. 80% of the learning that happens. Is visually based. And the child’s coping mechanisms. No longer work here. The teachers also trained. How to identify. Symptoms of vision syndromes.

And decipher the difference. Between vision syndrome symptoms. And attention deficit disorder symptoms. Since they are likely. To see children who are exhibiting symptoms of both. The symptoms can also be very similar.

Therefore, when a teacher notices. That a child is exhibiting. Some of the behaviours. They may talk to the parents. And recommend they get an assessment. To find out if they need a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.


Instead of getting defensive. Parents should simply heed the advice. And take their child. To a vision therapist. If the teacher is wrong, and the child does not have a vision syndrome. They have lost nothing.

However, if they do have a vision syndrome. It will be an extremely beneficial scenario. To get the child in as a young as possible. Since not only is it easier. To fix a vision syndrome. When it is caught early.

But as the child ages. The brain will start turning off. The vision to the weaker I. More and more, until the vision syndrome. Can no longer be fixed. Therefore, parents who wait long enough.

Will discover, that their child still has a problem. With their eyesight, but it is impossible. To fix at this time. If their child does have a vision syndrome. And needs a lazy eye treatment Edmonton.

They will most likely need. Vision therapy. Which is similar to physical therapy says experts. However, they will be exercising their eye muscles. And training their brain through repetitive exercises.

Vision therapists will be able to start the therapy. At each patient’s ability. And increase the level of difficulty. As the child progresses. And heals their eye to brain connection.

Parents should not worry. That their child has a vision syndrome. Because of something that they have done. This is something that 25%. Of all children are simply born with.